Thursday, September 17, 2020

Case Watch

Kroger Company Pride

The case is Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Kroger Company.

Kroger Company is an active participant in LGBTQ Pride. That did not sit well with a couple of employees (Brenda C. Lawson and Trudy K. Rickerd) in Arkansas. Both refused to wear an apron with a rainbow on it (the separate narratives in the complaint are the same for both women). The claims is that they are victims of religious discrimination:
… Lawson believes in the literal interpretation of the Bible. Lawson holds a sincerely held religious belief that homosexuality is a sin.
On or about April 2019, Defendant Employer instituted changes to its dress code, one of which required all employees to wear a new apron with a new logo, a rainbow heart embroidered on the top left portion of the bib.
Although Lawson personally holds no animosity toward the individuals who comprise the LGBTQ community, the practices of that community violate her sincerely held religious belief. Lawson believed wearing the logo showed her advocacy of the community, which she could not do.
And I have a sincerely held belief that these two women are fucking idiots. Kroger, by the way, held firm. The company refused to negotiate some sort of settlement with the EEOC. We will see how they respond.

You would think that these two women were being forced into performing mutual oral sex while listening to vintage Judy Garland. The pettiness is astounding. Particularly when someone's job is on the line. 

Pride is a time to honor the LGBTQ+ community’s past and reflect on the inspiring successes that have advanced equality for all. It’s also about representing your true self and all of your beauty to the world.

The company has a perfect 100 score on HRC's Corporate Equality Index. 

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