Thursday, September 17, 2020

He lies on the air with the greatest of ease ...

Tony Perkins

The subject of “The Flying Trapeze” was 19th century circus performer, Jules LĂ©otard. I am referring to Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins of Family Research Council. As an aside I derive some pleasure from the fact that Perkins recently blocked me on Twitter. I must have pissed him off.

According to Perkins: Facebook Attaches an Asterisk to Free Speech. The term “free speech” customarily refers to constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. Facebook is a private actor.

Perkins also provides a replay of an interview he conducted with Dr. Andre Van Mol, an anti-LGBTQ ignoramus associated with the hate group, American College of Pediatricians (not to be confused with the American Academy of Pediatrics). I have already addressed Van Mol's nonsense.

Perkins goes on to lament:
The transgender lobby has taken to blocking their opponents' free speech for made-up reasons. Yesterday, Facebook put its thumb on the scale of the Michigan Senate race in favor of Democratic incumbent Gary Peters by blocking a $4 million ad campaign from the conservative American Principles Project (APP) PAC.
According to Perkins, Facebook placed a label on the video that it was misleading and out of context. Then the company supposedly banned the ads.

That is a lieThe ad is featured on American Principles Project's Facebook site. As thoroughly incompetent as I am with Facebook (never got it — never will get it) I was able to find the damned thing. It has not been banned and there is no label. I reported the video. It should be banned for bigotry.

Furthermore, the so-called “transgender lobby,” whoever that might be, doesn't block anything. The best that advocates can do is to report the matter to Facebook. Just as every Christian pressure group in the country is complaining about the film Cuties, asking Netflix to, … well, … ban it.

Perkins attempts to explain:
The ad criticized Senator Peters' support for the radical, left-wing Equality Act, which would enact a laundry list of the LGBT lobby's policy objectives. Particularly, the Equality Act will allow biological males to compete in women's sports. This would "destroy women's sports," said the video, by taking away from female athletes "a fair shot at competition, at a scholarship, at a title, at victory."
That is a lie. The Equality Act would ban discrimination on the basis of gender identity. However it would not preclude governing bodies from enacting rules for participation. The NCAA, for example, requires a minimum of one year of testosterone suppression for trans females to compete. That would not change.
… Facebook placed a warning on the ad that it was "missing context" and "mislead people" and later banned it entirely.
That is a lie. The ad is still there and has no warning.
However, the "fact-check" by PolitiFact was anything but. It admits, "Their specific criticism is ... a prediction we can't fact-check." That's because you can't fact check the truth. Instead, PolitiFact opted for the weasel words "missing context" and "mislead people" -- whatever that means.
That is misleading. The full text reads:
Their specific criticism is that allowing transgender girls and women to compete on the basis of their gender identity would create an uneven playing field for student athlete and ultimately end girls' and women's sports. That's a prediction we can't fact-check.
PolitiFact never uses the terms “missing context” and “mislead people.” Perkins alleges that PolitiFact is a Facebook contractor but offers no evidence other than PolitiFact's review which, as I said, doesn't include what Perkins claims it includes. Politifact also adds:
Joanna Harper, a researcher at the Providence Portland Medical Center in Oregon published the first study examining the effect of hormone therapy on transgender athletes. The study, published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Sporting Cultures and Identities, looked only at distance runners and found that the transgender women studied did not have a competitive edge over competitors born female.
"There may be individual success by particular trans athletes just as there are with any athletes," said Neena Chaudhry, general counsel and senior adviser for education at the National Women’s Law Center, which supports the Equality Act. Some transgender girls and women have won competitions participating on girls and women’s teams while some performed worse competing against girls and women, she said.
It seems the "missing context" Politifact thought the ad should include was opinions in favor of the transgender push to destroy women's sports. Evidently, they think all conservative candidates should give their opponents airtime in ads they pay for within 60 days of the election. And it seems they thought the ad might "mislead people" to vote for candidates who oppose the radical Equality Act.
More lies. No one is engaged in a “push to destroy women's sports.” There is nothing “radical” about the Equality Act unless Mr. Perkins believes that nondiscrimination protects based on his religious choices are radical.

APP's Terry Schilling joins in on the liefest.
APP PAC Executive Director Terry Schilling summarized: "Our ad campaign makes a very simple claim: policies supported by Joe Biden, Sen. Gary Peters and other Democrats would destroy girls' sports. There is ample evidence for this claim and more coming in every day. Nothing in the PolitiFact review shows this claim to be false."
That is a lie. There is no evidence, ample or otherwise. Furthermore, there aren't enough transgender women to make much of an impact.

There is more to the lies. The Senate has never taken up the Equality Act. When both houses of Congress pass a measure there are, almost invariably, differences in their versions. Speaker Pelosi knew, to virtual certainty, that the Equality Act was DOA as did her caucus. They never did the work in the form of amendments to address certain issues.

I am informed by reliable sources that, even in its current form, the Equality Act would not affect rules for athletic participation. Were this something with the potential to become law, there might very well be an (unnecessary) amendment to clarify the matter.

To say that people should not vote for a candidate because that candidate wants to destroy Women's sports based upon support for the Equality Act as introduced is terribly misleading. Senator Peters should run an ad: “No Cake for You.” His opponent supports discrimination.

Keep in mind that Family Research Council and American Principles Project are both religious organizations. APP was established by pretty much the same ultra-orthodox Catholics responsible for National Organization for Marriage.

No amount of evidence will ever suffice for these folks. They disapprove of transgender people and that is where the debate begins and ends.

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