Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Is it Arithmetic or the Stock Market That So Confuses Brian S. Brown

It could be just Brown's assumption that supporters will believe any bullshit.
The source of all that bullshit

September 12 email from Brian S. Brown on Behalf of International Organization for the Family, an anti-LGBTQ hate group:
xxxxxxxxx, In just one day, our petition to Netflix has generated several thousand messages sent to the executives of the streaming service, demanding that they remove the awful film Cuties from their catalogue. If you haven't already done so, please click the link below and sign our petition today.
Thus, the petition started on September 11. The petition now has just over 10,000 signatures.

September 23 email from the same Brian S. Brown:
Here's the good news!

Netflix stock is down over three percent since we launched our petition boycott!

That's because of you and tens of thousands of others across the country who have canceled and signed our petition.
  1. Netflix is not down 3% since September 11.
  2. “Tens of thousands” of people have not signed Brown's petition
  3. The notion that Netflix has declined because about 10,000 people signed a petition is preposterous.
  4. There is no evidence that people who did sign the petition cancelled their subscriptions to Netflix.
  5. Netflix shares have outperformed the equities markets.
Between the close on September 11 and about two minutes ago, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has declined 2.2%.

Between the close on September 11 and about two minutes ago, Netflix shares have declined 1.0%. ($482 to $477).

The stock market seems to be in accelerating decline so those number will probably get worse. However, Brown's message is timestamped at 11:03 AM. At 11:00 AM Netflix shares were priced at $483, an increase over the close on September 11.

In related news, Target shares have more than doubled since American Family Association launched its boycott. I mention that because, more often than not, shares of companies under boycott by the religious right have increased in value.

For the record I subscribe to Netflix but I am far from a fan. The company has no regard whatsoever for the views of consumers. If I cancel (as I have in the past) I will receive a torrent of email encouraging me to renew my subscription. I will receive no email asking me why I cancelled. In my case, the autoplay drives me to distraction.

The same is true should people really cancel because Netflix chooses to air Cuties. Netflix will not know — and doesn't seem to give a crap — why people cancel.

The whole thing is idiotic. If you do not like Cuties then do not watch it. I have not watched it but based on the reviews that I have read it does not sexually exploit young girls. In fact critics claim that the film is critical of such exploitation.

Call me a cynic but the religious right has hopped on this bandwagon to gain attention … and donations.

As an aside, Mr. Brown is now posturing as the “founder” of International Family News. IFN is apparently just one more pseudonym (along with International Organization for the Family) of the Howard Center for Family Religion and Society.

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