Thursday, September 10, 2020

Marco Rubio as Dishonest Manipulator

Marco Rubio is ostensibly raising money to support Trump. However those funds go to Rubio's campaign committee.
Marco Rubio
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Thursday, a fundraising email from Marco Rubio raises some serious questions.

Marco Rubio is my senior senator. We must not forget that Rubio was a Tea Party candidate. Rubio got away with some very messy dealings which include misuse of a GOP credit card and a close friendship with disgraced former congressman David Rivera. (Rivera and Rubio co-owned a house.)

Ask Rubio about Rivera and the likely answer is “David who?”

The aforementioned email is titled: Florida is at HUGE risk.
Throughout history presidential races have been decided by Florida. And this election will be no different. President Trump must secure Florida to remain President and the Democrats know it. That’s why they’ve continued to pour millions of dollars into the state in an attempt to influence Florida voters.

If we don’t fight back, [name deleted], there’s a very good chance Joe Biden could take Florida in November.

If Joe Biden takes Florida, that means that AOC, Sanders and the socialism they represent will be in control of our country. I cannot stress to you enough the dire consequences we face if we allow the left to take the state President Trump calls his second home.

Every conservative has a duty to protect Florida. It’s the most important state in the election and the far left is doing everything they can to turn it blue in November.
Most of the polls show Biden with a small edge. Quinnipiac has the largest spread — 13 percentage points but that was from July polling. I have not seen any polls since Woodward's revelations or the whistleblower complaint at DHS.

Florida is fickle, … and corrupt as hell. At one point Rick Scott had the lowest approval rating of any governor in the nation. Yet somehow Scott defeated a popular senator, Bill Nelson, by 10,000 votes (0.12% of the total cast).

Three things concern me about Rubio's pitch.

First of all, Marco Rubio (“Little Marco”) is fully aware of the fact that Trump is a crooked and inept president. Rubio knows all about Trump's indecency, self-dealing and dishonesty. Rubio is putting his political party above the best interests of the nation.

There is nothing unusual about Republicans in complete obedience to our sociopath-in-chief. Only one GOPer, Mitt Romney, had the balls to vote for impeachment in the Senate.

Then there is the dishonest red baiting. Joe Biden is no socialist. He beat Bernie Sanders for the nomination. Rather than Medicare for all Biden favors Medicare for all who want it. Biden has held elective office since 1970. There is nothing in his extensive record to suggest socialist leanings.

The claim that Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “will be in control of our country.” is deceitful and underhanded. Indecent. A lie. It is something that I expect from Trump because Trump is thoroughly unprincipled. I do not approve of Marco Rubio. Yet I am surprised that he would sign off on this sophistry.

There is another, less obvious, prevarication. Rubio is asking for money — seemingly on behalf of Trump. However, donations go to Rubio for Senate. Rubio could, in turn, divert some of that to Trump but he is making no promises to do so. 

According to records maintained by the Federal Election Commission, through June 30, Rubio has transferred no money whatsoever to other committees. He has received over $4 million. 

No one would suggest that Rubio should endorse Joe Biden. However, he is not compelled to campaign for Trump. He certainly should not be filling his personal campaign coffers from an appeal to support a presidential campaign.

As an aside the utterly clueless Rubio complained about celebrities like Eva Longoria supporting Democrats at their convention. Aside from the fact that Trump was a reality TV star, this response was perfect:

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