Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Mr. LaBarbera is in distress

Peter LaBarbera (Americans for Truth About Homosexuality) is terribly distressed over a Burger King promotion in Finland. He provides a copy of a polemic originally posted at the blog of American Family Association. Before I get there, let's talk about good citizenship.

Mr. LaBarbera has his grubby hands outstretched in search of donations. Americans for Truth About Homosexuality had its tax-exempt status revoked by the Internal Revenue Service effective May 15, 2015. Hence Donations to Americans for Truth About Homosexuality are not tax deductible.

One would think that the sanctimonious LaBarbera would feel compelled to be honest with donors. He does not. The cynic knows that properly informing donors might result in fewer donations because they are giving money to a for-profit business (which probably does not file accurate and timely tax returns).

The donation page is silent with respect to tax deductibility.

Donors who itemize might very well include contributions to AFTAH in their charitable deductions. The net effect is that we are all still subsidizing the hate machine.

If Democrats take control of both houses of Congress I will ramp up efforts to pass the Truth in Charitable Giving Act. I confess that I have done nothing the past four years. If passed, any request for donations would have to be accompanied with a tax disclosure statement.
Getting Back to Burger King
AFTAH went dark for most of July and all of August. Mr. LaBarbera is back to smearing LGBTQ people. The latest is Burger King Uses Mascot to Market Homosexual Perversion. It's kind of silly really. In an effort to attract LGBTQ customers in Finland the burger chain has supposedly circulated a graphic showing their mascot kissing Ronald McDonald.

Breitbart started this nonsense (What? You think LaBarbera is capable of originality?).

Even if one is a conservative Christian, scripture has nothing to say about same-sex kissing. Pete (obsessed as he is) presupposes that a kiss is foreplay — a prelude to some form of gay sex. As I said, it is all pretty silly. However, Mr. LaBarbera seems determined to prove that his little org is a hate group:
Promoting LGBTQueer “Pride” at the expense of children’s innocence: AFTAH in the News
That compounds silliness with spectacular stupidity. If anyone is compromising the innocence of children it is at the hands of anti-LGBTQ hate groups. These groups traffic in misinformation and bigotry. These groups distort Christianity in a manner similar to what Al-Qaeda does to Islam.

Pete's zealotry probably does not include flying airplanes into buildings but the thought process is the same.

Most Christians and Jews realize that the Bible reflects the time in which its chapters were written in the 7th century BCE when homosexuality was characterized as the pederasty of a patrician slave owner and a young slave boy. Sparta and Athens were thoroughly dependent upon forced labor.

In any event, there is no evidence that knowledge of the existence of sexual minorities has an adverse effect on children. Sexual orientation is formed by about the age of two. The graphic in question has no effect on a child's sexuality.

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