Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Changing platforms

Google changed the Blogger interface a couple of weeks ago and it is an unmitigated disaster. Every post takes twice as long to complete.

I always write in raw HTML and then tidy up in the composer. Spell-check used to work within HTML code. It no longer does.

Now, every use of the composer creates awful HTML code that is then difficult to edit. Edits in raw HTML are then compromised because the spacing of elements is terrible. Nothing is where it should be. 

To make matters worse, the composer relentlessly inserts hard spaces for no apparent reason. These change the text wrap.

After the election I am probably going to move to a paid server hosting Drupal (no, I am not asking for donations). I used Drupal about ten years ago for a very complex site. I am pretty confident that I can come up to speed. 

I will then have MySQL at my disposal. Eventually I can provide the IRS Business Master File online in a very readable format.

In the interim I am probably going to change the theme in order to improve smartphone presentation. If this site suddenly looks very different you will know why.
Stay Safe!

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