Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Email From Hate Group Asks: "Do You Know Someone Struggling With Same-sex Attraction or Gender Identity?"

Tim Wildmon
The wildly homophobic/transphobic Tim Wildmon, president of the hate group American Family Association.
via Jackson Free Press
American Family Association — an anti-LGBTQ hate group — poses a solution for your LGBT acquaintances:
Watch now for free our new, original, feature-length documentary from American Family Studios titled: In His Image: Delighting in God's Plan for Gender and Sexuality. This new film is expected to impact the cultural debate on gender and sexual orientation in America, a debate that has hit inside the church as well.

Three years ago, as AFA leadership discussed the sweeping changes involving the transgender movement in the nation, some recommended making a documentary on sex and gender. …
If someone is “struggling” with their sexual orientation or gender identity it is because they are susceptible to the shame heaped upon them by bigots claiming to be proxies for their god. In simple terms:
  1. They stop struggling when they accept who they are.
  2. Efforts to change one's sexual orientation or gender identity will only induce more struggling.
  3. People who make claims of change (often in terms of “saved by Jesus”) usually have an economic interest in claiming to have changed and/or are desperate for the attention that they receive.
Later on:
The film had to be compassionate if we wanted to engage with those who struggle with same-sex attraction or gender identity and others who advocate anti-biblical lifestyle choices. …
LGBTQ people do not need compassion. They require acceptance and equality. If we substitute the word “kind” for compassionate, then consider that this entire enterprise is based on shame. Promoting the idea that people should change their sexuality is unkind per se.

Furthermore, kindness requires people to tell the truth. Claiming that sexuality in a “lifestyle choice” is a deliberate lie.

These people remind me of labor racketeers. Those folks create labor unrest and then offer to solve the problem that they created. All you have to do is pay them.

Hate groups like AFA make some people uncomfortable with their sexuality. Then they pose the solution of some form of conversion “therapy” as they crank out the pleas for donations:
Help us spread this powerful message by donating a gift of any amount and receive the 2-disc In His Image DVD set. You can share the feature-length documentary with your friends and family and explore over 3 hours of special features on Disc 2 that include deleted scenes, extended interviews, and biblical answers to commonly asked questions.
The email is signed by the HBIC: Tim Wildmon. He should pray for forgiveness.

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