Friday, October 16, 2020

Group Applauds Poland's Departure From Treaty Protecting Women From Violence

International Organization for the Family has a new post on its blog Friday written in Georgian. It commends Poland on its departure from the Istanbul Convention.

The primary goal of the Istabul Convention is to prevent violence against women.

According to the author, identified as Zurab Makharadze, a Georgian academic:
The Polish government's decision to leave the Istanbul Convention could lead to an in-depth debate in Europe and a thorough review of the treaty itself. In addition, there may be a greater respect for a society based on national identity and dignity and a traditional family.
This follows a compliance visit which started in late September and ended October 2, 2020. The report will be issued sometime in 2021.

Draw your own conclusions but I strongly suspect that the withdrawal is related to a visit that did not go well.

Meanwhile, in late September, the National Assembly of Kosovo decided to apply the Istanbul Convention.

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