Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Hate Group Leader Smears Michelle Obama in Order to Ask for Money

The con: Manufacture a phony controversy and then use it to ask for money.
According to Brian S. Brown of International Organization for the Family — an anti-LGBTQ hate group: Michelle Obama Must Answer for Netflix Exploitation.

Brown would have people believe that Ms. Obama has an obligation (that she does not have) and that Netflix is exploitive (which it is not).

This is all about Neflix airing a French film called Cuties; a movie that Brian Brown doesn't like. The fact is that the religious right manufactured an idiotic controversy in order to solicit donations. That is what they do. They will seize on any excuse to contact supporters over some purported outrage.

The script then calls upon the group's constituency to solve the problem by donating money to the organization providing the email. If more people would question how their money will actually address an issue there would be less of this BS.

According to Mr. Brown (in an email received on Wednesday):
When Michelle Obama became First Lady in 2009, her eldest daughter, Malia, was ten yeas old. Her youngest, Sasha, was just seven. By all accounts, Michelle was a devoted mother to both girls, determined to protect them from the dark influences of society.…

That was then.
This is now.

Michelle Obama is a top producer for the Netflix media giant, along with her husband. The financial terms of their deal have not been made public, but many believe it to far exceed $100 million. Where will that money come from? It comes from the revenues generated by Netflix’ many movies and entertainment offerings that are streamed to an estimated 182 million subscribers. One of those movies that helps fund Michelle Obama’s gigantic pay day is the revolting film “Cuties”… [gratuitous opprobrium]
Netflix did sign a production deal with Higher Ground Productions, a company formed by the Obamas. The company is only responsible for the content that it produces. The notion that the Obamas have some responsibility for other content that the Christian Right disapproves of is preposterous.

It is worth noting that Netflix is a 20 billion dollar company. It could cease airing the film in question without any remotely material effect. However, Netflix stood on principle and would not bow down to religious blowhards. Netflix also claims that the intent of Cuties was to fight against the exploitation that Brown and others are bitching about.
The script rarely varies
First they ask people to sign a futile petition. Then:
Ask yourself: What does Mr. Brown propose to do to spread a pointless petition? Or, is the petition just a device that was manufactured so that Brown has something to claim will benefit from the support of donors?

If it is the latter then Brian S. Brown should be held accountable for deceitful fundraising. It's called Fleecing-The-Faithful™.

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