Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Just when you think that things couldn't get any batshittier

“Mad Mat's list which offers more bullshit than the cleaning carts at the Chicago Stockyards.”
Mat Staver
President Trump is even more irrational than usual. The United States Senate GOP Caucus is in a suicide pact. Our equities markets make no sense at all. Trump's expert du jour is Dr. Atlas, a radiologist who spouts shit about COVID-19 on Fox News that Trump likes for some illogical reason having nothing to do with the health of our citizenry. Bill Barr has DOJ representing Trump in a civil suit.

The West Wing of the White House looks unpopulated. DeAnna Lorraine, conspiracy theorist and former California GOP congressional candidate, says it is “odd” that “no prominent Democrats have had the virus but the list of Republicans goes on and on.” QAnon crazies are running for Congress. One is a shoe-in. Dr. Conley demonstrates that deception pathologies are contagious. … … …

Along comes hate group leader Mad Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel.

Mad Mat seems to think that Christians are a persecuted and endangered minority group oppressed by bigotry. Shrinks call that “projection.” Mad Mat offers: Anti-Christian Bigotry Growing Out of Hand. Evidence (post drivelectomy):
When churches across this country are being threatened with seizure and destruction by bureaucrats who simultaneously encourage mass protests and riot…

When pastors are criminally charged or threatened for conducting worship in church …

When a Christian ministry and Bible College face penalties for conducting worship with more people than Colorado Gov. Jared Polis deems appropriate …

When bureaucrats outlaw people's ability to choose Bible-based Christian counseling …

... only one conclusion can be drawn: The enemy wants God's people silenced in every possible way.
In other words, the Devil done it. I have generously trimmed Mad Mat's list which offers more bullshit than the cleaning carts at the Chicago Stockyards. Poor Mat is always pissed off at something or someone. Perhaps he needs to find a more productive outlet for his personality disorder.

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