Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Must the Hate Groups Whine So Much?

Leaders of two anti-LGBTQ hate groups are in terrible distress.
Brian Camenker and Don Feder
(L-R) Brian Camenker (Mass Resistance) Don Feder (Ruth Institute). Both organizations are anti-LGBTQ hate groups.
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Wednesday, Jennifer Roback Morse (Ruth Institute) and Brian Camenker (Mass Resistance) are upset with Apparently (and I only learned this today) has decided not to sell Mass Resistance's anti-LGBTQ book.

The book is titled The Health Hazards of Homosexuality. It makes about as much sense as claiming that people should not be Black because they have the increased potential of being harmed by police and for contracting sickle cell anemia.

Ashkenazi Jews (including moi) are in deep shit too. We are prone to contract a number of lovely diseases. Conversion wouldn't help a bissel bubbeleh. I will have to settle for being an evil influence.

I have been trying to get this idiotic book removed from Amazon's virtual shelves for over a year. I tried to get the Southern Poverty Law Center to help me. One of my contacts at the SPLC said that, when it comes to Amazon, SPLC's efforts would be no better than mine.

According to Jennifer Roback Morse, Amazon Bans Book: We Interview Author!. No, did not ban a book. They decided not to sell it and there is a difference.

An example of book banning is when the religious right seeks to remove a book from libary shelves because “it promotes homosexuality.” The most challenged book in America is George by Alex Gino. The Christian right wants the book banned because of LGBTQ content.

As Morse describes things:
Unbelievable. Amazon banned yet another truth-telling book from its site. The Health Hazards of Homosexuality documents the medical and psychological risks associated with same sex sexual behavior. Our guest on this week's edition of The Dr. J Show is Brian Camenker, Director of Mass Resistance which produced this book.
I find it strange that a “truth-telling book” is so at odds with science. For example, HIV is proportionately more prominent in the gay community. The answer is not to stop being gay but to use condoms and PReP.

LGBTQ people do have a higher incidence of behavioral health issues than the general population. Minority stress is responsible and that is a scientific fact.

If people like Mr. Camenker and Ms. Morse would stop promoting bigotry there would be less minority stress. We need to promote awareness. The Avery Burton Foundation has published an excellent guide to knowing if someone should seek counseling.
Not being gay is not an option. Not having gay sex will likely increase minority stress symptoms.
Morse continues:
Watch this interview to get the whole sordid story of how Amazon mistreated Mass Resistance and their book. BTW, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel! :)
I do not have 45 minutes to waste. Camenker is on the left. The schmuck on the right is Don Feder. Feder is communications director for Ruth Institute, World Congress of Families (which is also a hate group) and possibly other odious organizations. I flagged this video and you should too.

Morse thinks she is a great deal smarter and cleverer than she really is:
No, that is not me doing the interview. (We do not have gender identity issues here!)
Right, because the Vatican says that gender identity does not exist. Brian Camenker is Jewish. His behavior is attributable to a severe personality disorder and insecurity.

Perhaps that calls for another tome: The health hazards of being an irrational anti-LGBTQ bigot.

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