Wednesday, October 7, 2020

While Many of Us Watch the VP Debate, Catholic TV Will Attack LGBTQ Persons

“If there is evil it has a home in souls of those people who denigrate others.”
Eternal World Television Network (EWTN) is featuring a film this evening that attacks LGBTQ people because of scripture and the opinions of unqualified people at the Vatican. As LifeSiteNews attempts to explain: Tonight: EWTN premieres film exposing gender ideology.
A new film premiering tonight on EWTN takes viewers on a journey into the “who, what, when, how and why” of today’s dystopian era of gender confusion. Titled “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing II — The Gender Agenda,” it tells the stories of the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” who have shaped our world troubled by the agendas of homosexuality and gender ideology.

The film’s goal is to open viewers’ eyes to the people and events that have radically redefined and corrupted the nature of the human person, of marriages, families and cultures.
An enterprise premised on lies
Neither sexual orientation nor gender identity are philosophies or doctrines. People who refuse to accept evidence-based science because of ancient texts are a better example of adherents to an “ideology.” Apparently, people should suffer in order to conform to religious teachings which are not supported by any evidence.

“The film's goal” is to misinform viewers in order to justify bigotry which is amply promoted.
The film goes beyond misinformation by suggesting that sexual minorities represent a danger to the majority. The absence of peril is perfectly obvious. My being gay, for example, not only poses no discernible danger to anyone, it has no effect on others. To suggest otherwise means that causing gratuitous disapproval is, in itself, pernicious.

It is even worse for transgender folks who already face mainstream ridicule. Their mitigation of a medical condition (gender incongruence) which causes considerable distress should not be subjected to oppressive criticism. Trans persons are not part of some vast conspiracy whose goal is to disrupt Christendom.
People are not evil because their sexuality is the subject of religious disapproval
If there is evil it has a home in souls of those people who denigrate others. It must be a source of pleasure for people who presume to have, not just a right, but an obligation to sit in judgment of other people. Empathy is down the proverbial crapper.
Connecting non-existent dots
“A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing II” tells the hidden stories of the destructive Marxist progenitors of today’s “critical theory,” who lie behind the modern worldwide sexual revolution. Profiled are Simone de Beauvoir (who initiated Second Wave Feminism), Jean Paul Sartre (the father of existentialism), Alfred Kinsey (whose fake science changed the way the world looks at sex today), and Kate Millett (the co-founder of the National Organization of Women).
What are these people talking about? Of the four, only Sartre would be considered a Marxist. What does any of that have to do with sexual orientation and gender identity?
As expected — enter Ryan T. Anderson
The film features a number of experts, including Ryan T. Anderson of the Heritage Foundation, whose book When Harry Became Sally deals with the question of transgenderism.
Ryan T. Anderson is not an expert. Anderson is a radical Catholic apologist; nothing more. Moreover, there is no “question” regarding transgender people and no issue that Anderson is qualified to address. His book makes no contribution to knowledge about gender-diverse people. It is faith-based nonsense in search of non-existent evidence.
Blame the queers
“A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing II” breaks the silence on the true sources of today’s breakdown of faith and family. This is a film that will open your eyes to the real spiritual and scientific answers to today’s major societal problems. “It points directly to the proper path to what is good and beautiful for our souls, minds, bodies and lives and as a people will make us truly great again,” a press release emphasized.
There is no link to what I am certain is a highly informative press release. Who the hell is silent? Anderson, for example, wrote an idiotic book. LifeSiteNews promotes bigotry as a religious duty many times each and every day.

In the final analysis this represents the intellectually lazy process of people attacking what they are unable to understand. It requires neither curiosity nor critical thinking. All that is needed is a slavish devotion to dogma.

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