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Blowhard Bill Donohue Claims That Trans People Are Part of a "Self-Identity Scam"

Bill Donohue
As an aside as of Nov. 9 Donohue's Catholic League has still not filed its required 2018 tax return.
Blowhard Bill Donohue is terribly distressed over:
  1. Medical science and;
  2. improved sensitivity regarding transgender persons.
It is worth noting that none of this really affects Blowhard Bill. The presence of gender questions on a form has sent him into lunar orbit because the Catholic Church teaches that transgender people do not really exist. Who does Donohue think are the victims of a scam?

A scam is a fraudulent scheme so dishonesty is a required element. Usually the victims of a scam fleeced out of something of value. I'll skip Donohue's lengthy prelims to get to:
Males claim to be female and females claim to be males. Not too long ago, they would be placed in an asylum. Now they are running diversity programs on Wall Street.
The first gender confirmation surgery was over 100 years ago. The patient, a physician himself, didn't end up in an asylum. Gender incongruence has been in the medical literature forever.

The fact that Donohue doesn't approve for religious reasons does not mean that the condition does not exist. It also doesn't mean that there is a reasonable alternative to transitioning.
I recently had to fill out a form before I underwent a routine medical procedure. Most of the questions were unexceptional. But there was one page—an entire page—that asked questions about my gender. [This was factually incorrect: gender refers to socially learned roles deemed appropriate for men and women. I should have been asked about my sex.]
Bill's definition of gender is what is factually incorrect. Gender identity is our internal sense of self. The overwhelming majority of people have congruent gender and natal sex. A small number have incongruent gender and natal sex which can create tremendous distress. Gender and sex are independent constructs according to science.
Bill Donohue really is an obnoxious bigot
One of the options I was given was “non-binary,” meaning neither male nor female. Another option I had was to check off “intersex, genderqueer or gender non-conforming.”

At least the guy who pretends he is a woman may get a beer at half price on ladies night. What do these poor folks qualify for?
Transgender people do not “pretend” to be their gender. Being intersex means having ambiguous genitalia and, in some cases, ambiguous chromosomes. Gender is a continuum with male and female at the extreme ends. Some people are not at one of the ends.

Gender non-conforming means being satisfied with gender but liking things associated with the opposite sex. In this case the preference does not mean it is a choice.
After answering that I am male, one of the questions asked whether I identify as a male. Another asked what pronouns I would like the medical staff to use when speaking to me. I was given choices such as “she/her, he/him, they/them.” I have never met a “them” and would not care to meet such a creature in a restroom.
Poor Bill Donohue. The notion that a gender-diverse person poses a threat to him is sheer bigotry. There is nothing whatsoever wrong with asking questions pertaining to how people want to be addressed. That conforms to the general mores of polite society.
If only they [clinicians] were certified as insane. Then we could get them committed. Unfortunately, those responsible for this madness have graduate degrees. They are mind-control freaks. They want us to affirm their sick politics. Moreover, they have infested the vast majority of professions throughout the nation. The corporate boys and the government bureaucrats—taking their cues from screwed-up educators—are attempting to shove down our throats this preposterous self-identity scam.
Right Donohue. It is a conspiracy to make you angry. The problem for Bill Donohue is that none of his bullshit conforms to the overwhelming consensus of medical science. “Sick politics” would be defined by an obsession to conform medical science to scripture.

In this case, according to the Catholic Church, it means that gender as a separate construct cannot exist because of Genesis 1:27. When Genesis was written (6th to 5th centuries BCE) Christians did not exist.

Donohue is victimized by a countless number of people. (I skipped the rant about race poseurs.)
There are men who have sex with men and claim they are not homosexuals; many social scientists believe them. We have Catholic women, many of whom are ex-nuns, who call themselves a priest, claiming they were “ordained” by feminist ex-Catholics. Indians, who came to America from Asia, consider themselves to be Native Americans (our elites agree). And so on.
Those “Indians” are entitled to call themselves Native Americans. The Clovis culture, the earliest definitively-dated Paleo-Indians in the Americas, appears around 13,500 to 13,000 calendar years ago. That is about 12.5 thousand years prior to any European explorer.
It is important not to lose our sense of humor over this scam.
There is nothing humorous about bigotry and ignorance. Bill Donohue wants to celebrate both. Turning it around I have no sense of humor when it comes to religion-based stupidity. If I said certain things about Catholics and it was widely distributed, Donohue would have a tantrum.

In spite of the fact that Bill Donohue hasn't the vaguest clue about objective truth, he writes:
Not sure just how far the elites will push these delusional ideas, but it is clear that it all stems from the postmodern assault on truth. Once truth doesn’t matter—the law allowing two men to marry—everything is possible.
Allow me to explain. Bill Donohue accepts, as incontrovertible truth, the dogma of the Church regardless of evidence to the contrary or learned opinion in opposition. That is not truth. That is superstition.

Apparently Donohue finds humor in the comparison of things he does not approve of with the Holocaust. Doing so trivializes the Holocaust:
This has happened before. In the last century, Jews were identified as less than human. We know what happened. In fact, Hitler is on record saying there is no such thing as truth. Now he is in good company—legions of professors in the arts and sciences agree with this assessment. Are they so drunk with ideology that they can’t connect the dots? You got it.
Bill Donohue's truths define LGBTQ people as subhuman. I am “objectively disordered” which is a way of saying “fuck the science.” Those same “truths” defined Jews as subhuman subsequent to the Third Reich. They have backed off simply because anti-Semitism is no longer socially acceptable. I wonder what views Bill Donohue inwardly harbors.

By the way, the same dogma asserts that marriage is a holy sacrament which exists until death. Thus divorce is forbidden. Blowhard Bill Donohue is a divorced man.

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