Tuesday, November 17, 2020

B.S. Brown: Election Uncertainty and Anti-LGBTQ Vomit While Asking for Money

Brian S. Brown
“In Brown's world there are only evil people who support Roe v. Wade and righteous people who oppose the law of the land.”
Tuesday's email from Brian S. Brown (on behalf of International Organization for the Family) is titled second class rights. It is rather ironic given that Brown has devoted a career to relegating LGBTQ people to second-class legal status not deserving of constitutionally guaranteed Equal Protection.

Once again Mr. Brown is asking people to donate to his hate group. I'll skip his (and Alito's) rhetoric about Little Sisters of the Poor (Zubik v. Burwell and Little Sisters of the Poor Saints Peter and Paul Home v. Pennsylvania).*

Living in denial:
Should, as many now expect, Joe Biden become the next President of the United States, this problem [religious liberty as defines solely by Christian zealots] will only become worse, in America and around the globe.
“Should?” President-Elect Biden has the necessary electoral votes to assume the presidency on January 20. Trump has no path to 270 electoral votes. In point of fact Donald Trump has provided no evidence of voting irregularities and has lost every court case that has been concluded.
One of the great tragedies of a Joe Biden administration will be an abandonment of values and norms found in the US Constitution in favor of so-called “globalism.” Under a globalist vision of the world, there are no absolute truths, no truly guaranteed rights. Universal truths like the right to life become subject to negotiation and “consensus.” If the international community feels that abortion is a worthwhile practice – and many world leaders do – then all of a sudden there is decreed a universal “right” to abortion. Any country that objects to abortion is thus guilty of violating human rights.
“[A] Joe Biden administration” rather than “the incoming Joe Biden administration” continues to suggest that some doubt exists. Unless and until there is some hard evidence that stands up to scrutiny, no doubt exists.

“Absolute truth” for Brian S. Brown consists solely of the teachings of the Catholic Church regardless of contrary evidence. Reproductive rights are not contrary to a right to life. Brown cannot concede that a woman has an absolute right to control over her own body. There are issues to consider other than religious dogma.

A universal bogeyman:
There is a huge and powerful network of globalists who push this viewpoint around the globe. George Soros is their leader. And in Joe Biden, the globalists have found a kindred spirit. This new challenge to our values and beliefs requires the International Organization for the Family (IOF) to step up like never before. We must become more vocal, more aggressive and more global in our reach on behalf of the family and family values.
Every day, Mr. Soros does more for mankind than Brian Brown (or I) will ever achieve in a lifetime. Brown can legitimately disagree with George Soros on some issues. However, painting him as evil because of differing opinions is out of line.

George Soros could have chosen to live on a yacht the size of an ocean liner with a crew to tend to his every need. He would not be controversial in any way whatsoever. As a holocaust survivor, Soros made other choices.

In Catholic extremist circles, pro-choice means “pro-abortion.” When someone is pro-choice nothing else matters to the zealots. The dysfunction of a Trump presidency was predictable. Trump's narcissistic and sociopathic nature was well known.

For people like Brian Brown, Trump could reduce the county to rubble. It was irrelevant given the potential of a thoroughly amoral man to appoint someone like Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

In Brown's world there are only evil people who support Roe v. Wade and righteous people who oppose the law of the land. He cannot appreciate the fact that there are evil people — like Trump — who are willing to exploit religious conservatives with cosmetic opposition to abortion.

Would anyone be shocked if it was revealed that Ivanka Trump has had one or more abortions? It would not matter to Mr. Brown.

All of this rhetoric culminates with Brown's grubby hands in other's pockets:
Will you help us at this critical time? Every donation to IOF will be matched, and those who become monthly donors will generate a TWELVE TIMES match of their monthly pledge.
This is followed by the requisite anti-LGBTQ vomit. At least he seems to accept reality when it serves his purposes:
Biden’s agenda includes abortion on demand funded by taxpayers, new special legal rights for LGBT people, a full-on embrace of transgenderism, support for assisted suicide, the world-wide redefinition of marriage and parenthood and many other destructive, dangerous policies. … IOF has enjoyed a strong ally with the Trump administration on most issues in our work at the UN and elsewhere, but that will change dramatically under a Biden presidency.

There is precious little time for us to get ready for the onslaught that is coming … [send me money].
But let's go back to the election of President-Elect Joe Biden. Voting is the very core of a democracy. Not accepting the results of a free and fair election is to undermine democracy. No evidence exists of irregularities.

Where was Mr. Brown when there was conclusive evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 election? When did Brian S. Brown ever express concern over Trump's lack of character and ethics?

* Suffice it to say that Obama was fair, analytical and pragmatic. The administration asked the Court to provide a 65 day recess while seeking comments from others to consider religious rights, technical issues, implementation and legal opinion — generally agreeing with the concept of religious freedom.

The following day, the administration posted a notice in the Federal Register “seeking comment and advice from all interested parties and stakeholders.”

Then came Trump.

Trump issued an executive order in 2017 which created the second case. Trump being Trump he did not care about any details. He was pandering to the religious right. Trump did not know about nor care about the consequences or effects on others.

I actually agree, in part, with the position of the Little Sisters of the Poor not wanting to be complicit in providing contraceptives in contravention of Catholic doctrine. It's just not that simple, as President Obama clearly understood. Other stakeholders have rights and interests that must be considered or we become a 15th century monarchy obedient to the Vatican.

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