Sunday, November 15, 2020

Charlie Kirk Joins the Grift

Charlie Kirk
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Charlie Kirk has engaged in a fraudulent campaign to fleece the Trump faithful.
I received an email from Charlie Kirk who heads Turning Point USA. Kirk is asking for money, allegedly to prosecute Trump's post-election grievances in court. Turning Point USA is headquartered in Phoenix.

It is my considered opinion that Charlie Kirk is a thug and extortionist. The self-righteous Kirk is profoundly dishonest.

According to the Anti-Defamation League Turning Point's leadership and activists have made multiple racist or bigoted comments and have links to extremism, including white supremacy. They are bigoted towards LGBTQ people, “especially transgender.” But I digress.

Kirk is rather unoriginal. At some point coronavirus denial became a symbol of support for Trump (which made no sense whatsoever and has added to the death toll). Kirk was invested in convincing students to rebel against stay-at-home orders. Freedom to infect others.

Kirk is an irrational fan of Donald Trump. Kirk has even authored a book titled The MAGA Doctrine. Fascinating and informative, no doubt.

In return Trump (who adores anyone who will massage his fragile ego) has made favorable statements about Kirk. The two have appeared at events together. Charlie Kirk is oblivious to the fact that Trump is self-absorbed and doesn't really care about anyone else. Undoubtedly Trump considers Kirk a useful idiot.

Here is most of Kirk's email:
I am unaware of “new votes” being magically found in Arizona 12 days after election day. Let alone, the more than 10,000 that would be required to make a difference.

“Shaping up to be good for Trump” is pure fiction.

I can find no evidence of lawyers representing either Kirk or TPUSA litigating election results. Even the Trump campaign withdrew a lawsuit in Arizona regarding a few ballots marked with Sharpies. As for Kirk's supposed “team of lawyers:

Federal courts:
State courts (Arizona):
Trump does not reach 270 electoral votes even if they could flip Arizona with its 11 electoral votes. Biden would hold a majority with 295 electoral votes.

Lawyers do not go to polling stations and if they did we are past the point of allowing observers.

Kirk does not explain how a $25 donation multiplies by eleven to become $275. The landing page is at Turning Point Action which claims a “1000%-MATCH.” Most supposed matching grants are phony. If someone is willing to donate $250 on top of my $25 then why would they need my $25?

Also at the landing page is this:
No. They do not “have the votes to win.”

The bottom line is that Charlie Kirk is a liar. Once again people are victimizing Trump supporters. They have been on the receiving end of this BS since they were told that Mexico would pay for a wall. That was the start of the chain of obliviousness.

It is easier to continue to be scammed than to admit you have been scammed. Each new layer of the con is confirmed by people in denial.

Trump is a master con artist. Charlie Kirk hasn't been a very good pupil.

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