Monday, November 16, 2020

I've Been Gaslighted (or is it "gaslit?")

Donald Trump
via the New York Times

Late Sunday afternoon I received this from The Georgia Recount Fund:
Which caused me to question my own memory of events. The text continues:
Did you hear the news? Thanks to your support and your contributions, Georgia will be doing a FULL recount. This fight is far from over!

President Trump and our legal team are fighting for the good of the Nation to uphold the rule of law, and Georgia’s law is very clear: to legally count, mail ballots must be received by 7:00 PM on Election Day.
Again I am questioning my mental hygiene. Did the Georgia secretary of state not announce a full recount about ten days ago? So I checked news sources to discover that the recount is mostly completed and must be fully completed by Wednesday, 15 days after election day.

Counties reported zero, sometimes five changes which might have gone to Biden for all we know. Deranged Donald is displeased:
So now he is disputing a consent decree as unconstitutional? On what basis and with what evidence we will never know.

My read of Georgia election law is that absentee ballots must be delivered or mailed “before the day of the primary or election.”

Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia is still a Republican. So is Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. I am certain that they followed applicable law without the intent to fuck Donald Trump.

The landing page for this goo is the Trump campaign where they are promising a 1000% match. What? You doubt that? Well. consider the credibility of the following:
There have been various reports of poll observers witnessing what they believed to be illegal activity. This is absolutely unacceptable. To be clear, we will NOT allow Democrats to take this Election from President Trump.

While this is a HUGE VICTORY for the American People, we can’t slow down now. We need to make sure we have the necessary resources to execute a successful recount. Can we count on YOU to step up?
I wish they would make up their mind. Trump says that the recount is a fraud while his campaign says it is a “great victory.” A victory would seemingly require a change in results sufficient to change the winner of the state's 16 electoral votes. In that event, Biden/Harris still win the election. Next?

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