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On Trump Tony Perkins Provides More Evidence of His Dishonesty

Tony Perkins
“We have suffered through four years of inarguably the most corrupt, inept and amoral president in the history of our nation and Perkins is upset because media correct Trump's many lies.”
Thursday evening, Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins of Family Research Council offers: Against All Frauds, Trump Fights on.

Perkins is extremely distressed over the apparent election of Joe Biden to succeed Donald Trump. It looks to me like Biden is going to carry Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania which provides the former vice president with 306 electoral college votes (270 are required to prevail).

In 2016 Donald Trump garnered the exact same total. 306 electoral college votes.

Meanwhile Mr. Perkins writes:
Waiting is much worse when the messaging is controlled by a radical media with no interest in a fair outcome.
“Radical” means that mainstream outlets are staffed with folks who do not subscribe to the theory that LGBTQ rights create hurricanes. Media are reporting facts that Perkins does not like. When Perkins claims to know what does or does not “interest” the media he is advancing a dishonest conspiracy theory.
What [Americans have] gotten … is a torrent of commentary about the ridiculousness of President Trump questioning the results or laying claim to contested ballots. Worse, some outlets -- like the AP -- are calling anyone who draws attention to the irregularities liars. If you believe in transparency, you're a "conspiracy theorist."
Trump made a speech last night. He lied about “illegal” votes. Per the New York Times:
… in a stunning appearance in the White House briefing room, Mr. Trump lied about the vote-counting underway in several states, conjuring up a conspiracy of “legal” and “illegal” ballots being tabulated and claiming without evidence that states were trying to deny him re-election.

“They’re trying to steal an election, they’re trying to rig an election,” the president said from the White House briefing room. He also baselessly suggested nefarious behavior in Philadelphia and Detroit, cities that he called “two of the most corrupt political places.”
Perkins repeats those lies about Philadelphia and Detroit (I chose not to quote them). Trump is advancing conspiracy theories. Perkins is promoting those same conspiracy theories.

Furthermore, Perkins is lying. Trump did not “draw attention to the irregularities.” There are no irregularities to draw attention to. Trump has been making ridiculous claims with no evidence whatsoever. Trump is asserting that votes for Biden are fraudulent because they are votes for Biden and for no other discernible reason.

Perkins continues the theme:
If you think there are anomalies to investigate, you're in denial. And yet the media -- who’s gotten everything dead wrong for five years -- still thinks we should trust their judgment? No thank you.
Perkins fails to identify any “anomalies.” I don't know about being in denial but when Perkins claims that there are anomolies, Perkins is being dishonest. The only anomaly is the President of the United States destroying the core of our democracy by claiming that our fair and free elections are fraudulent.

The media are reporting results provided by secretaries of state as fact. They analyze that data and make projections as opinion:
  1. No ambiguity exists between what is fact and what is opinion.
  2. Projections have no effect on the actual count.
  3. The only areas of “judgment” are those projections. Again, those projections do not affect the outcome.”
Speaking of conspiracy theories:
… the media -- who's spent the last five years doing everything they can to undermine and vilify Donald Trump, whether it was Russian collusion or Ukraine -- wants to give fuel to another false narrative that there's nothing in this election to dispute! Of course, they have plenty of selfish reasons for doing so. Not only does it help take the attention away from the "smoking ruins of their credibility" in predicting this election, but it also helps to accomplish their longtime extremist agenda.
Mr. Perkins lies again. There was significant collusion between the Trump 2016 campaign and Russia. Were it not for Trump's obstruction of justice that fact would be sufficiently proven to subject Trump to legal consequences. Were Trump not a sitting president he would have been indicted for obstruction. Mueller made that clear.

In fact one of the reasons that Trump is so desperate is that reelection would run out the clock on statutes of limitation. As a private citizen he has significant potential criminal liabilities. Aside from obstruction of just there is the potential for tax fraud.

Furthermore, Deutsche Bank is FDIC insured. Filing false financial information to the bank is a federal offense that is not dependent upon the bank filing a complaint. Trump could be sentenced to a fine of up to $1 million and up to 30 years in prison.

As for Ukraine, Trump most certainly did attempt to extort the country by holding back congressionally approved funds for military assistance in exchange for Ukraine digging up dirt on Mr. Biden. He was impeached. Before the GOP became a cult Trump would have been convicted.

“[T]he narrative” has no effect on the outcome. If Mr. Perkins believes that there are matters in dispute, he fails to provide specifics, let alone evidence. The “extremist agenda” of the media is presumably secularism and respect for sexual minorities. Perkins is a bigot. He dislikes tolerant people.

Here's a whopper-fest:
To be clear, I'm not suggesting that the results we're seeing are fraudulent. Do I think there's cause for suspicion in certain areas? Yes, and that's where I think both sides have an interest in reassuring Americans that the outcome is accurate, and the process is impartial. In states like North Carolina and Georgia, liberal leaders aren't helping that cause by postponing the counting or refusing to certify Trump votes.
Perkins is “suggesting that the results we're seeing are fraudulent.” Furthermore, Republican controlled legislatures in North Carolina and Georgia (as well as other states) disallowed the counting of absentee ballots as they came in, insisting that counting could only begin when the polls closed. Blame them for delays, not “liberal leaders.”

Perkins is implying (if not explicitly stating) that ballots in favor of Trump are being treated unfairly (in contrast to ballots in favor of Biden). Perkins provides no evidence that anyone is “refusing to certify Trump votes.”
It also gives the media more time to pound home this narrative that Joe Biden won, and Donald Trump is trying to steal the election. And frankly, that's reckless and flat-out dangerous.
Perkins lies again. No outlet has, thus far, claimed that Biden has the required 270 electoral votes. Furthermore, Trump has clearly demonstrated that he is trying to steal the election. At a minimum Trump has undermined confidence in the outcome. Trump has made it abundantly clear that he expects to win via the Supreme Court.

It is obvious that Trump is trying to manufacture a controversy to dispute the outcome of the election. He is counting on the Supreme Court because he has appointed three justices, assuming that he can pick up another two votes from a conservative Court.

I doubt that the Court would even agree to hear these cases. I know. Anything is possible.
Donald Trump doesn't just want every vote to be counted, he wants every vote to be verified, an important distinction made by John Nolte. And frankly, what does he have to lose?
No. Trump does not want every vote counted. He has characterized absentee ballots as “illegal.” Every ballot is being verified according to state law. Who cares what John Nolte tweets?
The longer this goes on, the greater likelihood more inconsistencies will be exposed. Even now, as Joy Pullman spells out in the Federalist, a lot of this just doesn't add up. "We're supposed to believe the GOP had a great night except for the president?"
We are “supposed to believe” whatever states certify. Voter fraud is so rare as to be nonexistent. People are not willing to risk five years in prison in exchange for illegally influencing an election.

Joy Pullman is an imbecile. She has claimed that transgender activists are coming after your children. Pullman has also declared that “Gender identity is fundamentally opposed to the concept of biological sex.”
No one can blame conservatives for being cynical. That's what years of marginalization, fabrication, and deprecation from the media have wrought. "Show me an American who trusts politicians, polls, news organizations, and social media [moguls] who fancy themselves our new masters, and I'll show you a fool," Michael Goodwin insisted.

At the end of the day, our call is not for upending the process. Our call is for integrity in the process. And if the shoe were on the other foot, I guarantee: we wouldn't be the only ones making that call.
Oh poor you. We have suffered through four years of inarguably the most corrupt, inept and amoral president in the history of our nation and Perkins is upset because media correct Trump's many lies. Perkins is pissed because Twitter attempts to curb deliberate lies by influential people.

When Perkins says “Our call is for integrity in the process” that is dishonest. Where, I ask, is Perkins' evidence of anything unethical in the electoral process? Perkins is suggesting that there is a lack of integrity to support Trump's baseless assertions.

Tony Perkins poses as a Christian moralist. I call him a greedy bigot. Over the past four years he has offered complete support to a sociopathic president. Not once has Mr. Perkins reflected any discomfort in Trump's 20,000+ lies.

Perkins went along with kids in cages, abject racism and Trump's self-dealing. In return, Trump has given Perkins access. It is mutual ego stroking.

Tony Perkins knows that Donald Trump is not a good person. It would be naive to believe otherwise. It is not cynical to make that observation. Like Donald Trump, Tony Perkins is self-absorbed. His interests are best served if Trump is reelected.

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