Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Sarah McBride's Success Brings Out the Faithfully Obnoxious

Emily Mangiaracina
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Sarah McBride has always been a successful person. Nearly ten years ago she became student body president at American University.

Tuesday evening she was elected to become the first transgender state senator (Delaware) in the United States. McBride will not serve as a transgender senator. She will be a senator who happens to be transgender.

Emily Mangiaracina does not seem to be similarly accomplished. She might be a Midwest optometrist of the same name. Mangiaracina, an incurious conspiracy theorist and avid Trump supporter writes from time to time for the traditional Catholic LifeSiteNews.

One of Mangiaracina's utterances today is titled: ‘Sarah’ McBride elected, first transgender state senator in US history. I assure you that Mangiaracina is not celebrating the fact that McBride prevailed over prejudice.

The quotes around Senator Elect McBride's first name tell you what you need to know. They are indicative of the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding transgender persons. Mangiaracina does not approve of McBride.

According to the Church, trans folks do not exist lest they present a conflict with scripture. What do scientists know? It is fair to say that Ms. Mangiaracina doesn't know what science knows and likely doesn't know what she doesn't know.

What? Am I being too harsh?
Sarah McBride, a man who claims to be a woman, was elected to the State Senate in Delaware today, making him the first transgender state senator in United States history.
Ms. McBride is not a man claiming to be a woman. The correct — respectful — term is “transgender woman.” Basic decency requires people to use gender-appropriate pronouns. A failure to do so depicts bigotry which cannot be excused by religious beliefs.

In Mangiaracina's world Chelsea Clinton and Planned Parenthood are the epitome of evil:
The announcement of McBride’s election received an enthusiastic response on Twitter, eliciting congratulations from the likes of Chelsea Clinton and Planned Parenthood.
As any critical thinker would realize, people (including me) are enthusiastic over Ms. McBride because she prevailed over her status as an oppressed minority. That is deserving of praise.

I need not quote much of this exercise in transphobia. Just one more paragraph:
Beau [Biden] reportedly called McBride, after he came out publicly as a “transgender,” to offer his support, saying, “Hallie and I are so proud of you. We love you, and you’re still part of the Biden family.”
Presumably, Ms. Mangiaracina is trying to criticize Joe Biden. Aside from that and the wrong pronoun, the word transgender is an adjective; not a noun. It should be followed by a word like woman or person.

Putting transgender in quotes is a means of demonstrating disapproval. It also expresses the false belief that the gender correct name is a fabrication.

I get the religious disapproval. However, that does not compel people to write obnoxious treatises to demonstrate their contempt. If an adherent happens to have severe gender dysphoria then they can choose to suffer if they deem it necessary not to transition.

What scares the hell out of me is pondering what happens if one of these nuts has a child with acute gender dysphoria. To preference ancient texts over settled science would constitute child abuse.

People like Mangiaracina do not even know what the setted science is. They accept, as incontrovertible truth, the dogma regardless of evidence to the contrary. The absence of intellectual curiosity becomes a religious edict.

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