Monday, November 9, 2020

Small Nonprofit: "Stop the Steal"

Kimberly Fletcher
Kimberly Fletcher campaigning for Trump and probably breaking the law prohibiting federally nonprofit organizations from engaging in politics.
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The actual post is titled: Moms for America, 'Stop the Steal' Hold Peaceful Protests to Ensure Ethical Investigation Into Votes. Thus far I have not seen a scintilla of evidence of voter fraud.

According to the post at the right-wing Christian Charisma:
With the large number of suspicious, irregular and downright illegal voting activities uncovered across the country in this presidential election, Moms for America® is calling for a complete investigation and swift resolution of any and all issues uncovered.

"Only then will we be satisfied that the people's wishes have truly been heard," says founder and president of Moms for America® Kimberly Fletcher. "Now that the American people have cast their ballots, the voters of this great nation deserve a thorough and complete count of all legal votes."
Ms. Fletcher fails to offer any evidence of wrongdoing in spite of claiming that there exists a “large number” of issues. The nonsensical post includes:
"We must continue to stand for the principles of liberty enshrined in our Constitution at every level of government, in our schools and in our neighborhoods," says Fletcher…
Are these people desperate for attention? Perhaps they are desperate for Trump to prevail in accordance with their copious prayer. Exactly what “principles of liberty” is Fletcher claiming to support?

Absent evidence to the contrary we have had a free and fair election which resulted in President Elect Biden receiving about 4½ million more votes than Trump and more than the 270 electoral votes required.

In fact, unfairness tips to the other side with all of the Republican endeavors to suppress the vote. Here in Florida voters overwhelmingly approved in 2018 a referendum restoring voting rights to felons. Our governor challenged the clear intent of voters by claiming that sentences were not completed without paying fines and restitution.

Call me a cynic but the challenge was specifically designed to alter the 2020 election outcome.

The chief judge of the 11th Circuit, William H. Pryor Jr., (along with two Trump appointed judges) went along with the subterfuge claiming that the intent of the voters was to require the payment of fines and fees. Pryor, an Alabama Republican was nominated because of the influence of Jeff Sessions.

No. 4 Constitutional Amendment Article VI, Section 4. Voting Restoration Amendment: This amendment restores the voting rights of Floridians with felony convictions after they complete all terms of their sentence including parole or probation. The amendment would not apply to those convicted of murder or sexual offenses, who would continue to be permanently barred from voting unless the Governor and Cabinet vote to restore their voting rights on a case by case basis.
The text made a point of including parole or probation but made no mention of fines and fees. According to NPR:
Daniel Smith, a political science professor at the University of Florida, says his research indicates nearly 775,000 felons in Florida have outstanding fines preventing them from voting.
If half of those people had voted for Biden then Florida would have gone for Biden.

Getting back to Moms for America, the Ohio based 501(c)3 had 2018 revenues of $230,988.

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