Monday, November 9, 2020

Todd Starnes Complaining that Fox News Constrained His LGBTQ Bigotry

Todd Starnes
Monday, according to a Facebook post by Todd Starnes:
In my final year at Fox News Channel, my editors told me that I could no longer write any columns defending religious liberty against the LGBT movement. They refused to publish any column that reflected negatively on LGBT activists. That's when I figured my time at the Fox News Corner of the World was nearing an end. …
I cannot know for sure but I can make an educated guess that Starnes is, once again, full of crap. In the first instance he is mischaracterizing extreme anti-LGBTQ animus as “defending religious liberty.”

In the second instance Starnes claims that his target would have been “LGBT activists.” This is a frequent anti-LGBTQ ploy. “I am not attacking LGBT people; just the radical, anti-Christian, extremist activists who want to force Christian clergy to celebrate their marriages.”

In the third instance, it seems like Starnes is claiming to have resigned because of censorship. My understanding is that Fox forced Starnes to resign. In other words, Starnes got fired. It's hard to continue to claim fairness and balance with a lunatic like Starnes given a platform.

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