Thursday, November 5, 2020

What POSSIBLE Difference is Created by Fox Calling AZ for Biden?

Arnon Mishkin
Fox's election analysis nerd Arnon Mishkin
via Fox News
Leave it to the hate-site LifeSiteNews to find a conspiracy. One of LSN's loons, Michael Haynes, has authored: Fox News analyst who called Arizona for Biden is a staunch Democrat.
Arnon Mishkin, a registered Democrat, voted for Hillary Clinton and contributed to the Obama campaign.
Haynes is not very original. The Trump campaign has been making the same idiotic claim. It is idiotic because the call by Fox has no effect on the outcome. It is also idiotic because it assumes malfeasance by someone just doing his job.

The Trump campaign lives through projection. They assume that, like themselves, Democrats are dishonest saboteurs because they are Democrats. Furthermore, while I do not know how large Mishkin's staff is, were he trying to sway voters, it would require a conspiracy among the department's employees.

Mr. Mishkin is a wonky 65-year-old number cruncher with a staff who explained the analysis to Fox personalities. As for Mishkin's political history, he disclosed that to the New York Times in September.

Fox has stood by Mishkin. The hopefully soon to be unemployed Jared Kushner called Rupert Murdoch who supported Mishkin. In fact Murdoch has said that he would do the same if Trump had called him.

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