Thursday, December 17, 2020

And the Pete-Hate Begins

Pete Buttigieg
via Biden-Harris transition team
American Family Association (AFA) has singled out Pete Buttigieg for criticism. AFA is an anti-LGBTQ hate group. The pretext for AFA's criticism is: Get ready for $4 gas with 'Mayor Pete.'
We all know why AFA is attacking Buttigieg and it has nothing to do with prospective gas prices.
Given an opportunity to fuck up, AFA succeeds:
"Pete Buttigieg's signature transportation idea is to impose massive taxes on carbon dioxide… warns James Heartland, president of Heartland Institute.
Nope. The president of Heartland Institute is James Taylor. Heartland originally existed to fight tobacco regulations on behalf of Philip Morris. Heartland lost that battle to medical science and shifted its attention to climate denial. Heartland denies that it is a front group but it certainly seems to work on behalf of the coal industry.

James Taylor has a libertarian streak. I can find no record of Mr. Taylor making anti-LGBTQ sentiments. For that matter AFA does not indicate whether or not they actually interviewed Taylor or are getting quotes from an unnamed source.

I have contacted Heartland's media representative and will update this post if I find out anything new but my guess is that AFA is exploiting statements made by Taylor to attack Buttigieg because he is gay. That is what AFA does. That is why AFA is considered to be a hate group.

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