Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Aww, the Hate Group Lost Its Credit Card Processor

Tim Wildmon
Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon, American Family Association
via YouTube
A sad tale indeed. AFA is all for having merchants choose their customers until it affects their organization.
In an email signed by Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon:
Recently, the credit card processing company that we have been using decided to stop processing donations for American Family Association. They did this without warning –– overnight –– the first week of December. There is NO DOUBT this was done because we are a Christian ministry and we take public stands on moral issues.
The company probably chooses not to do business with a vile, rabid, anti-LGBTQ and Islamaphobic hate group.
Yes, we are pursuing legal redress for this overt religious discrimination, but our attorneys have advised us not to name the offenders publicly at this point so as not to compromise the case. Rest assured, we will as soon as we can. Right now, however, this has disrupted our donation processing at a critical time of the year.
Sue for what exactly? A corporation is entitled to define its terms of service. A credit card processor can refuse to process transactions for the Klan, a Neo-Nazi organization or any other hate group. AFA is free to go elsewhere. The Klan also claims to be a conservative Christian organization.
If true, here's the best part:
This abrupt cancellation is costing the ministry tens of thousands of dollars each day and that doesn't include legal fees that we will incur as we fight this discrimination. What we’re experiencing today is the most serious attack AFA has faced since its inception over 40 years ago.
Ministry of prejudice?

Without identifying the processor, it's hard to make sense of the following:
We have found a different credit card processing company –– that's good. However, the company that dropped us refuses to release the personal and credit card information to the new processing company.
Perhaps they are referring to transactions that did not get processed during the transition from one processor to another. Who knows?
Here comes the moneybeg:
So, here is what we're asking you to do. Please donate using the link below. If you can donate monthly, that would help tremendously. Without this step being completed, this discriminatory act will dry up our funds at the most critical time of the year.
David says: Bullshit! They have no intention of suing and are probably not losing “tens of thousand of dollars each day.” Let the suckers pony up. They probably donated to Donald's Election Defense Fund.

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