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Hate Group: "Trans Indoctrination of Our Children"

Tim Wildmon
Tim Wildmon, American Family Association's
fuckwit in charge
via YouTube
AFA has a video to sell and a failed boycott requiring defibrillation.
I have two emails from American Family Association today. Both confirm the fact that AFA is properly designated an anti-LGBTQ hate group.

The subject of the first email reads: Trans Indoctrination of Our Children. The text of the email is designed to get people to purchase AFA's video; In His Image. Referring to some of the content:
There are also several videos that dig deeper into the science of gender and sexuality, the history of sex change, gender education, and "transmania" culture. You won't want to miss the extended testimonies of Stephen Black, Walt Heyer, Laura Perry, and Denise Shick –– who all appear in the film.
You all know who Walt Heyer the Liar is. Denise Shick too. Stephen Black is a pray-away schmuck out of Oklahoma who claims that people whose sexual orientation or gender identity he disapproves of are “broken” and need to be fixed.

Laura Perry is also from Oklahoma. Perry is a regular on the anti-LGBTQ conservative Christian circuit. Her claim to fame is that she prayed away her gender dysphoria but not through Stephen Black.

Needless to say, AFA's claim that their videos “dig deeper into the science of gender and sexuality” is nonsense. Deeper than what? If they adhered to the science regarding sexuality they would not be selling bigoted bullshit videos.

“[T]ransmania culture?” The only maniacs present are Tim Wildmon, who runs AFA and the video presenters. Hate Group Leader Michelle Cretella (from American College of Pediatricians — not to be confused with the real peer group, the American Academy of Pediatrics) also makes an appearance. Oh joy.

Who do they think they are fooling? All of this has nothing whatsoever to do with medical science, mitigating gender dysphoria or the wellbeing of children. This is just a clumsy attempt to conform science and society to scripture.

Nevertheless, it has the potential to cause misery and even to kill a kid were parents to listen to this idiocy. I would like to believe that parents know the difference between when to see a clergyman and when to see a qualified doctor. Most of the time they do. However, I never underestimate the human potential for stupidity.

Getting back to the title, I suppose that “trans indoctrination” means influencing children to become transgender. Hubris, obliviousness, submissiveness and imbecility are required for one to embrace that idea. That is precisely what Tim Wildmon thinks of his constituency.
The second email
The subject of the second email is Stay the Course with Us Regarding Target. The only thing stupider than one of American Family Association's silly boycotts is their efforts to resuscitate their utter failures. Target Corporation has no interest in anything AFA says.

The purpose of a boycott is to modify the practices of the target (small t). Once it becomes clear that the target is unwilling to yield the Boycott is dead. This attempted boycott died over four years ago. It was launched in April, 2016. By June it was pretty clear that Target Corporation had no interest in anything AFA said or did.

For all his sanctimony, Tim Wildmon is a virulent and promiscuous liar:
Sexual Predators
Despite Target's denial that men entering women's rooms is a problem, the reality remains that it is a major problem. We have the proof. For example, a Texas woman filed a report with the Harris County Sheriff's office after a man entered the women's fitting room area and took pictures of her as she was changing clothes.
I checked with Target Corporation's media rep a couple of years ago and most of their changing rooms are single stall unisex facilities and they are free standing in their stores. The news item that Wildmon points to does not refer to a “women's fitting room” because one probably does not exist.

More importantly, in no way is this proof that transgender accommodations pose a threat to anyone. This simply proves that there are peeping Toms lurking in department stores. For example, a topless woman chased a peeping Tom through a Kohl's store in Kansas City.

There is no connection between peeping Toms and transgender accommodations. Wildmon isn't done with the dishonesty:
Target is hoping you don't care Target is hoping you won't care that they allow men into women's bathrooms and changing rooms and will do your Christmas shopping with them. 1MM and AFA know that you do care.
In the a above, Wildmon is again falsely claiming that transgender accommodations pose a danger to women. Wildmon has a problem (well, far more than one). They started an idiotic boycott for idiotic reasons. They did so because AFA is an anti-LGBTQ hate group. Target Corp. paid no attention to them and the company has prospered.

Target shares have increased in value by 225% since the boycott started. In order to continue bringing in the sheaves, Wildmon is desperate to prove that his little group is impactful. Even Tim Wildmon is not stupid enough to think that Target Corp. will suddenly pay attention to him. On the other hand …

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