Thursday, December 17, 2020

Meanwhile, According to Brian S. Brown, the World Has Ended

Brian S. Brown
The latest email from Brian S. Brown, on behalf of International Organization for the Family is titled: They're coming for ALL of us. According to Brown:
Over the past few days, I've heard from a lot of people reacting to the news about Stripe, IOF's payment processor, trying to shut us down and silence us. The upshot of all this feedback is that we're not alone. But that isn't necessarily a comforting thought....
Stripe is a very large company. It processes payments for My guess is that they whacked hate groups and are probably the unnamed company that stopped processing American Family Association's transactions.
It seems other organizations have also been targeted by Stripe for ideological, viewpoint discrimination. Thus, Stripe joins Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other big tech bullies in trying to drive conservatives and people of faith from the public square. The point is this: it won't stop with IOF. They're coming for all of us. It isn't a huge leap from this to imagining Churches or private schools being cut off from financial services in the future, if this sort of thing is allowed to continue.
Brown has a set of balls to complain about discrimination. Furthermore, “slippery slope” arguments present a logical fallacy. There is, at best, a tenuous causation connection from one event to the supposedly catastrophic consequence. In this case hate groups leading to similar actions affecting churches and schools:
  • Most people of faith are not anti-LGBTQ bigots.
  • Most conservatives are not anti-LGBTQ bigots.
  • The intent is not to drive IOF from the public square. The company chooses not to do business with hate groups.
  • Churches are not hate groups.
  • Private schools are not hate groups.
Wait for it …
If nothing else, Brian S. Brown is predictable:
This is why it's so critical that we FIGHT BACK.

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