Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Once Again Brian S. Brown Does a Gimme $ to Overturn Marriage Equality

Brian S. Brown

I have a new missive from Brian S. Brown leader of the anti-LGBTQ National Organization for Marriage. It is a money-beg titled: voters reject gay ‘marriage.’

That is inherently false. More than two-thirds of Americans support marriage equality (Gallup—June, 2020).

Mr. Brown goes on to paraphrase President Obama:
Former president Barack Obama said last week that Hispanic voters are increasingly supporting President Trump and Republicans because they reject Democrat positions on gay ‘marriage’ and abortion.
What President Obama said is:
But there are a lot of evangelical Hispanics who, you know, the fact that Trump says racist things about Mexicans, or puts detainees, undocumented workers in cages, they think that's less important than the fact that he supports their views on gay marriage or abortion.
Brown is essentially accurate. However 70% of the demographic voted for Joe Biden. (72% for Sec. Clinton in 2016.) Brown continues with oblivious rhetoric:
This is a shocking admission on Obama’s part. For the past five years, ever since the US Supreme Court issued their illegitimate decision in the Obergefell v Hodges case, we have been told ad nauseum by the media and the left that gay ‘marriage’ is a done deal, is extremely popular and it is time to move on.
Marriage equality is a “done deal.” The Supreme Court is not going to reverse public policy that has such broad approval of Americans. It was “time to move on” more than five years ago.
“Send me some money”
Well, voters are not moving on and neither are we. NOM is working on plans to eventually reverse the Obergefell gay ‘marriage’ ruling. We believe we have a strong majority of justices on the Supreme Court to do just that, but we are gong to need your help to be successful.
Because NOM has such a stellar track record of success? Since Prop 8 in 2008 and Maine Question 1 in 2009 (reversed by voters in 2012) NOM has lost every contest; in the courts and at the polls. Maine Question 1 cost Sean Fieler $1,250,000. NOM tried to prevent donor identification in Maine. They lost that case too in 2015.

To sue the IRS, NOM spent nearly a $1 million of donor money. That includes $650,000 in legal fees inappropriately paid to John Eastman who was NOM's chairman at the time. They came away with $50,000 for an inadvertent clerical error.

A great deal of money donated to National Organization for Marriage has ended up in Brian Brown's corrupt pockets and I just scratched the surface.

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