Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Religious Right Group Presents the True Meaning of "Transphobia"

Some anti-LGBTQ bigotry took a holiday. It diminished considerably as the Christian nationalists devoted more attention to the presidential election of 2020 and its aftermath.

Tuesday, Family Policy Alliance, the political arm of Focus on the Family, provides NJ Assembly Passes Bill That Teaches Transgender Identities Starting in Kindergarten. I guess that the respite has come to an end.

I will get to the facts momentarily. My first reaction was to question how age-appropriate knowledge about gender identity poses a peril to children. The answer to my rhetorical question is: “It does not” providing that the information is scientifically accurate and age-appropriate.

The specifics of the bill:
a. Beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, each school district shall incorporate instruction on diversity and inclusion in an appropriate place in the curriculum of students in grades kindergarten1 through 12 as part of the district's implementation of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in Comprehensive Health and Physical Education.

b. The instruction shall:

(1) highlight and promote diversity including economic diversity, equity, inclusion, tolerance and belonging on topics including: in connection with gender and sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, disabilities and religious tolerance and unconscious bias;

(2) examine the impact that unconscious bias and economic disparities have at both an individual level and on society as a whole; and

(3) encourage safe, welcoming, and inclusive environments for all students regardless of race or ethnicity, sexual and gender identities, mental and physical disabilities, and religious beliefs.

c. The Commissioner of Education shall provide school districts with sample learning activities and resources designed to promote diversity and inclusion.
According to Family Policy Alliance:
Today, the New Jersey State Assembly approved bill A4454, which if signed into law by Governor Murphy, would mandate sexual orientation and gender identity diversity lessons starting in kindergarten. Assembly members were made aware before the vote that their decision would be scored and recorded for Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey’s 2021 voter guide that will be sent to 1500 churches and tens of thousands of concerned residents prior to next year’s statewide election campaigns.
As you can see from the above text, the same bill is concerned with economic, racial, ethnic and religious diversity as well. Apparently, the Christian supremacists could not see anything other than the part about gender and sexual orientation.

They seem desperate to prevent kids from learning about sexual minorities. So much so that they ignore other apects of the measure. The title of this polemic zeroes in on gender identity. Presumably they believe that doing so will shock their constituency.

I ask the same question. What is wrong with providing students with scientifically accurate, age-appropriate information?

Do they really believe that this information will cause kids to become LGBTQ persons? Or is it the age-old religious nonsense that they oppose “normalizing” any sexuality that they disapprove of? It could be both.
Today, Jan 11, 2021, the Assembly voted in favor of this amendment to lower the age of students learning about human sexuality from 14 years old to 5 years old!
Exclamation point required (above)! They have no idea what the curriculum will consist of but, whatever it is, they're against it.
Four assembly members publicly spoke out against this bill during the vote to protect your parental rights in education. I urge you to thank them for their bold leadership.
  • Assemblyman Brian Bergen (R), Denville
  • Assemblyman Gerry Scharfenberger (R), Middletown
  • Assemblyman Bob Auth (R), Haskell
  • Assemblyman Erik Peterson (R), Clinton
Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey hopes Governor Murphy will respect the fundamental religious beliefs of millions of New Jersey citizens by vetoing this legislation.
I suppose that making children ignorant is a parental right. I have no idea, whatsoever, how this could possibly interfere with the religious beliefs of those parents. Gay people do exist. Must they pretend otherwise? Transgender people do exist. Must they pretend otherwise?

This exercize in abject stupidity was posted by their Shawn Hyland.

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