Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Anti-LGBTQ Hyperbole: "Biden terrorizes Africa"

Frederico Cenci
Frederico Cenci
via International Organization for the Family
Apparently the African continent is going to suffer mightily. At least that's what professional Catholic Frederico Cenci claims. On behalf of International Organization for the Family, an anti-LGBTQ hate group run by Brian S. Brown Mr Cenci provides: Biden terrorizes Africa. People who support science and equality pose a danger due to some nefarious agenda that they pursue.
Biden announced the appointment to the administration of [USAID] of Samantha Power. She is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and diplomat who, during Barack Obama’s presidency, had a role on the National Security Council where she stood out for her support of the LGBT+ cause, among other activities.
Samantha Power was our ambassador to the UN between 2013 and 2017. There is a great deal more to Ms. Power than LGBTQ matters. In 2015 Power did make a speech at Harvard in acceptance of an award: Remarks by Ambassador Samantha Power on Making LGBT Rights Universally Respected Human Rights. Those remarks included:
I’d like to start my remarks by sharing a story of a young man named Subhi Nahas. Subhi, who is now 28 years old, was born in Idlib, Syria. And Subhi is gay. In Subhi’s words, “It was never okay to be gay in Syria,” but for Subhi it got much harder when the civil war broke out. The Assad regime, which had long criminalized homosexuality, began specifically targeting LGBT people – running anti-gay propaganda on TV, calling all dissidents homosexuals, and raiding the cafes and parks where LGBT people gathered. In 2012, Subhi was riding a bus to university, when suddenly soldiers boarded the bus and pulled him and about a dozen other young people off it. …
Power cited a number of other people and injustices. Power expressed a powerful example of the persecution of LGBTQ people throughout the world. If the government of the United States can infuence other coutries to be fairer to LGBTQ people then we will have served the world.

What Mr. Cenci is trying to say is that we want to impose immorality on other countries because he does not approve of LGBTQ people due to religious doctrine. Cenci's thinking is backwards. When these countries persecute sexual minorities they are being immoral. Our commitments to dignity, fairness and equality for LGBTQ people place the United States on the moral high ground.

According to Mr. Cenci:
According to some African Catholic Church leaders, contacted by AciAfrica, Power’s appointment will trigger “a cultural and ideological attack” on the Black Continent “through the promotion of programs contrary to African culture, such as abortion and homosexuality.” Bishop Emmanuel Badejo, of the Diocese of Oyo, Nigeria, believes Power complicates an already unfavorable situation, considering that Biden, despite calling himself Catholic, is poised to be “the most radically pro-abortion and pro-LGBT+ president in U.S. history.”
He means contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Contrary to Cenci's religious beliefs, gay people actually do exist. There is nothing that he or the Church can do about that (although they try to shame gay people into being eunuchs).

The question becomes: How should they be treated? Cenci approves of anti-LGBTQ oppression. How very “Christian.” Our efforts (if we make such an effort) to reduce persecution are, thus, evil. It's upisdownism.

Mr. Cenci has made religious choices. Rationality requires people to accept the simple fact that neither sexual orientation nor gender identity are choices. That reflects the settled science.

Before Trump the United States was the most influential country in the world. In this case — if Frederico Cenci is to be believed — our influence involves kindness, fairness and the promotion of scientific realities over ancient superstition. That is the moral thing to do.

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