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Katy Faust's Baffling Bullshit - With Some Help From Another Extremist

Katy Faust
Wednesday, John-Henry Westen, a religious fanatic with LifeSiteNews, asks: Can I attend my grown-up child’s same-sex ‘wedding’? Westen interviews Katy Faust who, in the process of smearing gay people, attempts — yet again — to insulate herself from accusations of bigotry.

The video is about 30 minutes long. I'll not put my brain cells in that much peril. “Fortunately,” Westen provides a commentary.
[Faust's] work began after 2012 when the debate on homosexual “marriage” intensified and she heard many people pushing false narratives such as that children do not need a mother and father, and that because one stands for the traditional family they are automatically considered to be bigots.
The first logical fallacy is that Westen is begging the question. What marriage equality advocates argued was that research demonstrates (over and over again) that children raised by gay couples are as healthy, happy and secure as those raised by opposite-sex parents. That is a fact. There is no evidence to the contrary.

As renowned sociologist at Stanford, Dr. Michael Rosenfeld, explained years ago:
Research…has developed a scholarly consensus that shows that children raised by same-sex couples are at no important disadvantage. There is a noisy fringe of academics who claim that children raised by same-sex couples are in disastrous peril, a view that has little or no credibility within academia.
If there is a “false narrative” it is the one pushed by religious cranks who proffer the baseless claim that children raised by gay couples are disadvantaged.
The second part of that nonsense is equally intellectually dishonest. Bigotry does not rest with people who “stand for the traditional family.” People are entitled to their opinions. Opponents of marriage equality were not for anything. They were and continue to be against the legal right of gay couples to wed.

Ms. Faust is a bigot because she lies about gay people in order to obtain her preferred political outcome. Faust is not deemed a bigot because of her religious beliefs about marriage and there is nothing “automatic” about it.

People make bigoted statements. When they repeatedly make bigoted statements then it is fair to characterize them as bigots. Faust can try to inoculate herself from that characterization all she wants. However, as long as she smears gay people I will call her a bigot.
Katy totally debunks these lies. She says that in her decades-long work with children,“the deepest wounds that kids have and experience is when they had lost their mother or father,” whether it be accidental through untimely death, or even intentionally done by divorce. She adds that the loss of a mother or father is “never a small thing for kids.”
Mr. Westen is no genius either. Lies are debunked through facts supported by evidence. The above paragraph is an opinion which is formed with the assumption that the teachings of the Catholic Church create a body of truth regardless of supporting evidence and in spite of evidence to the contrary.

Faust's agenda used to be about artificial reproductive technology. It morphed into a desperate effort to prevent gay people from adopting and raising children. Westen “explains:”
Katy says that the pro-family movement is not only against the ideas, choices, desires, and behaviors which lead to the infringement of children’s rights. She also tells me that we are “always for something right [and] for people being in a relationship with God.”
The false assumption above — without supporting evidence — is that children's rights are compromised when they are raised by people that Westen and Faust disapprove of. Apparently they believe that they have a monopoly on morality in spite of the fact that prejudice is immoral.

Following instructions on how to indoctrinate children with baseless bullshit comes this whopper:
For parents whose children are already in same-sex relationships, guiding them away from that lifestyle can be difficult. Katy recommends that a mother and father must make the point of reaffirming to the child that they are “the best person to talk to” on those issues.
Being gay is not a “lifestyle.” Characterizing it as such is another lie. If parents believe the fiction that sexual orientation is a lifestyle; that sexual orientation is a choice; that their gay children should enter into sham marriages or be lonely then they are the worst possible people to talk to.

Gay adults have come to terms with their sexuality. Nevertheless, this noise is harmful. Essentially, what people like Faust and Westen are saying, is that gay people who are married have made bad, evil choices about their sexuality and how they live their lives.

They are also giving parents the worst possible advice. Following their preposterous prescription parents will end up with pissed off and estranged adult children. That is toxic for both parents and their offspring.

And if that is not bad enough:
… [Faust] says that the distortion of marriage and the “validation” of a same-sex union must be the line that cannot be crossed.
So, to answer the original question, one should not attend their adult child's same-sex wedding.
In conservative religious terms, everything is about either approval or shame. Shame is born of withheld approval. The sanctimonious moralists, John-Henry Westen and Katy Faust, subscribe to the ridiculous belief that shaming one's children is a form of love.

No people. That is a form of hate. It is disrespecting your own child. Doing so offers no potential for anything positive. Their adult child is still going to be gay and he or she is still going to be married to another gay person. Their approval becomes irrelevant.

Faust is advising parents not to recognize their child's spouse and certainly not to consider him or her a part of their family. That narrow-minded stupidity offers no benefit to anyone.

Promotion of these themes makes one a bigot. If they do not like the label then they should introspectively examine their own actions and behavior. Katy Faust incessantly complains about being called a bigot. She is not a bigot because people call her one. She is called a bigot due to the awful choices that she makes.

Being gay is not a choice. Homophobia, on the other hand, is a learned behavior that becomes a conscious choice. Faust is wed to the notion that teaching her kids to hate others makes her a good parent. I'll take the gay couple every day of the week.

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