Thursday, September 21, 2017

The choices are limited: Jerry Boykin is either a pathological liar or he believes his own BS

Jerry Boykin
Retired Lt. General William G. “Jerry” Boykin has considerable problems with LGBT people and Muslims. In both cases it is a reflection of the fact that Boykin is a Christian supremacist.

Bathroom agenda puts the privacy & safety of our children at risk!” screams Boykin on the subject line of his latest email missive. The email was sent on behalf of a hate group — Family Research Council — which employs Boykin as its executive vice president.

The ceaseless fear mongering associated with where trans people can pee is only exceeded in absurdity by the fact that people subscribe to the promoted fears with no substantiating evidence whatsoever. I have searched and searched for examples of transgender women endangering women and children. I might have found one incident, in Canada. But that doesn't stop General Jerry who writes:

ADF lawyer still frothing over Obergefell

“Shafer's entire bloated essay is premised on the notion that gay people are inferior as spouses, inferior as parents and inferior in all other respects.”
Jeffrey A. Shafer
Jeffrey A. Shafer, ADF
Jeffrey A. Shafer is a lawyer at a hate group Alliance Defending Freedom. Thursday Shafer writes “Obergefell and the Right to Other People’s Children.” It is an angry and pretentiously pseudo-intellectual polemic bloated to 2,200 words. The bottom line is that Shafer doesn't approve of gay people, their marriages and their adoption of children.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A gem of a comment from Tony Perkins in support of Roy Moore

Roy Moore
Roy Moore flanked by Mat Staver (left) and other lawyers from
Liberty Counsel as impeachment proceedings against Moore
commenced. The disgraced jurist was removed from the bench.
Hate group leader Tony Perkins (Family Research Council) had this to say for Breitbart on Tuesday:
Family Research Council president Tony Perkins says former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore will provide the kind of “bold leadership” America needs.

“Over the years Judge Moore has proven he is willing to stand up for our Constitution and fight for the rights of the people,” Perkins said in a statement released by Moore’s campaign. “From working with him and evaluating his record as a public servant, FRC Action PAC believes he will provide needed leadership on important issues in the U.S. Senate.”

No Tony Perkins. Charlotte's mayor did not lose her primary over LGBT issues UPDATED

Tony Perkins
Updated with an email from the primary winner. Hate group leader Tony Perkins of Family Research Council is determined to rewrite events to suit his anti-LGBT agenda. Late Monday afternoon, Perkins wrote: “Pastors Work toward Tar-Healing.” Later on it is obvious that Perkins is intent on creating a wedge between LGBT people and African-Americans.
Charlotte has been ground zero for bad policy, with the ripple effects of its SOGI ordinance felt across the state and arguably the nation. Of course, bad policy is the offspring of bad politicians and the city council is full of them. However, Watchmen Pastors met at the Billy Graham Library to pray and talk strategy to change all of that. Their theme verse was "Seek peace and well-being for the city where I have sent you...for in its well-being you will prosper." (Jer. 29:7).

Conspiracy theorists at org founded by Robert P. George - "Be Afraid"

Emmett J. McGroarty
At the orthodox Catholic Crisis Magazine Emmett J. McGroarty and Jane W. Robbins inform us of: “Transgenderism: A Leftist Weapon Against the Family.” Who knew? Both authors are lawyers (not social scientists) who are affiliated with Robert P. George's American Principles Project. You might recall that APP was intent on ousting Kevin Jennings from the Department of Education. At something that APP called the Innocence Project,” Robert George made a very odious video (which has been scrubbed from the Internet) claiming that Jennings presented a threat to children. Not much has changed.

Hate groups fail to modify school board policy

At the end of the school year in Rocklin, California, a very smart kindergarten teacher (Kaelin Swaney) at a highly regarded charter school did a very smart thing. One of her students was transitioning from male to female. The teacher explained, in age appropriate terms, what gender identity means. The child changed to female clothing in a restroom. The teacher explained that this is what their classmate would look like when they returned to school in the fall. The children participated in a healthy Q & A.

A couple of parents were upset that they weren't given advance notice or an opportunity to opt out. These are the same ignoramuses who pretend that gender dysphoria doesn't exist and who equate an explanation of gender transition to child molestation. They are determined to make their kids as ignorant as they are.

Hate group's PR flack tries to revive failed boycott

Hamilton Strategies
Hamilton Strategies (Michael and Deborah Hamilton) is American Family Association's public relations firm. The Hamiltons have a strong connection to Jesus but seem to be indifferent to financial realities. Today they write (as Hamilton Strategies): “Dear Target, You Can't Have It Both Ways.”

Before I get into their polemic, let's take a look at Target Corp. (NYSE:TGT). 34 days have elapsed since Target reported favorable second quarter earnings and guidance. The company reported better than expected earnings and revised guidance upwards. Same-store sales increased 1.3%, nearly double the expectations of analysts. Company executives attributed the good results to the success of the company's private label brands. Online sales increased by 30%. Since then the stock has increased about 7%. The reality is that AFA's silly boycott died 34 days ago. This morning I caught up on some of the analyst views. I cannot find one that even mentions the boycott. It is irrelevant.