Friday, January 20, 2017

Tony Perkins reminisces about Martin Luther King

Tony Perkins
Hate group leader Tony Perkins has direct ties to David Duke and the Klu Klux Klan. Yet the head of Family Research Council and former Louisiana legislator finds it appropriate to quote from Martin Luther King in a thinly veiled diatribe about religious freedom.
Eighty-eight years ago almost to the day, the famed African-American civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. was born. Named for the monk who started the Reformation over four hundred years earlier, Dr. King would go on to become a Baptist minister and arguably the most important civil rights figure of the twentieth century.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Human Life Int'l accuses U.S. of pushing homosexuality "down the throats" of other nations

Brian Clowes, Human Life International
Brian Clowes, Human Life International
Thursday, Charlie Butts at American Family Association writes about Brian Clowes, the director of education and research at Human Life International (HLI). HLI is a roughly $3 million enterprise headed by a Catholic priest. An affiliated entity, HLI Endowment (a 501[c]2), is sitting on about $3 million in assets.

First Mr. Butts:
Money flowing into Third World countries is doing more to corrupt religious and cultural beliefs than to boost the nations’ prosperity/wellbeing.

Terrible sadness as President Obama leaves office

With his family by his side, Barack Obama is s...
With his family by his side, the youthful Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th president of the United States by Chief Justice John Roberts, January 20, 2009
President Barack Obama wasn't always right but he was always decent.

Barack Obama is a more decent human being than I ever was or will be. He will be missed. Obama's poise and rationality under undue withering criticism has been nothing short of remarkable. Indeed, Obama's greatest mistakes have occurred when he has given his opponents too much credit for good faith. Obama is a brilliant guy but he has underestimated the inherent racism and ruthlessness of some conservatives.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

According to the Washington Times the CIA should be more homophobic again

Unification Church
The Moonie newspaper is in ecstasy over the Trump presidency. I have commented on very few of their outrageously dishonest pieces in support of Trump over the last six months. Since CIA director John Brennan has been critical of Trump, the Washington Times feels obligated to attempt to discredit Brennan and they are doing so with homophobia. In an opinion piece written by Kelly Riddell (who may or may not be a member or the cult):
In a wide-ranging interview with the Wall Street Journal, departing CIA Director John Brennan said he wants his legacy to be the work he did to advance the LGBTQ community.

UK experts condemn transgender "cure" therapies - ACPeds responds with conversion therapy bullshit

This was reported by Pink News a couple of days ago. We now have some reaction from American College of Pediatricians, a small anti-LGBT hate group. First off, in a statement released on Monday, thirteen British medical and psychological organizations jointly condemned psychological therapy for gender dysphoria, calling it “unethical and harmful and not supported by the evidence.”

The groups are in the process of formulating a memorandum of understanding. Two years ago, the same groups issued a similar memorandum in regard to gay conversion “therapy.”

Brian S. Brown shares his fantasies

Brian S. Brown
Brian S. Brown sent out a money-grub yesterday on behalf of the insolvent National Organization for Marriage. Brown is in a state of rapture over the incoming administration which is unlikely to come even close to the expectations of conservative Christians. Trump has promised everyone a pony and candy; the Christians take him literally. At least Mr. Brown does:
First, Mr. Trump has promised to appoint constitutionalists to the US Supreme Court, justices who believe the constitution means what it says and does not change and expand to suit the political mood of the day. These are justices in the mold of the late Antonin Scalia. And judges who share Justice Scalia’s legal philosophy will inevitably vote to reverse the illegitimate, anti-constitutional ruling redefining marriage in the terrible Obergefell decision of 2015.

General Jerry is no gentleman

Jerry Boykin
Tuesday evening retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, now executive vice president of Family Research Council, was in a steam over President Obama's pardon of Chelsea Manning. In summary by FRC:
President Obama announced today that he will commute most of the remaining prison sentence of Bradley Manning, the national security leaker, whose espionage put Americans at risk, and who then demanded that the U.S. Army not just recognize, but finance his gender transition.