Friday, August 16, 2019

Chad Felix Greene's fragile ego was bruised

Mr. Greene provides a primer on how to destroy one's career while gay.
Chad Felix Greene (L) and husband
via Twitter
I rarely write about Chad Felix Greene. I find him to be a self-aggrandizing bore. Greene is a married gay man. Thus, he is the direct beneficiary of LGBTQ activism. Yet Greene is overtly and consistently critical of the efforts to afford him due process and equal protection.

Greene has had the chutzpah to post a rabidly transphobic piece to Witherspoon Institute's blog which earned the praise of Ryan T. Anderson. That means he lopped off the “T” from his notion of community.

Greene was employed as a low-level or mid-level manager at a West Virginia hospital. Friday, Greene offers: Anti-Discrimination Policies Didn’t Help When People Targeted My LGBT Identity At Work. Greene was not targeted for being gay and West Virginia provides no nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Brian S, Brown's money-grubber offers his solution to mass shootings

“…donating money to IOF is not going to reduce mass shootings.”
Brian S. Brown
Image via YouTube
According to Brian S. Brown his International Organization for the Family (part of an anti-LGBT hate group) is the answer to mass shootings. If only you will open your wallet and send Bri some money. The missive is titled: When Families Fail - IOF News:
Much of the news cycle in the past week or so has been consumed with the horrific news of mass shootings in several US cities. These tragic events leave people shell-shocked, wondering what can be done to prevent future senseless killings. An op-ed in the Los Angeles Times written by researchers who have studied in depth every single mass shooting in the United States since 1966 has shed some light on a critical aspect experienced by every single mass shooter: they were a victim of family failure. Our own Doug Clark writes about this below in this edition of our newsletter.

ADF is dishonestly asking for money to support Dr. Allan Josephson's lawsuit

Allan M. Josephson
Thursday, I received an email from Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-LGBT hate group. It is a money-grubber with the subject line: Who will speak up for the children?. To answer ADF's rhetorical question, many people will speak for the children. Most of them want those kids' doctors to adhere to the best scientific standards.

I will get back to the text of the email. First, an Allan M. Josephson refresher course:

Dr. Allan M. Josephson was head of juvenile psychiatry at University of Louisville Medical Center. Josephson opposes gender-affirmative care for trans youth. The alternative is some form of conversion therapy; a pseudoscientific intervention to change a child's gender identity.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Tony Perkins' Astounding Financial Acumen

Tony Perkins is a financial idiot or, he believes his supporters to be financial idiots or, … both.
Tony Perkins
via FoxNews/YouTube
If one believes Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins (Family Research Council), Gillette lost $8 billion because because the company aired a commercial of a trans teen learning to shave. PuhLEEZE!.

I will get back to Mr. Perkins but first let us take a voyage into reality. Don't go to sleep on me. It's really not all that complicated. You are smarter than Tony Perkins.

Let us start with the proposition that company A buys company B for the grand sum of $100.00. Company B has an actual net worth of $75.00. To account for the $25.00 difference company A will show, on its books, an asset of $25.00 described as “Goodwill.”

Goodwill is an intangible asset and, over time, company A will amortize the asset. In our case company A, might take a deduction from earnings of $5.00 every year for five years. Among other things, this reduces A's tax liability.

USA Today enables and promotes anti-trans bigotry

On August 12, USA Today published an OpEd from someone by the name of Jay Keck. It is a reasonable certainty that the editors of USA Today failed to vet Mr. Keck or his supposed daughter suffering with Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. The title of this essay is: My daughter thinks she's transgender. Her public school undermined my efforts to help her. Sure.

The subtitle reads:
I pleaded that my daughter's school call her by her legal name, use female pronouns. By refusing, they prevented her from getting the help she needs.
Sure. It's all about pronouns. The school is at fault for, … something. Blame them. “Bad school!” “Bad school!”

I choose not to quote any more of Keck's BS. Keck claims membership in two organizations; the Kelsey Coalition and ParentsOfROGDkids. I will discuss those “memberships” but first:

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Brian S. Brown requires ...

Late Monday I received a missive from Brian S. Brown, on behalf of National Organization for Marriage, titled: Science Deniers. Before I read a single sentence I know that the email will be a dishonest appeal for donations; a money-grubber.

Dishonest because Mr. Brown will claim that the donated money will be used to solve a problem that NOM cannot solve if, in fact, the problem exists at all.

Aside from the inherent dishonesty of the overture, Brown requires testicles the size of beach balls to assert that others are science deniers. (That is the extent of my interest in Brown's equipment.) Brown is projecting. He firmly believes many things that are at odds with medical science. This is true with respect to human sexuality.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Leave it to AFA to oppose red flag laws

American Family Association, an anti-LGBT hate group, could fuck up a wet dream.
Red flag laws allow a family member or police to ask a judge for permission to confiscate a person's firearms if they are a threat to themselves or others. Red flag laws have been demonstrated to substantially reduce suicides. I think that we can safely speculate that they might reduce the carnage that a minority of gun owners inflict on others. The weapons are returned to the owner after a specified period of time unless the court order is extended.

AFA's Chris Woodward offers: Another warning about 'red flag' laws versus Constitution. You would think that a rational Christian group would be all for diminishing gun violence but this is American Family Association and they are deranged to the point of echoing NRA talking points: