Friday, May 26, 2017

Another Fountain of Shame From the Catholic Church

A post to the National Catholic Register has reminded me of the exploitation by the Church, not only of gay people, but of their families. The Catholic Church's Courage Ministry is modeled after the pseudo-science of Alcoholics Anonymous which is premised on the notion that being gay is somewhere between a bad habit and a pernicious addiction.

AA has Al-Anon for the families of alcoholics. The Church has  EnCourage for the families of people who have, what they insist on calling “same-sex attraction.”

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lesbian Colonel Sues Texas National Guard for Discrimination

Col. Cynthia Millonzi
Col. Cynthia Millonzi claims that she was denied a promotion and forced out because she is a lesbian. Millonzi was a full colonel (O-6) and also a GS14. She was the Director of Manpower and Personnel in the Texas Adjutant General’s Office. She had exemplary reviews.

Millonzi is a woman who had a great deal of authority and responsibility. The bottom line to all of this is that the Guard disapproved of her appearance in an LGBT publication. I expect her to win this suit unless the narrative is false.

At the beginning of September 2013 (in the wake of United States v. Windsor, the Texas Adjutant General directed the Texas National Guard not to process ID Cards or any benefit applications for same-sex couples at state-run facilities. This order was conveyed directly and personally to Millonzi by a Brigadier General Hamilton. Millonzi claims that Hamilton said that he did not want anyone going to the press over the policy. Millonzi took that the mean her.

Mat Staver is in Perpetually Incensed Mode

“A person with a mediocre intellect sets himself up as an apostle.”

Mat Staver
Hate group leader Mat Staver is an angry individual. He is particularly angry at LGBT people — all LGBT people — which makes no sense at all. Today's indignent missive from Liberty Counsel is titled: “Orlando Church Promotes Pro-LGBT Agenda. Gee, that sounds serious.

The following paragraph perfectly captures Staver's irrational bigotry and why his Liberty Counsel is a designated hate group.

Robert Oscar Lopez Makes the Pilgrimage to Budapest

Robert Oscar Lopez
World Congress of Families, begins its rather odd convention in Budapest on Friday. The hatefest gathers together Christian right fanatics to kvetch about LGBT people, abortion and rubbers. World Congress of Families is a hate group and SPLC has a good rundown on some of the major players at the event this week.

Taking a look at the schedule I see that Robert Oscar Lopez is on a Friday afternoon panel titled Pro-Family Messages for Emerging Leaders. “Pro-family” isn't your family, or countless other families. Their idea of a family is limited to one cisgender male married to one cisgender female and their offspring. Extra points are available if both were virgins before marriage, neither were previously divorced, the couple forswears contraceptives and the wife is a stay-at-home mom. Round trip airfare for “Bobby” to babble is about $1,200.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Do You Recall the Annmarie Calgaro Saga?

Annmarie Calgaro
Annmarie Calgaro and her lawyer, Eric Kardaal
(the lawyer is the one the left)
A federal judge tossed out a lawsuit filed by Annmarie Calgaro, a Minnesotan who claimed that state agencies and health care providers unlawfully terminated her parental rights when they allowed her trans daughter to undergo gender affirming therapy without her consent. Her daughter was also a nominal defendant. See my post from last November.

By all accounts JDK (now EJK) is an emancipated minor and Mommy Dearest was shit out of luck.

No Mr. Stanton - You are hopelessly confused!

Isn't this preferable to another picture of the smiling imbecile?
Glenn T. Stanton, a spokesman for Focus on the Family, attempts to isolate his employer from criticism by writing his anti-LGBT tirades for unrelated outlets. Wednesday, at The Federalist, Stanton offers: “The Human Rights Campaign Is A Major Hypocrite On Trans Bathroom Policies.” Like most Christian rightists, Stanton does not like HRC and he loathes the Corporate Equality Index. The animus comes shining through.

The subtitle of this confused polemic reads:
The LGBT spear-tip Human Rights Campaign didn’t include trans bathroom access as an essential right in its corporate index, and it never has.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Time for AFA to Trot Out Their Silly Target Boycott Again

Tim Wildmon
Hate group leader Tim Wildmon
By all accounts, AFA's boycott of Target Stores has had no material effect on the company's revenues. Target has had the same policy regarding transgender access for many years. It is headquartered in Minneapolis. Minnesota has protected people from discrimination on the basis of gender identity for nearly 25 years. Minneapolis has strengthened state code. This has become part of Target's corporate culture and no hate group from Tupelo Mississippi is going to change that.