Friday, August 18, 2017

Fox's imbecile in residence had to weigh in on hate groups and CNN

Todd Starnes
Looking at that headline one might legitimately ask: “Which Fox imbecile is David referring to (there are many)?” Yes there are many but the imbecile in residence has to be Todd Starnes. Starnes is often confused, usually wrong, and possibly closeted. Friday at the right-wing outlet Starnes produces: “CNN Publishes Fake Hate List – Targeting Well-Known Christian Groups.”

Before I even get to the body of this thing there are problems just with the headline.
  1. Based on SPLC determinations the list is anything but fake.
  2. The list doesn't “target” any type of group except hate groups.
  3. The fact that a group is well known is irrelevant. The Klan is also well known.
  4. The fact that a group claims to be Christian is also irrelevant. Again, the Klan makes that same defense.

Hate group leader claims transgender people are a danger to women and children

Jonathan Saenz
Jonathan Saenz is the leader of Texas Values. That organization is not on SPLC's hate group list but, in my opinion, it should be. This claim that trans women are a danger to women and children is nothing new. That doesn't mean that we should stop calling it out.

According to American Family Association, lamenting the demise of Texas' “bathroom bill:”
Texas Values president Jonathan Saenz explains that while the vast majority of Texans want those protections in place for their women and children, their elected representatives – because of the actions of two Republican lawmakers – weren't even given a chance to vote on it. …
Later on, AFA quotes Saenz directly:
I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing lawsuits [or] other actions that are taken because parents and children are not going to just stand by and allow these privacy violations to continue to happen in Texas …

On the sane side: Apple donating $1 million each to SPLC and ADL

Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook
Image credit: CNN Money
On Wednesday Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, announced that the company would donate $1 million each to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. In addition he announced that the company would match, on a two-for-one basis, employee contributions to human rights groups through September 30.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Liberty Counsel continues to threaten to sue those who CORRECTLY name it a hate group

Hate Group Leader Mat Staver
Hate Group Leader Mat Staver
The Southern Poverty Law Center considers Liberty Counsel a hate group. That is an indisputable fact. If leader Mat Staver does not like the fact that SPLC deems Liberty Counsel a hate group then he needs to take that up with SPLC. Unless and until Mr. Staver and the rest of the malcontents at Liberty Counsel modify their behavior, SPLC is likely to continue to designate Liberty Counsel as a hate group. Obviously the hate group listing has unnerved Liberty Counsel to the point of unhingedness (to the extent that they were not already unhinged).

Ed Whelan continues to be simply devastated by Obergefell

Ed Whelan
Note: Mr. Whelan claims that I have some facts wrong. I am trying to sort it out. By late afternoon on Sunday I will either delete this advisory or replace it with a correction. 

Martin Edward Whelan III is a very smart guy. As an undergraduate at Harvard he was Phi Beta Kappa. Whelan graduated Harvard Law magna cum laude. Whelan is also a religious fundamentalist which means that he is not so smart after all.

Thursday, the former law clerk to Justice Scalia writes in his National Review column, This day in liberal judicial activism:
2009—Purporting to be carrying out its duty to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, the Obama administration’s Department of Justice instead sabotages that law. Abandoning strong arguments that had been successful in previous litigation, DOJ asserts in a brief that it “does not believe that DOMA is rationally related to any legitimate government interests in procreation and child-rearing.”

"They're coming for your kids!" Federalist polemicist goes full-tilt anti-trans unhinged

Joy Pullman
According to Joy Pullman (and the climate deniers at the
financially troubled Heartland Institute) Common Core
is also an evil conspiracy
Joy Pullman, one of The Federalist's editors has a piece on Thursday titled: “The Trans Juggernaut Wants Your Kids, And Public Schools Are Just The Beginning.” Pullman is right and Jews drink the blood of Christian children during the Sabbath and black men are determined to rape white women and your Muslim neighbor is secretly planning to kill you. Be afraid of [fill in the blank]! Uh-huh.

The Federalist has no limits on awful. There seems to be nothing that is too offensive for them to post. Nothing is too stupid or too ignorant. I will get to the specifics of Pullman's “essay” but first, this is the subtitle:

Stanton reprises his HRC-Target-Walmart Act for Witherspoon Institute

Glenn T. Stanton
Thursday, Glenn T. Stanton, a spokesperson for Focus on the Family, offers “The Human Rights Campaign Rewards Walmart for Having the Same Bathroom Policy as North Carolina” at Witherspoon Institute's blog. It seems fitting that the intellectually pretentious poseur is providing a piece for a pretentious pseudo-intellectual blog edited by Ryan T. Anderson.

Last May Stanton took to The Federalist to expose the supposed hypocrisy of the Human Rights Campaign. This was based upon the observation that Target and Walmart both received scores of 100 on the Corporate Equality Index when only Target, he claims is trans friendly. I wrote about it here.