Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Brian Brown blames "the left" for the violence in Charlottesville

Brian S. Brown
Brian S. Brown will keep trotting out different memes, not to inform anyone but to see what works to attract donations to National Organization for Marriage. At this point even the gullible donor base has heard it all. The faithful know that the Church does not approve of marriage equality and and NOM is there to … Come to think of it I do not really know what NOM does other than to ask for money.

Today's missive from Brian Brown is titled: “Silence and Selective Outrage.” Up top is a map in red and blue.

Hate group leader Tim Wildmon is a shameless liar

Tim Wildmon
Hate group leader Tim Wildmon of American Family Association
Lying seems to be permissible if it suits your self-righteous religious purpose. At least that seems to be the acceptable use policy at hate group American Family Association. Monday, when Walker Wildmon claimed that an incident at a Target store had something to do with Target's transgender accommodation policies (it did not), the confusion was due to the fact that young Walker is a very dim bulb.

Hate group leader Tim Wildmon is no genius either. Tuesday, he repeats the same story with embellishments in an email to supporters. He is also confused but an accomplished prevaricator as well. I have enumerated the lies. Emphasis per original:

Hillsong's Brian Houston Issues Statement Opposing Marriage Equality in Australia

Hillsong leader Brian Houston
Hillsong leader Brian Houston
First some background. Hillsong Church in Australia, a promoter of the prosperity gospel, is a massive operation with churches around the world including mega-churches in Los Angeles and New York. Australia has unique tax laws. The custom for church leaders is to take 75% of their remuneration as tax-exempt expense accounts. One can only wonder at the abuses in the United States.

Prosperity has certainly been visited upon the Houstons. It has been reported that church leader, Brian Houston's expense account is US $1 million per year. He takes other liberties as well through a church-affiliated non-profit foundation that he controls. Houston reportedly sold a beach-front estate to the foundation for an enormous profit while he and his wife remain the tenants.

Police arrest a juvenile in trans teen assault case

Dakota Kern
This is a sickening story. On August 16, 18-year-old Dakota Kern, who has been transgender for five years, was invited to a pool party. It was possibly a setup. After hearing some taunts, Kern and a friend attempted to leave. Someone shouted “get it” and Kern was assaulted by as many as 20 people. Those very brave perpetrators of gratuitous violence were so proud of their work that they circulated a video of the assault that was captured on a cell phone.

During the assault, Kern was shoved to the ground and kicked repeatedly. Kern told medical personnel that she hit her head on the pavement and passed out. None of her injuries proved serious. However a hate crime — which is what this was — sends a message that transgender people are potential victims of violence.

J.P. Morgan Chase provides $1 million to counter hate

JP Morgan Chase
According to the Wall Street Journal J.P. Morgan Chase and Co. will donate $500,000 each to Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. Aside from the economics this demonstrates that these organizations are held in high esteem.

In recent days numerous hate groups have made a concerted effort to denigrate SPLC. This came in the wake of a CNN story about hate groups using SPLC's hate map. The sanctimonious Christian anti-LGBT hate groups seem to think that their avowed piety gives them a pass; the freedom to marginalize gay and transgender people.

Monday, August 21, 2017

A school's sound judgment sparks "Outrage" from the usual suspects

Sexual orientation and gender identity are innate.
Hate and intolerance, however, are learned behaviors.
Lianne Laurence is another professional orthodox Catholic writing for LifeSiteNews. Monday, Laurence writes: “Kindergarten celebrates 5-year-old transgender ‘transition;’ kids traumatized.” About the only people who are “traumatized” are the folks at LifeSitNews, the hate group Pacific Justice Institute and California Family Council — all of whom jumped at the chance to create victims of the infamous LGBT agenda.

Trump manages to find a racist, extreme homophobe and non-scientist for a science slot

Sam Clovis
Image credit: CNN
Agent Orange has nominated Sam Clovis to be chief scientist for the USDA. Clovis has argued that being gay is a choice and that legalizing same-sex marriage could lead to the legalization of pedophilia. That's all very scientific of course. Clovis does have a PhD but it is in public administration. He also holds an MBA. In other words, he absolutely no science education.

Clovis is also a real charmer. He claims that climate research is “junk science” and that climate change is a hoax. CNN reports that in a now defunct blog that Clovis was especially critical of President Obama accusing him of being a socialist and writing that progressives were “liars, race traders and race 'traitors.'”
I confess not to know what a race trader is.