Saturday, December 16, 2017

Hate group leader takes a victory lap again over a loss

Kim Davis and Mat Staver
Hate group leader and Christian supremacist, Mat Staver (Liberty Counsel), lives in a world of delusion. He actually believes that Kim Davis prevailed in her federal trial. Aside from the fact that she spent a few days in the hoosegow, Kentucky had to reimburse the ACLU for over $220,000 in legal fees (which go to the winner in litigation).

Staver is lucky that he did not lose his ticket over telling his client to disobey a federal judge. Davis, meanwhile, basically inherited her clerkship from her mother and employs her son in the office. She has to defend the office next November from David Ermold, one of the men denied a marriage license by Davis. It would be the ultimate fuck you from the voters to unseat Davis. Davis can probably get a job cleaning rooms at the local Motel 6. She does look the part.

Friday, December 15, 2017

If it's okay for the baker then how about this tax evader

Michael Bowman, 53, of Portland, Oregon says that the free exercise of his sincerely held beliefs prohibits him from participating in any way with what he calls “child killing. Therefore, he is refusing to pay taxes until the government stops promoting the “murder of babies” with his income taxes.

Bowman, a self-employed software developer, has claimed a conscientious objection to funding abortions since 1997. He has asked both state and federal authorities to exempt him from the portion of taxes that support abortion.

Austin Institute demonstrates a commitment to scholarship bankruptcy

Austin Institute was formed circa 2012. The IRS tax-exempt ruling is dated June, 2013. At the time I presumed that Mark Regnerus was one of the founders. I will stand by that while noting the absence of evidence. Interestingly, one of the organization's board members is Luis Tellez, an Opus Dei numerary who was one of the founders, along with Robert P.  G. George, of National Organization for Marriage, Witherspoon Institute and the American Principles Project.

California has a baker-bigot

Our nitwit du jour

This week California sued a Bakersfield baker asking the state superior court to enjoin the shop from discriminating against gay couples. The action is against Cathy’s Creations dba Tastries and its owner, Cathy Miller.

Kern County Superior Court Judge David Lampe rejected a motion for a restraining order on Thursday. Judge Lampe has scheduled a hearing for February 2 to entertain a motion for a preliminary injunction. The Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed both motions ex parte on behalf of a lesbian couple who claim they were denied a wedding cake.

American College of Pediatricians remains minuscule

American College of Pediatricians American Academy of Pediatrics
Purpose Christian organization Professional peer group
Membership 200 60,000
2016 Revenues $110,696 $121,251,130
Chapters 0 50

It has been some time since I last compared American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) with the real professional peer group, the American Academy of Pediatrics. Not much has changed. AAP still has more than 1,000 times the revenues of ACPeds. Yet ACPeds is still capable of creating confusion, much of which is willful.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Please remember our incompetence and ineptitude this holiday season

National Organization for Marriage
National Organization for Marriage has sent out an email Thursday with the subject line of [first name], please remember us this holiday season. I guess that depends upon how they wish to be remembered. What, exactly, have they accomplished in 2017 other than to provide me and others with blog fodder?

Brian S. Brown is as shameless as Frank Gallagher:

Some sanctimonious BS from Bill May over marriage equality

William B. May
William B. May
Bill May (Catholics for the Common Good Institute) is terribly distressed over events in Australia. So much so that he revisits the entire issue of same-sex marriage. The result is an email that reads like something from National Organization for Marriage circa 2012.
We wonder why people keep making the same arguments over and over to protect marriage, and expect a different result. In Australia, as in the United States before, the issue became a referendum on "same-sex marriage" and discrimination. There was never any intention of putting "same-sex marriage" in the law. In fact there is no such thing in any law in any country. Instead, the word "marriage" has been redefined to separate it from its reality.