Tuesday, September 2, 2014

FRC's Sprigg is on a roll

Peter Sprigg - FRC
Peter Sprigg - FRC
Peter Sprigg of Family Research Council is an amazing creature. The Sprigg is either spectacularly stupid or he thinks that everyone else is. Perhaps it is both and he believes that everyone is as moronic as he is. Yet, it is Sprigg's sheer bigotry that drives everything else that he does.

Last week, Sprigg posted a piece on FRC's blog titled Critics of Natural Marriage Remain in Search of Legal Rationale in 7th Circuit Argument. The sophistry exhibited in that one title is astonishing. Proponents of marriage equality have never been, and never will be, “critics” of opposite-sex marriage; Same-sex marriage is just as “natural” as opposite sex marriage; and the legal rationale for civil marriage of same-sex couples has been clearly defined by more than 20 jurists lately. For the record it is comprised of both equal protection and due process.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Liberty Ridge Farm ceases all marriage celebrations rather than host same-sex weddings

Liberty Ridge Farm
Self-manufactured “victim” alert: Owners Robert and Cynthia Gifford have decided that their catering and event venue, Liberty Ridge Farm in Schaghticoke New York, will no longer host wedding ceremonies. They took this action to avoid having to host same-sex marriage festivities.

Their ADF attorney, James Trainor, is quoted saying:
Since the order essentially compelled them to do all ceremonies or none at all, they have chosen the latter in order to stay true to their religious convictions, even though it will likely hurt their business in the short run.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Top Italian bishop says that the Church must welcome 'unconventional couples'

Bishop Nunzio Galantino
ROME (RNS) The Catholic Church should make “unconventional couples” feel at home instead of making them targets of “de facto discrimination,” the leader of the Italian Bishops Conference and an ally of Pope Francis said this week.

“Couples in irregular matrimonial situations are also Christians, but they are sometimes looked upon with prejudice,” said Bishop Nunzio Galantino, an apparent reference to divorced and remarried Catholics.

“The burden of exclusion from the sacraments is an unjustified price to pay, in addition to de facto discrimination,” he said Wednesday (Aug. 27) in an address to a national conference on liturgy in the Italian hill town of Orvieto.

Robby George and Ryan Anderson are now having a collective stroke.

Todd Starnes continues to demonstrates how dumb he is

Fox's culture warrior, Todd Starnes, is well known for his factual inaccuracies. Check out this bit of confusion and intent to mislead:
Kyle Tucker is sixteen years old. He’s a Boy Scout from Avondale, Arizona.

For his Eagle Scout project, Kyle decided to install an American flag pole at his charter high school.

Coffee Stirrers: NOM Lost its appeal to intervene in Oregon

National Organization for Marriage
DC/Philadelphia based National Organization for Marriage lost an appeal before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to intervene meddle in Oregon.

Last year several gay couples sued to have the state's marriage equality ban struck down as unconstitutional.  Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum refused to defend the ban and joined the couples in asking U.S. District Judge Michael McShane to throw it out.

Much like the Proposition 8 case that left nobody with legal standing to appeal Judge McShane's ruling.

NOM asked to offer a defense of the ban on behalf of its members in Oregon. The judge ruled they lacked standing to intervene in the case. The Ninth CCA affirmed the lower court on Wednesday.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

An increasingly irrelevant Brian Brown struggling for importance

At National Organization for Marriage, Brian Brown has a new post title Why I Think We'll Win? Therein is the usual misleading and hyperbolic lead-up to the usual money-beg:
Although it has been a mild summer, things are heating up in the fight to defend marriage.
In just a few months, we will be facing a potential turning point in the political arena, as NOM will be working with many other groups to retake the United States Senate and hold politicians accountable to you, the voters, for their policy positions related to the institution of marriage.

And a few short months after that, NOM will be leading the charge to make a national statement that will be heard around the country and the world as the United States Supreme Court likely hears arguments in a case that could well become the Roe v Wade of marriage.

But here's the thing about that potential case: this time around, we have a very good chance to WIN!

Won't you please help NOM gear up for the November elections and pending litigation with a generous donation of $35, $50, $100 or even $500 right away?

Exactly what did the 7th Circuit imply about adoption?

Judge Richard A. Posner
According to Chrisian News Network:
[Judge] Posner frequently steered the argument toward homosexual adoption, arguing that states should allow homosexuals to adopt, and that if they foster or adopt children, then they should be allowed to “marry” for the children’s sake.

“Come on!” Posner exclaimed. “What’s the offsetting benefit to harm kids? Who’s helped?”
Not exactly.