Friday, December 13, 2019

It seems that "Bobby" lost another job

Robert Oscar Lopez
Robert Oscar Lopez is an ex-bisexual who became a prominent anti-LGBTQ bigot, particularly in regards to marriage equality. Lopez came unglued five or six years ago and became obsessed with gay people. All the while Lopez was writing semi-pornographic, gay oriented pulp fiction.

Lopez was a tenured associate professor of English at California State University, Northridge. Lopez left CalState in 2016 under a cloud of anti-LGBTQ controversy. Speculation at the time was that he left before he got canned which requires extreme misconduct for tenured faculty. Lopez subsequently became became a professor of humanities at a college run by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX.

Blowhard Bill Doesn't Like "Gay Themed Christmas Events"

“Bill Donohue is a bigot. He has found another opportunity to ridicule people that he disapproves of.”
Blowhard Bill Donohue
Blowhard Bill Donohue is obsessed with demeaning LGBTQ people
via YouTube
Friday, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League is distraught over Gay-Themed Christmas Events Galore. It's really just a pretext for bigoted pontification.

So what if there are gay themed Christmas events? There are gay people of every conceivable religious persuasion. Furthermore, the reality is that there are two Christmases in this country. There is a solemn Christian Christmas. There is also a secular commercial Christmas. After all, Christmas is national holiday unlike any Jewish or Muslim holy day. Bill claims persecution at the hands of contemptible gay people. So what else is new?
We've never heard of gay-themed Hanukkah events, and we sure never heard of gay-themed Ramadan events, but there is a slew of Christmas ones. Maybe that's because the boys like us best.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Brian S. Brown's other gig hasn't filed its tax returns either

Brian S. Brown
None of the three organizations that Brian S. Brown is responsible for have filed tax returns as required by law.
As I previously posted, National Organization for Marriage has not filed its two tax returns for calendar year 2018. The last extension expired on November 15. Turns out that, as of December 12, Howard Center for Family Religion and Society has not filed its 2018 tax return either.

International Organization for the Family and World Congress of Families are both assumed names for Howard Center. Whatever you call it, “it” is deemed a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Hate groups exploit AIDS to disparage gay people

“The reality is that Camenker and the folks at AFA have no interest in people dying from AIDS. Their interest in AIDS is to exploit the disease as a means of denigrating gay people.”
Thursday, American Family Association has teamed up with Mass Resistance to denigrate the gay people they disapprove of. Both organizations are deemed anti-LGBTQ hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center — and for good cause. AFA's propagandist, Charlie Butts, says: Propaganda tool ignores the truth.

Butts goes on to write:
A conservative advocacy group says over the last 21 years, "World AIDS Day" has become a tool to promote the homosexual lifestyle, depriving victims of the truth.

Except for "Pride Month" in June, World AIDS Day is the LGBT movement's biggest ideological push on society. And Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance says is also the most dishonest – in a deadly way.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

According to Michael Brown Morality is Defined by Sexuality

Discrimination and prejudice are immoral. Being the object of discrimination and prejudice is not.
Pete and Chasten Buttigieg
Michael Brown uses Pete and Chasten Buttigieg as awful role models to savage LGBTQ people.
via Business Insider
Wednesday, according to Dr. Michael Brown: The Majority Does Not Determine Morality. Topping his post is a rainbow flag. I am certain that you all know where this is going.

Brown begins inoffensively enough:
It's always nice to be able to point to the polls when they support your position. But polling, when done accurately, does nothing more than tell you what other people think. And just because you have the majority on your side doesn't mean you are right. In fact, when it comes to morality, the majority is often at odds with the Bible, which sets the standard of morality for practicing Christians.

That does it! Conservative GOPers are going after one of my hobbies.

None of the four people who have signed the letter have expressed any concern over Trump's irrational reductions to food stamps.
Vicky Hartzler
Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) is one of four representatives who think that prosecuting ponography should be a priority.
via YouTube
Representatives Mark Meadows of North Carolina, Brian Babin of Texas, Vicky Hartzler of Missouri, and Jim Banks of Indiana sent a letter to AG Barr urging him to vigorously enforce anti-obscenity laws. According to the letter (courtesy of National Review) they want Barr to declare the prosecution of porn a “criminal justice priority.”

I can think of many things, including gun violence, that are more important than prosecuting porn. The only thing that Barr would “accomplish” is to move the production and distribution of pornography offshore. What are they going to do then? Prosecute consumers? My VPN costs six bucks a month. The whois record of each IP yields:
The DOJ can deal with some schmuck in Romania.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Brian S. Brown creates a victim of the LGBT agenda - Then repeatedly misspells her name

“That Santeria church was not interfering with the constitutional rights of chickens.”
Brian S. Brown
According to the latest missive from Brian S. Brown on behalf of National Organization for Marriage: Judge stands for the truth of marriage. I hate to break it to Mr. Brown but “the truth of marriage” is defined by civil law; not by the Vatican. Since June, 2015 marriage consists of the union between two adults who might be of the opposite sex or the same sex. 4½ years later, the world has not come to an end.

Brown drones on:
Even after the Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v Hodges imposing gay ‘marriage’ on the nation, a majority of Americans still believe in traditional marriage.