Wednesday, March 20, 2019

"Transgenderism is leading us towards totalitarianism"

Jonathon van Maren and Nancy Pearcey
Jonathon van Maren and Nancy Pearcey
Via LifeSiteNews
These people are leading me to a headache. People espouse this nonsense and they do not expect to be ridiculed? We are informed that: “Nancy Pearcey has been called America’s ‘preeminent evangelical Protestant female intellectual.’” We are about to explore her intellect as she joins fundamentalist Catholic Jonathon Van Maren for a chat. I am quoting from the accompanying text describing the conversation.
Pearcey and Van Maren discuss the deeply-rooted philosophical arguments underpinning the transgender movement, how it exploded in less than a decade, and the dangers it poses to our society.

Focus affiliate: "Stop the Legislature from Pushing Kids to Change Gender"

Faith Healer
Faith healer: Bad knees, sore shoulders, arthritis, cancer, blindness are all cast out in the name of Jesus
Photo via BBC
Family Policy Alliance is an affiliate of Focus on the Family. “In alliance with Massachusetts Family Institute” they have published: MASSACHUSETTS: Stop the Legislature from Pushing Kids to Change Gender. This will probably not be the most idiotic thing that I read today but it will be damned close.

I scarcely know where to begin. Suffice it to say that gender cannot be influenced. If we could change a child's gender through influences then there would be no transgender kids because they would not suffer from gender dysphoria because they would be influenced toward congruent gender and natal sex. No parent wants a trans child. Is that not abundantly obvious as a matter of common sense?

So what's new from the red-caped loons?

via Christian Newswire
The folks at Foundation for a Christian Civilization dba America Needs Fatima and dba American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (aka TFP) are trying to pray away marriage equality. According to a press release at Christian Newswire by the fundamentalist Catholic group:
As some begin to wonder what has happened to the Catholic opposition to same-sex "marriage," TFP-America Needs Fatima is doing 3,108 public St. Joseph Rosaries for Traditional Marriage on, March 23, a Saturday close to Saint Joseph's feast day.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Breaking: Journal apologizes for rapid onset gender dysphoria paper and issues correction notice

PLOS ONE, the journal that published Lisa Littman's paper on what she called Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria has issued a formal apology for publishing the paper. It has also issued a correction notice and a formal comment which are amended to the paper which has been revised.

The correction notice reads, in part:
After publication of this article [1], questions were raised that prompted the journal to conduct a post-publication reassessment of the article, involving senior members of the journal’s editorial team, two Academic Editors, a statistics reviewer, and an external expert reviewer. The post-publication review identified issues that needed to be addressed to ensure the article meets PLOS ONE’s publication criteria. Given the nature of the issues in this case, the PLOS ONE Editors decided to republish the article, replacing the original version of record with a revised version in which the author has updated the Title, Abstract, Introduction, Discussion, and Conclusion sections, to address the concerns raised in the editorial reassessment. The Materials and methods section was updated to include new information and more detailed descriptions about recruitment sites and to remove two figures due to copyright restrictions. Other than the addition of a few missing values in Table 13, the Results section is unchanged in the updated version of the article. The Competing Interests statement and the Data Availability statement have also been updated in the revised version

Mad Mat reminds us that we have seen it all before

Mat Staver
Hate Group Leader Mad Mat Staver
YouTube/Fox News
Liberty Counsel, an anti-LGBT hate group, has penned a verbose, end of world, diatribe about the Equality Act (HR5). The Equality Act would simply amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes. Bills automatically die at the end of the legislative session. I expect HR5 to be among the deceased.

This lengthy tirade includes a quote from Mad Mat Staver:
“The Equality Act is not about equality. This bill eviscerated religious freedom and targets churches with an LGBT wrecking ball,” said Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver. “This bill pushes the LGBT agenda on all people and targets Christianity in every area of life—including the church. There also will be an increase of sexual assaults when males 'identifying as females' are allowed to use girls and women's bathrooms and locker rooms. We will see an increase of instances where Christians and others are being punished unless they violate their beliefs in order to comply with such a law. And that is just the beginning of unconstitutional chaos in America,” said Staver.

Chicago Mayoral Race - Is IFI Responsible for Homophobic Fliers?

Images via Mary Ann Ahern/Twitter
The Victory Fund is reporting that a group is distributing homophobic fliers attacking lesbian Chicago mayoral candidate Lori Lightfoot. Lightfoot and Toni Preckwinkle face each other in an April 2, 2019 runoff election. They were the top two vote recipients among 14 candidates in the general election on February 26.

The offensive fliers, featuring a photo of Lightfoot and her wife, were distributed on vehicles in key neighborhoods and at predominantly black churches (trying to drive that wedge again). According to the fliers a Lighfoot mayoralty would result in “all contracts, jobs, and employment newly assigned exclusively to gay people,” and that “all churches will abide by the gay marriage laws,” and schools will “teach Gay History by mandate.”

Monday, March 18, 2019

OK Michael Brown - If you don't want ridicule, why invite it?

“Don't ask us to normalize Dr. Brown's personality disorder.”
Dr. Michael Brown
Via YouTube
Monday, Dr. Michael Brown writes: The Silencing of the Lambs.
There has always been one endgame for the radical left: the silencing of dissenting voices, in particular conservative Christian voices.

The radical left is not simply interested in winning in the marketplace of ideas. It is not simply interested in changing hearts and minds. It is ultimately interested in silencing the opposition, especially all opposition that is based on a biblical worldview.