Friday, February 15, 2019

The California chapter of MassResistance is a crazy people magnet

“Did Ms. Lobatos not recognize that a few things were missing among the collection of misfits that comprise MassResistance?”
Shanda Lobatos
Shanda Lobatos has joined forces with the hate group MassResistance to persecute LGBT kids in Anaheim, CA.
Via YouTube
MassResistance, an anti-LGBT hate group has an odd post on their website titled: MassResistance parent derails big “transgender” push in California elementary school district. They are detailing something from 2017 in Anaheim, California that did not really occur. The post is without attribution but is probably the handiwork of Arthur Schaper (pronounced “shopper”).

Arthur Christopher Schaper, an anti-immigrant activist, formed the California chapter of MassResistance in 2016. Schaper, an apparently unemployed resident of Torrance, is so abrasive that the Republican Party revoked the charter of Beach Cities Republican Club, of which he is president. He has a reputation in California for disrupting public meetings.

Poor you Mark Creech - We have a record of your vile bigotry

Mark Creech
Via Longleaf Politics
Mark Creech is so wonderful that he is huggable. Mark Creech is the leader of North Carolina's Christian Action League. To deflect from accusations that Creech is irrationally intolerant of LGBTQ people he has written a self-serving diatribe: I Admit It. I Am a Hater. It is incoherent. I will document some of the many instances of Creech's bigotry. First, perhaps this best captures the intent of the current tirade:
Hate can sometimes be the flip-side of love. If one truly loves God passionately, he will also passionately hate what God hates. Hate in this form can be a powerful force for good.
Just one more quote:
If you criticize someone LGBTQ, then you hate that person and the entire LGBTQ community.

In Kansas it was Chris Sevier after all

Getty Images RF
Zack Ford has an excellent piece on the vile proposed anti-LGBT legislation in Kansas. It makes no sense for me to expand on his good work. Adding some nuance is another matter.

When I heard about Kansas legislative blowhards talking about “parody marriage,” I knew immediately that Chris Sevier had done some convincing. The “marry-my-laptop” disbarred lawyer — “by reason of mental infirmity or illness” seems to be good at selling his anti-LGBT agenda.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Boca Raton and Palm Beach County Conversion "Therapy" Bans Survive Court Challenge

In a 60 page ruling late Wednesday, United States District Court Judge Robin L. Rosenberg denied an injunction requested by two reparative “therapy” practitioners crackpots; Robert W. Otto and Julie H. Hamilton. Had the judge granted the injunction it would have prohibited the City of Boca Raton and Palm Beach County from enforcing their bans on conversion “therapy” for minors.

Liberty Counsel, an anti-LGBT hate group represents the two plaintiffs in the matter.

Judge Rosenberg got right to the point:

Just How Crazy are Lawmakers in Tennessee?

Tennessee welcomes you - unless you are gay
God's self-elected representative in Tennessee is State Senator Mark Pody. Three years ago, then Rep. Pody championed the Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act which aimed to override the Supreme Court's ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges which nullified such bans. The measure died in committee. Pody has now re-filed the bill (SB-1282). State Rep. Jerry Sexton filed the companion bill (HB-1369).
Marriage - As introduced, enacts the "Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act," which states the policy of Tennessee to defend natural marriage between one man and one woman regardless of any court decision to the contrary. - Amends TCA Title 36.
The proposed measure even attempts to make it illegal to arrest county clerks who fail to comply with federal court orders. (Mazel tov.)

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

AFA claims that we all pose a danger to children

The real peril, is that people will be less receptive to American Family Association's promotion of LGBTQ hate.
A Drag Queen Story Hour event had a very large turnout in Juneau, Alaska.
Image: Ktoo
Drag Queen Story Hour has become a proxy for attacking the entire LGBTQ community. Wednesday's headline from American Family Association (an anti-LGBT hate group) screams: Decadent behavior: Drag queens and public libraries. Supporters of AFA (and a few non-supporters) were notified of the existence of this tirade by an emailed “Action Alert.”
Be afraid:
Ensure that your family and friends are aware of the danger

More and more often, our nation is becoming awash with "Drag Queen Story Hours" at local public and school libraries. These, as you might guess, involve men dressed up as garishly adorned women who read LGBTQ-themed books to young children under the guise of performing a public service.

Anti-discrimination protections are opposed with a toxic mix of arrogance and hypocrisy

Don Hinkle
Don Hinkle is an advocate for Christian privilege
Don Hinkle is the editor of Pathway, the organ of the Missouri Baptist Convention: Tuesday, Hinkle wrote: Pro-LGBTQ laws may pose problem for Mo. Baptists. Hinkle is referring to the distinct possibility that Missouri will adopt some form of anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people in the near future.

Hinkle asserts that Baptists require the right to discriminate against people they disapprove of (all neatly cloaked in scripture). Asking them to forfeit the opportunity to demonstrate their disapproval by refusing service is simply too much to expect. Oh, they will say that we are less than human “politely.” They might also refer us to another provider who might serve us.