Monday, October 21, 2019

Deranged "pastor" prays at the courthouse

Stephen Broden
Batshit Pastor Stephen Broden
via YouTube
Only LifeSiteNews would provide coverage for Stephen Broden. The responsible party is Madeleine Jacob. Jacob's headline reads: Pastor on battle over 7-year-old’s ‘transition’: It’s an ‘effort to have this young boy mutilated.’ These imbeciles should really mind their own business. A seven-year-old transitions through hairstyle and apparel. She is years away from even puberty blockers.
A pastor hosted a press conference in front of the Dallas County Court Friday in support of a father who is trying to save his seven-year-old son from being “transitioned” into a girl.

Hate group explains everything that is wrong with SPLC's "Teaching Tolerance"

“If Family Research Council does not want to be treated as a hate group then they should stop behaving like a hate group.”
image via Teaching Tolerance
Family Research Council, an anti-LGBTQ hate group, has published The SPLC's Teaching Tolerance: What Parents, Teachers, and Administrators Need to Know. It is a 43 page tirade aimed at discrediting the Southern Poverty Law Center while marginalizing LGBTQ people. This is a lengthy jeremiad. I will deal with only a few paragraphs.
Family Research Council has produced this resource for parents to help identify and monitor a particular threat to our values and religious freedom: divisive identity politics in the form of radical “social justice education.” The most flagrant purveyor of partisan ideas aimed at our nation’s school children is the highly partisan and left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Hate group leader comes unglued ... over cereal

“People like Gary DeMar create the need for programs that they loathe.”
Gary DeMar
Gary DeMar of American Vision
via Southern Poverty Law Center
Monday, Gary DeMar of American Vision offers up: An Open Letter to Kellogg’s and their Fake Anti-bullying Campaign.

DeMar has said that his organization's designation as a hate group has a significant impact on revenues. DeMar has been relatively reserved over the last couple of years regarding LGBTQ people. Perhaps he has been staid in order to appeal to the SPLC, That rubber band has snapped.

DeMar has penned an anti-LGBTQ diatribe. It ends up claiming that Donald Trump is being bullied. Rand Paul too. That is relatively harmless, intellectually dishonest gibberish. However, much of the tirade is bigoted and offensive.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Scam Alert: Possible Phony Fundraising for Conversion Therapy

Scam Alert
Arthur Abba Goldberg is reportedly back in court. Although it looks like a fundraising scam is being orchestrated. First the requisite history.

Arthur Abba Goldberg was one of the principals of Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality (sometimes referred to as Jews Offering New Alternative Healing). JONAH — a conversion therapy operator — was founded by Arthur and Jane Goldberg with Theodore and Elaine Berk.

Both couples had gay sons. Both couples still have gay sons. With assistance from the Southern Poverty Law Center, former clients of JONAH put it out of business when a New Jersey jury found it guilty of consumer fraud.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Focus on the Family wants trans kids to cease to exist

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Family Policy Alliance (FPA) is the lobbying arm of Focus on the Family. It is located at the Focus on the Family headquarters in Colorado Springs. The operation is headed by Paul Weber who used to be with Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-LGBTQ hate group. FPA is increasingly obscuring the link to Focus on the Family.

On Thursday, FPA is claiming that transgender youth are part of A Sexual Agenda That Is Both Dangerous and Damaging.

Trans youth are driving fundamentalist Christians over a cliff. This particular expression of transphobia was written by Shawn Hyland who is with Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey. Joining in the fun is Len Deo. Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey doesn't really exist as a separate entity. At least not according to the State of New Jersey and it is not a 501(c)3.

No AFA - A 7-year-old is not being considered for gender confirmation surgery

American Family Association joins Mad Mat Staver for a round of anti-trans merriment.
American Family Association continues to prove that it deserves its designation, by the Southern Poverty Law Center, as an anti-LGBTQ hate group. The headline on its phony news blog reads: Parents fight over son's sex-reassignment surgery. AFA's Chris Woodward is referring to a seven-year-old! You would think that common sense might permit Woodward to emerge from his state of perpetual stupidity.

The hyperbolic text does not improve things for Mr. Woodward:
The trial is continuing this week in Dallas, Texas, over the chemical castration and sex change of a seven-year-old boy – a controversial procedure argued as beneficial by LGBTQ activists.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Brian S. Brown Feigns Paranoia and Then Lies Through His Teeth

“Transgendered” is about as cogent as Catholicked.
Brian S. Brown
Brian S. Brown is becoming more deceitful by the day. His latest missive, on behalf of National Organization for Marriage, is titled They're coming after us.... It includes this bit of sophistry (which is a nice way of describing bullshit):
The US House of Representatives has passed legislation that would make acting in support of traditional marriage illegal under federal law. That same legislation attempts to strip Americans of their religious liberty rights to live out their beliefs at work and at home.