Thursday, October 29, 2020

Ryan T. Anderson is Not an MD But He Plays One on Religious Blogs

“Ryan T. Anderson is willing to kill children if the teachings of the Church are defended. … Anderson is neither sane nor rational.”
Thursday. According to Ryan T. Anderson, Defender of the Faith™: Protect Good Medicine, Stop the Censorship of Good Counseling. Once again, this functional nitwit is promoting gender identity conversion therapy which can cause lifelong adverse mental health consequences.

Overall, Ryan T. Anderson is convinced that he is a great deal more intelligent than he really is. Anderson is also wed to the notion that he is an expert with respect to juvenile gender dysphoria.

None of Anderson's drivel has any connection to the best interests of children. This is a ridiculous exercise in trying to prevent people from becoming transgender lest they pose a contradiction to scripture.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Paul Cameron is Still a Mendacious Bigot

Paul Cameron is a liar and a bigot. Just a reminder that he is still around.
Paul Cameron
Dr. Paul Cameron circa 2017
via YouTube
Disgraced psychologist Paul Cameron (Family Research Institute) is still unhinged over LGBTQ people. On Monday he ran with Voters More Than 3:2 Against Biden's Transgender Rights Push.

In the way of background, here are just a few of Cameron's discredited assertions:
  • Gay people are all pedophiles.
  • Gay people have an average life expectancy about 20 years shorter than straight people.
  • Gay people are 43 times more likely to commit crimes than straight people.
  • Tolerance of homosexuality would cause gay sex to become predominant over heterosexual sex.

AFA is Peddling and Promoting an Anti-Gay Book

What Does the Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality
In an email today, American Family Association (an anti-LGBTQ hate group) is promoting a book for sale though AFA: What Does the Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality? by Kevin DeYoung. Fascinating no doubt.

DeYoung is a North Carolina pastor. According to the description:
After examining key biblical passages in both the Old and New Testaments and the Bible’s overarching teaching regarding sexuality, DeYoung responds to popular objections raised by Christians and non-Christians alike, making this an indispensable resource for thinking through one of the most pressing issues of our day.

ADF Needed Five Lawyers to Get Nothing

ADF expends a considerable sum to get nothing.
Kristi Stokes
Kristi Stokes | via Alliance Defending Freedom
Kristi Marie Stokes is the proprietor of Covenant Weddings LLC in the Ohio. It is a one-person business operated from Stokes' home in the Cleveland suburbs with a UPS mailbox in Parma, Ohio. The business was formed in May of this year.

Ms. Stokes solemnizes weddings and writes wedding vows. Stokes did not want to do so for gay couples due to Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs.

Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-LGBTQ hate group, has made it widely known that they will file pre-enforcement suits to prevent states and municipalities from enforcing nondiscrimination laws protecting LGBTQ people. The result was Covenant Weddings LLC v. Cuyahoga County, Ohio filed in the Northern District of Ohio federal court.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Thousands of Witches Plot 'Binding Spell' Tonight Against Trump

Embed from Getty Images
From the “you can't make this shit up” department:
As if battling House Democrats' impeachment inquiry against him weren't enough, President Donald Trump will next have to face a "binding spell" cast by "thousands" of witches late Friday night.
The above was supposed to happen last Friday. CBN News/Steve Warren explain how it all works:
Scheduled for Oct. 25 at 11:59 p.m., these self-proclaimed "witches" are planning to conduct a ritual which is meant to "bind," but not harm the president unlike a "curse" or a "hex." These witches believe they are doing something positive for the entire country by not allowing President Trump to cause harm to the U.S. by his actions.

Here's a Shocker: Franklin Graham is Angry

Franklin Graham is perpetually pissed.
Franklin Graham
via Ethan Hyman, AP
Preacher Franklin Graham has never re-hinged
. Graham's reaction to rulings in United States v. Windsor and then Obergefell v. Hodges are perhaps best described as Roy Horn (of Siegfried and Roy) being dragged offstage by his neck in the jaws of an angry tiger.

Franklin Graham's ire is now directed at Pope Francis. In an October 22 Facebook post Graham wrote:
The news has reported that Pope Francis said in a new documentary that “homosexuals have a right to be part of the family” and is calling for civil union laws for same-sex couples. I find these comments from the Pope unthinkable in light of the Word of God.

Anti-trans Crackpots in Concert - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

A comedy of errors as two well-educated individuals are unable to comprehend a government request for information.
Jane Robbins and Michael K. Laidlaw
Jane Robbins and Michael K. Laidlaw
October 21 and 25, two Defenders of the Faith are working in concert to undermine the Endocrine Society's clinical practice guidelines. They attempt to do so by attacking the Society rather than the Society's guidelines. As you will see, both of these people are terribly confused.

On his website Dr. Michael K. Laidlaw claims to be a board certified endocrinologist. The Rocklin, California physician is not board certified by any specialty board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. In other words, Dr. Laidlaw is lying to potential patients.

Laidlaw's partner in confusion is Jane W. Robins. Robbins is retired from American Principles Project. She practices law out of Tucker, GA (about 20 miles northeast of Atlanta).