Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Speaking of Richard A. Cohen and exgayland

Richard Cohen
Richard Cohen from the 2014 documentary film
The Third Way: Homosexuality and the Catholic Church
Cohen went from Jewish to evangelical Christian to Moonie.
Did he convert again?
It looks like Richard Cohen has gone away quietly. International Healing Foundation is no longer a tax-exempt entity. It filed its 990 with the IRS for 2015 as a final return. It looks to me like Cohen grabbed the remaining assets for himself through bloated expenses. Cohen's website is still alive but most of the links do not work. Those that do work point to a site that sells at-home STD tests. Did Cohen die? Retire? Move with his wife to South Korea? Who knows? Maybe he became a Trappist monk.

Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning
Chelsea Manning, as most of you know, has decided to challenge Ben Cardin, Democratic U.S. senator from Maryland. It seems like a self-promoting stunt as Manning's chances of defeating Cardin in the primary seem slim. Manning is probably struggling with the question of how she will support herself.

The fact that Ms. Manning is transgender does not qualify her to be a U.S. senator. Nor does being transgender disqualify her for any public office. The fact that she leaked confidential documents to WikiLeaks doesn't qualify Ms. Manning for the U.S. Senate. I think that her disclosure raises concerns. Now you may think that we, the public, benefited from some of the information that she made public. I do. Case in point was the Baghdad airstrike which WikiLeaks labeled “Collateral Murder.”

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

We get it Joy Pullmann - You do not approve of trans youth

Ash Whitaker
When I first wrote about Ashton Whitaker I used the image on the left
a more recent image is on the right
Joy Pullmann at The Federalist has a religious objection to transgender youth. It is obvious and we already knew about it. It is kind of moronic to have a religious objection to a medical condition (gender dysphoria). It makes no sense to me. And it's not like they have any alternatives to mitigating the extreme discomfort. They simply refuse, again for religious reasons, to accept the fact that gender and natal sex are two different constructs.

Of course medical science disagrees. But what do they know? Pullmann's headline today reads “School District Pays Teen $800,000 For Refusing To Let Her Sleep, Micturate With Boys.” I had to look up what micturate means; urinate. The subheading reads:
A Wisconsin school district will pay a transgender student $800,000 to settle a lawsuit she filed in a successful attempt to share bathrooms and overnight sleeping quarters with male high school students.

A hate group has a post "Teaching Our Children to Appreciate Diversity"

American College of Pediatricians
Imagine my surprise when a hate group blogs about: “Teaching Our Children to Appreciate Diversity.” Yet that is exactly what one did on Monday.

The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) is a small hate group (the real professional peer organization is the American Academy of Pediatrics). ACPeds' president, Michelle Cretella is a staunch proponent of thoroughly discredited conversion therapy; pseudoscience used as a pretext for discrimination against LGBT people.

Cretella has been popping up at seemingly every right wing outlet lately to denounce “gender ideology.” A form of sexual identity that Cretella disapproves of is not an ideology and she is prostituting her education and training in the service of the Catholic Church and its extreme anti-LGBT animus.

Pete's telltale titillation re-appears

Peter LaBarbera
I have speculated that the demise of Peter LaBarbera might occur from scarfing in women's underwear while being paddled by a naked twink. There is just something that is not quite right about a guy who is obsessed with the sexuality of other people.

On Sunday, LaBarbera offered “Homosexual Perversion-fest – Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend – Returns to DC and Hyatt Regency.” It is not something that appeals to me but I couldn't care less what consenting adults do in their bedrooms. The event is sold out by the way. Furthermore, while this event is gay-oriented, far more heterosexuals engage in this kind of activity than gay men.

No Mr. Perkins - You don't get to appropriate Martin Luther King's legacy

Tony Perkins
Monday night, Tony Perkins wrote “When Freedom Was King” at Family Research Council's blog. I will quote the first paragraph:
When the sun broke over the frosty city of Washington this morning, light caught the stony silhouette of a man. Arms crossed, the towering likeness of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. emerges out of granite, as unflinching as the leader himself. Like a centurion, he stares straight ahead, eyes fixed on another monument of freedom: the Jefferson Memorial. Like a faint echo, the wind whips around the words etched in the rock at his back, as relevant as ever, “We shall overcome.”
Perkins' use of Dr. King's memory to advance his agenda is appalling. Tony Perkins is a hate group leader and a Louisiana politician who has direct connections to the Ku Klux Klan and other racist groups.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Crazy in Philadelphia?

The headline in The Trumpet reads: “Transgender Indoctrination Rising — Parents—be aware of transgender indoctrination!” It was written by Dennis Leap. Leap manages to combine being unhinged with profound ignorance. Sometimes I refer to the condition as Staverism.

The Trumpet is the organ of the Philadelphia Church of God which is not in Philadelphia (it is domiciled in Edmond Oklahoma). PCOG used to be part of the World Church of God, founded by Herbert W. Armstrong. World Church of God is a cult. Philadelphia Church of God is a cultier cult with some racism thrown in and it has some very weird beliefs other than supposed transgender indoctrination.