Sunday, March 26, 2017

Canadian LifeSiteNews on the Virtues of the Late Justice Scalia

Steve Jalsevac
On Friday, Steve Jalsevac, managing director of the orthodox Catholic, expressed his misgivings about Judge Neil Gorsuch. It is actually a rather odd piece from a rather odd conspiracy theorist. Jalsevac exposes his fervent belief that United States public policy should be a reflection of the anti-LGBT, anti-choice teachings of the Catholic Church. To be clear, I remain opposed to the confirmation of Judge Gorsuch. I am not defending him

Jalsevac's polemic is titled: “Neil Gorsuch is NOT another Scalia.” Hopefully, there will never be another Scalia. According to Jalsevac:

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Victimization of Brian S. Brown in His Quest for Donors

National Organization for Marriage's hate bus is more about begging for money than any meaningful form of advocacy. It is nothing more than a gimmick. NOM's leader, Brian S. Brown, is compelled to take himself seriously to the extreme. It is the natural reaction of pretentious people who are trying to convince others of their credibility. Because this is just part of a deception, Brown cannot subscribe to the oft-proved idea that sometimes less is more. His trans-hate-and-ignorance bus was vandalized and that requires a response. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

The 600 Lb Gorilla

Actually that is 600 expert signatures confirming that Dr. Paul R. McHugh is a crackpot. These professional clinicians and researchers authored a “To Whom it May Concern” letter on Wednesday. I have reproduced it here to increase the letter's search visibility.

The Bishops Have Authored a Marriage Discrimination "Study Guide"

Apparently the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has concluded its “Made for the Common Good” series. Their denouement is a 28 page Study Guide replete with sufficient footnotes to make the incurious set accept this as something that is authoritative. It is not authoritative unless you are inclined to believe that contributors like Robert Oscar Lopez and Katy Faust are somehow intellectually relevant (or even sane).

Study: Does Religion Make People Stupid?

There is a new study of religion and scholastic achievement from psychologists at Leeds Beckett University in England and the University of Missouri. The research ranked 82 countries by their religiosity and the gauged student achievement in math and science.

It revealed that the more religious a country is, the lower its students performed in those two key areas. The study shows that there is a negative correlation between the amount of time children spent on religious activities and their educational attainment.

NOMday Thursday and Another Dishonest Anti-Trans Money-Grub

Brian S. Brown
Brian S. Brown, Mr. Reverse-Midas himself, apparently had a press conference that no press attended. Then at about 4:00 PM Thursday Brown (on behalf of National Organization for Marriage) sent out an email urging people to sign a petition. It's basically the faithful aligning themselves with the moronic eunuchs at the Vatican to ignorantly proclaim that transgender people don't really exist.

Then at 5:17 PM I received a missive titled: “HELP! Bus vandalized in NYC.” The bus was graffitied. Before I go any further, sophomoric pranks like this are just dumb. They only give these self-righteous clowns a chance to claim that they were victimized. Sure. These schmucks piss me off too but we already won. NOM is insolvent; marriage equality is the law of the land; and no matter what the Catholic Church says about trans folks it is contrary to the overwhelming consensus of medical science. So Mr. Brown is just pissing into the wind. He shouldn't get any help from us to shield himself from the back-splash.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hate Group Leader's Money-Grub for the Hate Bus Tour

International Organization for the Family
In an email to supporters, Brian S. Brown, leader of International Organization of Families (AKA World Congress of Families AKA The Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society), has his hand out. Whatever you call this organization it is an anti-LGBT hate group. Brown is now actively competing with his other outfit, National Organization for Marriage, for donations to support the hate bus tour.

According to the email: