Friday, August 26, 2016

Another thing that Trump should renounce - HACKING

Donald Trump
If Donald Trump had any class, any integrity, he would tell Mr. Assange (and, perhaps, WikiLeaks' Russian sponsors) that he does not want their help in November. Hacking is theft. Hacking is a serious crime. Releasing damaging, stolen information that is embarrassing to Secretary Clinton is no different than hacking into our voting machines.

In this case the hacking looks more and more like the venture of a foreign government to influence our democracy. I am also revolted that the press has deemed Assange worthy of coverage. He is either a common thief or an outlet for stolen materials which makes him an accomplice to theft which makes him a common criminal.

Great news from a Christian polling company

Sometimes good news for the LGBT community comes from unexpected places. According to Public Religion Research Institute:

A majority of Americans are not in favor of allowing small businesses to turn away services to gay or lesbian people because of their religious beliefs.

As many as 63 percent were against refusing product or services because of religious convictions, and only 30 percent supported such actions.

About 62 percent of the Americans now support same-sex marriage, and only 30 percent are opposed to it.

In addition:

Majority of Americans Oppose Laws Requiring Transgender Individuals to Use Bathrooms Corresponding to Sex at Birth Rather than Gender Identity.

As the old exist commercial used to say: We've come a long way baby!

Biblical Bob Eschliman goes for the absurd

Bob Eschliman
Biblical Bob Eschliman loves conspiracy theories. Friday morning he wrote: “Rumors Still Abound About Obama Third Term, Should We Believe This?” No Bob. This is preposterous speculation that probably served as WND click bait. No one with a reasonably functioning cerebral cortex would even entertain such absurdism.
For years, there has been concern that President Barack Obama would not step down when his second term expires in a little less than 147 days.

Austin Ruse on the attack - including a certain slowly boiled amphibian

Austin Ruse
Friday, Austin Ruse responds to the critics of a recent study authored by Paul McHugh and Lawrence Mayer. It is designed to denigrate LGBT citizens by torturing science to conform to scripture and the catechism of the Catholic Church. Ruse has his hands full because the study does not hold up to even cursory scrutiny and its principle investigator is an ultra-orthodox Catholic and Defender of the Faith (as is Mr. Ruse). 

I am going to take some time with this, and apologize for verbosity, because there are others who are bound to chime in. After all, the mission of the paper in question is to convince the public that the teachings of the Catholic Church represent scientific conclusions. They do not!

Australia needs Malcolm Turnbull to have the courage to do what is right.

Marriage equality advocates are in a hard place right now in Australia, and it seems strange that this should be the case becasue the votes are there to pass same sex marriage. Yes, if a vote was held right now in Parliament there would be enough votes to pass marriage equality and move it forward and so the path is there, the problem is that the path is blocked. The government refuses to allow the issue to come to a vote until it has been sent to the public for a non-binding vote. There are many problems with this idea of sending it to a public vote. For one it would be a costly endeavor which is entirely unnecessary as there are already opinion polls to show how the public thinks on this issue which is essentially what this non-binding vote would be, an expensive opinion poll. Holding the public vote also delays the matter further when the issue could be settled right away with a vote in parliament. The primary area of concern though is on principle. Is it right to subject gay people in Australia to a public vote with all the accompanying nastiness from the other side, on their right to get married?

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bold hypocrisy by the Trump campaign

Donald Trump
The Trump campaign has decided to suggest that Hillary Clinton accepted bribes as secretary of state — that is what “pay to play” is after all. Trump accuses Sec. Clinton of using the Clinton Foundation as a “slush fund.” Of course, a couple of elements required of those charges are missing:
  1. There does not exist so much as a shred of evidence that Clinton did anything improper as secretary of state and;
  2. There does not exist so much as a shred of evidence that the Clintons have received so much as a dime from the Clinton Foundation.

As Gary Cass merrily breaks the law he defames Hillary Clinton's religion

Gary Cass of the anti-gay Christian Anti-Defamation Commission has made a video claiming that Hillary Clinton is not really a Christian. The Internal Revenue Service knows Cass' operation as Christian Anti-Defamation League Cadl Inc., EIN: 650962138. I guess that at some point Cass thought that “commission” sounds more authoritative than “league.” More importantly, Cass's operation is a 501(c)3. The IRS has a thing or two to say about political activity:
Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.
While Cass was busy breaking the law he was claiming that the United Methodist Church isn't really Christian. Cass is the ultimate arbiter.