Thursday, June 30, 2016

To instill confidence in supporters Brian Brown reiterates that he is 'panicked'

Brian S. Brown
Leave it to Brian Brown and National Organization for Marriage. This really goes into the bumbling manager hall of fame. This is perhaps the most inartful, misconceived, idiot and strangest campaign that I have ever seem. Brown forwards to supporters the email where he not only says that he is panicked but he is “freaking out.”
I want to make sure you saw the email below from yesterday about our urgent need for people to step up by midnight tonight with a $35 (or more) membership contribution.

There's only a few hours left before we hit the mid-year fundraising deadline and I am panicked we're going to miss our goal. We still need over 1,800 people to give.
From yesterday:
I have to be honest, we’ve never been in a bigger hole and I am freaking out.
Because people cannot wait to sink money into an insolvent black hole.

Regnerus: Same-sex parenting leaves children without support in a dangerous environment

Once again, controversial sociologist Mark Regnerus demonstrates that he is full of crap. As has been widely reported over the last three days, LGBT Americans have a health gap. In the cited article, three prominent experts attribute at least some of this to the additional stress that LGBT Americans are under. I also think that economics is a factor. LGBT Americans might be less likely to have insurance due to reduced employment opportunities. is running with this story, not out of concern for LGBT people but to denigrate them. In their bizarre, grotesque orthodox Catholic minds, the solution to health disparities is simple: Don't be LGBT. Problem solved. That is how they think. This also provides an opportunity for them to get some wisdom from their favorite sociologist, Mark Regnerus:

Can ADF Support Their Claim?

Alliance Defending Freedom, the Christian legal group, has been sending out a flurry of money-begs over the last few days. They all contain the following verbiage:
Your prayers and financial support are critical as we fight to preserve your right to live out your faith without fear of being punished by the government. Your faithfulness is one of the key reasons we've won nearly four out of five of our cases and played an important role in 47 victories at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Apparently we have collapsed

Larry Tomczak doesn't like President Obama and he won't like President Clinton because he is a “Christian Nation” theorist. According to Mr. Tomczak (quite verbosely) President Obama has caused the nation to be in “Constitutional Collapse” and “Moral Collapse.” We have pretty much collapsed. It's tragic really. The title of Larry's polemic is “The Prophetic Prayer We Can Pray for Hope After Obama.” Perhaps one has to be a conservative Christian for that to make sense. Perhaps it needs some punctuation. I do not know.

I will spare you the constitutional collapse part of this because it basically boils down to Supreme Court decisions that Tomczak doesn't like. However, the moral collapse part is great fun. Shall we?

Biblical Bob's 'Eureka'

Bob Eschliman is an ubiquitous presence at Charisma News these days. Eschliman, you may recall, was the editor of the Newton Daily News in Iowa until he was terminated for airing his rabid homophobia on his personal blog (and probably a litany of other issues). Of course Eschliman claimed religious discrimination—an allegation settled on undisclosed terms. Here is Eschilman's amusing money-beg to start the Iowa Statesman wherein he claims to have the Iowa equivalent of a Pulitzer Prize. Uh huh.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

NOM admits to panic over money - Brown "freaking out"

This is not snark - This is NOM's actual email header
Brian Brown is beginning to sound more and more like Oral Roberts who infamously claimed that if he did not raise $8 million within three months then “God will call me home.” Brown isn't that nutty but the grift is the same. In any event, as a former CEO, the last think you ever want to admit to (other than having put the 401K in the hands of Bernie Madoff) is being panicked. Brown even writes “I am freaking out.” Now that is a confidence builder. Who the fuck wants to give money to someone in a panic freaking out?

Judging "Who am I to judge?" & the apology

Pope Francis
On Sunday Pope Francis issued what appears to be a comprehensive apology to the LGBT community. Jack Jenkins at Think Progress has a very good read about skeptical LGBT catholics. As a non-Catholic I would argue that optimism or skepticism resulting from the pope's comments is misplaced if not irrelevant. The Church should be judged by its actions.