Sunday, October 22, 2017

Our erratic president and the vote

This past week President Donald Trump succeeded in doing what only Trump could do. Trump made George W. Bush look smart, capable and only slightly to the right of the ACLU.

Our erratic president is a pathological liar and a narcissist. Past presidents haven't always advanced the best interests of American citizens. Trump doesn't even care what those best interests are. Trump is a sociopath who is only interested in what is best for Trump — first, last and always. An irrational Trump has the nuclear codes. He also has the power to nominate justices to the Supreme Court and he is perfectly willing to do the bidding of cynical hate group leaders like Tony Perkins.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

A priestly bigot - Disparages gay man's husband as "wife"

I have written from time to time about the homophobic activities of Orthodox priest, Father Mark Hodges. The man is obviously both a bigot and an idiot. Where does he get the notion that religion licenses disrespect and discourtesy.

To suggest that I am being disrespectful of Hodges constitutes a false equivalency. I am reacting to Hodges bigotry. He is free to contact me if he takes offense. In contrast, Hodges is referring to a gay man's husband as a wife. It is a deliberate act aimed at the entire community. He does not know the gay couple that he is referring to and they have done him no injury. He wants to demonstrate his childish contempt with what amounts to the kind of insult that we expect of a poorly raised eight-year-old.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Brown: God's on our side

George Soros
George Soros
Brian S. Brown's imagined nemesis
Hate group leader Brian S. Brown (International Organization for the Family) is incensed that George Soros just donated $18 billion to his Open Society Foundation.
Can you believe that, $18 billion?! The International Organization for the Family (IOF) is a primary antagonist to George Soros, and we have a budget that is a tiny fraction of one percent of what Soros has just donated to oppose us.
“Primary antagonist?” I doubt that Mr. Soros knows about the existence of Brian S. Brown or his little hate group. Nor was Soros' generous donation provided to oppose IOF. Soros provides funds to further his mission. Opposing IOF would be a waste of time and energy.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Confusion reigns at Witherspoon's pretentious pseudo-intellectual blog

Chad Felix Greene
Chad Felix Greene
It bears repeating that Witherspoon Institute, an ultra-conservative Catholic organization, was founded by Luis E. Tellez, an Opus Dei numerary, and Robert P. George. The odious pair were also co-founders of National Organization for Marriage. Its blog — Public Discourse — is edited by the closeted-yet-homophobic Ryan T. Anderson.

Thursday's offering is titled “I Was an Eight-Year-Old Drag Queen” by Chad Felix Greene. Greene claims to be a conservative gay Jew from West Virginia who is HIV+. I haven't a clue what he is doing at an anti-gay Catholic outlet. In any event; No, Mr. Greene, you were not an eight-year-old drag queen. He writes:

Blowhard Bill Donohue asserts that morality depends upon Christianity

Bill Donohue
This is what Bill Donohue looks like when he is extremely gleeful
Bill Donohue (Catholic League) writes: “Severing Ties Between Christianity and Morality Is a Fool’s Errand.” Apparently there are no moral Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists or Hindus.  Granted, that is probably not what Blowhard Bill means but that is what he is saying. On the other hand he might just believe that the only truly moral people are Christians.

Donahue does provide some sobering information.
A survey by Statista reveals that in Belgium 68 percent of the people  believe that religion does more harm than good: Germany, Spain, Australia, Sweden, and Great Britain all top 60 percent. No nation disagrees with this conclusion more than Japan; only 26 percent agree that religion does more harm than good. The world average is 49 percent; the figure for the U.S. is 39 percent.

Christian supremacist hosting Stutzman: Religious beliefs are fiction unless Christians can discriminate

Hate group leader John Stemberger of Florida Family Policy Council has invited Barronelle Stutzman to speak at FFPC's annual bigotry-bash. Stutzman, you will recall, is the eagerly discriminatory Washington State florist who refused to sell her flowers if they were to be displayed at a same-sex wedding. Her attorneys at ADF are trying to get the Supreme Court to hear her case. Presumably, however, the outcome of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado will determine Stutzman's fate. Oral arguments in that case are scheduled for Tuesday, December 5.

Perkins: That general wouldn't have dick-pic'd were it not for the gays

Tony Perkins
USA Today has reported that Army major general Joseph Harrington was sacked for sexting a non-commissioned officer's wife. The Frog has a deviant mind. He presupposes that it was a dick pic. The Frog doesn't have a dick. I just thought you should know that.

We get blamed for just about everything.

Some right-wing Christian whack job will inevitably claim that every tornado, hurricane, flood and earthquake can be attributed to a godly temper tantrum over LGBT people. While it makes no sense, the deity punishing the good over perceived evil is an essential part of the dogma.