Monday, September 26, 2016

Here's a shocker - The pope backs Mexico's bishops against marriage equality

Pope Francis
According to Brietbart's Thomas D. Williams (a research fellow at Notre Dame), Pope Francis is supportive of Mexico's Catholic bishops in their efforts to thwart marriage equality. Was there ever a doubt? In many ways these are many of the same people that failed so miserably to prevent equality in the United States. Mexico is their Mulligan.
As a political battle rages in Mexico over a proposal to legalize same-sex marriage, Pope Francis jumped into the fray Sunday by publicly siding with the Mexican bishops against the government.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

After doing Log Cabin Newt is off to do events sponsored by AFA

Newt Gingrich - Log Cabin Republicans 2016 Sprit of Lincoln Event
Next week Newt Gingrich will be doing an event for Log Cabin Republicans. Apparently Tony Perkins was unavailable. On Wednesday, September 28, Gingrich will be joined by some relatively inoffensive GOPers for Spirit of Lincoln '16. I would think that Log Cabin could find a Republican who is more credible and less homophobic than Gingrich. I wonder how much the organization is paying Gingrich to do this event.

One of the participants will be Rachel Hoff.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

NOM's Mr. Misadventure Does It Again

Remember all of the hyperbole from National Organization for Marriage and World Congress of Families about the protest of marriage equality at the Mexican embassy in Washington? The event seems to have drawn fewer than a dozen people unless you count the toddlers. Brian S. Brown proves once again that he has Reverse Midas Touch.

The Benham Brothers continue their assault on logic and intelligence

Jason and David Benham
The rather dull and rabidly anti-LGBT Benham Brothers don't like the fact that the ACC and NCAA have pulled marquee post-season match-ups from North Carolina due to the state's discriminatory policies regarding LGBT citizens. That leads to this: “Benham Brothers Expose the 'Wizard of Oz' Behind the Curtain,” written by Jason and David Benham. At the risk of spoiling all your fun we find out many paragraphs into this diatribe that “behind the curtain” is the Human Rights Campaign.

NOM's chairman - John Eastman - is on the take again

John Eastman
We get word from Brian Brown in a money-beg that legal douche bag John Eastman is preparing a brief on behalf of National Organization for Marriage. This is an amicus brief in the case of G.G. v. Gloucester County School Board. That case is now before the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. However, the school board has requested that the Supreme Court take up the case. NOM's brief is in support of the school board. It's just an amicus brief.

As chairman of National Organization for Marriage, John Eastman has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the organization. Aside from the obvious conflict of interest I don't think that Eastman has won a single case on NOM's behalf. The best example was NOM's preposterous suit against the Internal Revenue Service. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Some remarkable cogency from the Archbishop of Canterbury

Justin Welby
Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has said in a sermon that new family structures, including same sex marriages, are now a reality “whether we agree or not.” At the same time Welby dismissed the idea of a Victorian golden age of family values as a “myth.” The important takeaway is that the Archbishop acknowledges that we do not require anyone's moral approval.

As Archbishop of Canterbury, Welby is the principal leader of the Church of England as well as its senior bishop. He is also the symbolic head of the Anglican Church worldwide.

You would think that by now Peter LaBarbera would stop breaking the law

On October 3, 2015 the IRS notified hate group leader Peter LaBarbera that his Americans for Truth About Homosexuality was no longer tax exempt effective May 15, 2015. This is at least the second time that the IRS has taken this action. Presumably, LaBarbera is not sufficiently organized to file returns (990s). One wonders if payroll taxes have been paid (quarterly 941s). But I digress.