Friday, January 24, 2020

Which is worse? The hate group making the idiotic argument or the hate group promoting the idiotic argument?

Lorie Leann Smith
Lorie Leann Smith circa 2017
American Family Association and Alliance Defending Freedom have something in common. They are both anti-LGBTQ hate groups according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. I share the SPLC's opinions in that regard.

According to American Family Association:
A web designer is continuing her challenge to Colorado's public accommodation law, this time by asking a federal appeals court to defend her First Amendment right to share her personal beliefs on her own website.
This involves Lorie Smith, a web designer and owner of 303 Creative. For the record, 303 Creative is a limited liability company (LLC) formed in 2012 at 6812 W. Remington Place in Littleton, CO. Its registered owner is Lorie Leann Smith. Over eight years she has designed 47 websites or about one every two months. Genius is time consuming.

I first wrote about this dipshit in 2016.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Breitbart + Two Hate Groups = Colossal Stupidity

Surely the world is coming to an end.
Magic City Acceptance Academy
The Harvey Milk High School in New York City was founded 35 years ago. It is an alternative education program for teens who find it difficult or impossible to attend their home schools due to threats, violence or harassment. Kids can worry more about the intricacies of quadratic equations than being tormented because of their sexuality.

Things come slowly to Alabama. American Family Association, an anti-LGBTQ hate group explains:
A proposed LGBTQ-themed charter school is seeking approval to open in Alabama for the coming school year.

According to Breitbart News, the Magic City Acceptance Academy would open in Birmingham and accommodate 250 students, grades 6-12. But [Hate Group Leader] Linda Harvey of Mission America thinks affirming LGBTQ lifestyles is a bad idea.

Two State of Florida Employees Sue for Coverage of Gender Confirmation Surgery

Meet Jami Claire. Ms. Claire is a senior biological scientist at University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. She has worked there for 32 years. She also happens to be a motorcycle enthusiast.

Kathryn Lane is also an employee of the State of Florida. Ms. Lane is an attorney with the appellate division of the Office of the Public Defender in the Second Judicial Circuit of Florida in Tallahassee.

The State of Florida determines what its health insurance policy for employees will cover and what is excluded from coverage. The plans explicitly exclude coverage of “gender reassignment or modification services or supplies.” Just to be clear, the absence of gender-affirming care is not a gratuitous denial on the part of the insurance carriers. It is the result of a deliberate decision by the state.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

NOM's Finances

National Organization for Marriage has posted to its website what Brian S. Brown purports to be 2018 annual reports (form 990) filed with the IRS. The NOM tax return is not filled out completely or correctly. I have no way of knowing whether or not these were actually filed with the Service (I have my doubts). These show a significant decrease in revenues.

As readers know, I maintain a local database of the IRS' Business Master File which is updated monthly, usually by the seventh of the month. Unfortunately, the last update is from December 12. As of December 12, NOM had not filed its two tax returns. I also checked the index file (separate from the BMF) for November and no returns were received.

Drag Queen Story Hour is Just a Proxy for Anti-LGBTQ Animus

LifeSiteNews, an anti-LGBTQ hate group, has a new petition: Empower parents to keep Drag Queen Story Hour out of public libraries.
As you know, the Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) phenomenon - usually found in the Children's Section of local public libraries - is really an attack on the innocence of children, paid for, unwittingly, by the taxpayer.
In other words, the radical Catholics at LifeSiteNews assume that they are entitled to substitute their judgment for the judgment of the parents of those children.

Hearing today on South Dakota HB1057

Fred Deutsch
South Dakota State Rep. Fred Deutsch, DC
South Dakota State Representative Fred Deutsch is a chiropractor. Apparently Rep. Deutsch believes that he is competent to assess matters of psychiatry, endocrinology and prescription medications in spite of the fact that he possesses no training or experience in any of those areas. Deutsch, you see, has introduced House Bill 1057.

According to HB1057:
a medical professional who engages in any of the following practices upon a minor, including an emancipated minor, for the purpose of attempting to change or affirm the minor's perception of the minor's sex, if that perception is inconsistent with the minor's sex, is guilty of a Class 4 felony

People Really Believe This Stuff?

Hakeem Collins
Dr. Hakeem Collins
Hakeem Collins Ministries
This just in. We have an advisory from Dr. Hakeem Collins via Charisma Media: Prophecy: Stand Your Ground and Prepare Your Weapons Against the Enemy. I just love this part:
I was in prayer for the first seven days in the New Year, and I felt an unexpected attack on my health, finances, emotions and even my mental faculties. I couldn't shake it, and suddenly I heard the voice of the Lord break through saying “Hakeem, what you are now experiencing is a barrage of unseen warfare surrounding you in the spiritual realm.”

God was giving me prophetic intelligence of the enemy plot and plan against my life. …