Saturday, April 30, 2016

ADF: Advocacy, self-delusion or just plain horse manure?

Masterpiece Cakeshop
ADF's Marissa Poulson posted a piece to their blog late Friday titled “When a State Targets the Beliefs of Christian Bakers: Jack Phillips Case Rejected by Colorado High Court. It is a triumph — a celebration of intellectual dishonesty, hyperbole, arrogance, demagoguery and self-delusion.

For starters the state never “targeted” Jack Phillips or his Masterpiece Cakeshop. Regardless of how they try to frame it as religious freedom or a religious conundrum of conscience, what really happened is that Phillips decided to demonstrate his disapproval by refusing to provide a wedding cake to a gay couple — unless you subscribe to the unsupported contention that baking a cake is some sort of holy sacrament.

When Mr. Phillips refused service he broke the law. If Phillips actually believes that he has a religious obligation to refuse service then he is misguided and he still broke the law. It's a law that every owner of a public accommodation should understand.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Brian Brown - you are full of crap

Brian S. Brown
Brian Brown, head of National Organization for Marriage, sent out a missive this afternoon titled: “It's Working, But We Still Need You To Push For FADA.” The gist of this fundraiser is that NOM's fax spam campaign is making a difference in Congress. It's Christian kabuki. Since July of 2015, the bill has picked up an additional 66 co-sponsors bringing the total to 166 which is still only 38% of the House. In the Senate, since July, 2015, the total has gone from 36 co-sponsors to a whopping 37. According to Mr. Misadventure:

A novel excuse for anti-gay discrimination

Hayley Lack
Hayley Lack and her girlfriend just want to participate in prom court.
In northern California, fellow students nominated a lesbian couple to be prom king and queen. Principal Jim Bartow won't have it. The adults need child supervision given that the kids seem to have figured all this out while the grownups are acting like two-year-olds. According to the Redding Record Searchlight:
Despite support for the idea from many students, Foothill High School administrators won't allow kids to vote for couples instead of individuals for prom court because having a same-sex pair win would be unfair to the gender that isn't represented, the principal said.
So this is an issue of fairness to boys? Give me a fucking break.

Yet another consortium of Catholic anti-gay hate groups

C-Fam, anti-gay hate group
Stefano Gennarini at Austin Ruse's hate group – C-Fam – has announced the formation of yet another anti-gay coalition called Civil Society for the Family. Other members include Family Research Council (a Protestant operation), HazteOir, CitizenGo, Human Life International, Derecho a Vivir, National Organization for Marriage, and the TransAtlantic Christian Council.

You know who FRC and NOM are. FRC is a designated hate group; NOM should be. As for the rest:

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Missouri Ethics Commission - and NOM - UPDATED

National Organization for Marriage
Brian Brown, head of National Organization for Marriage has vowed to unseat three Republicans in Missouri who sided with Democrats to defeat Senate Joint Resolution 39. SJR 39 was a nasty bit of legislation that would have put a license-to-discriminate bill on the ballot.

From NOM we have the usual nonsensical blather about religious liberty which essentially means the freedom to discriminate against LGBT citizens based upon religious beliefs. In effect bills like these expand Free Exercise in a way that the James Madison never intended.

Mat Staver representing Roy Moore - What could possibly go wrong?

Mat Staver and Roy Moore
On Wednesday Roy Moore and Mat Staver, head of the hate group Liberty Counsel representing Moore, inexplicably held a press conference calling upon the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission to dismiss complaints against Moore. According to Staver the complainants are the Southern Poverty Law Center, People for the American Way, the Human Rights Campaign, atheists, and homosexual activists. To put it politely, I suspect that JIC is not predisposed to give much weight to this media event.

According to Staver, in a separate email:

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Missouri is misery for NOM

I am pleasantly surprised that a license-to discriminate measure has apparently been defeated in Missouri with the help of some Republicans. I predicted otherwise. I was wrong. Brian Brown is furious. This was a particularly nasty bit of legislation because it was a license to discriminate offered as a referendum to the electorate. Gay kids would have paid a price for all of the right wing advertising. It would have put stress on gay adults and the children of gay parents as well. According to Mr. Misadventure at National Organization for Marriage: