Friday, May 25, 2018

Publix issues a statement but they just make matters worse

I have been calling attention to Publix, the supermarket chain, for several years now. To the best of my knowledge they do not employ a single gay manager and they are certainly hostile to the gay community. I would speculate that the company does not employ a single transgender individual in any capacity. It's all perfectly legal in the state of Florida.

However, Miami-Dade County has a nondiscrimination ordinance and Miami Beach has a nondiscrimination ordinance. Some of Publix' actions could very well be illegal. Publix has three stores in South Beach alone. I am working on something locally but that is going to take some time.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dueling money-begs and a possible IRS violation

Brian S. Brown
I have two simultaneous money-begs from Brian S. Brown. One for International Organization for the Family claiming “we're still behind and running low on time” which refers to a matching funds scam.

Brown, by the way, claims to be Moldova in preparation for the next World Congress of Families event. In the past, WCF has been funded by Russian oligarchs “off the books.” In other words their money goes directly to the event without first going to Brown's organization. I think that they are violating the tax code. I am trying to get an answer from the Service using a hypothetical. If an event is under their auspices then the contributions and expenses might have to appear on Howard Center's ledgers.

David Ermold lost his Rowan County primary

David Ermold
David Ermold is a courageous guy. He demanded a marriage license from Kim Davis. More recently Ermold, an English teacher, sought to oppose Davis in November in her quest for another term as Rowan County Clerk.

Ermold's sexual orientation was never a campaign issue. Democrats advanced a candidate, Elwood Caudill Jr., who they thought had the best potential to oust Davis (a former Democrat) and then serve as an effective county clerk. Caudill is a 20-year employee of the county's property valuation office and a fourth-generation Rowan County resident. He received 54% of the vote to Ermold's 25%.

No - A trans woman did not sue a spa over refusal to wax her genitals

Hate-site LifeSiteNews has an ongoing effort to shame and smear LGBT people. The folks at LSN see themselves as Defenders of the Faith and Warriors for Christ. Why else would their Lianne Laurence run a story tiled: Trans ‘woman’ sues spa over Muslim woman’s refusal to wax his genitals?

Every day people at LSN attempt to hurt others who have done them no harm in order to assert the validity of their religious dogma. Intentionally harming other people is inexcusable. At least it should be. It is also irrational which often means that people feel threatened. The threat is confirmation that the world does not conform to those ancient texts. Most of us have already figured that out, usually when we were children.

It is important for the folks at LSN to use incorrect pronouns and smear quotation marks when referring to trans people. It is their petty way of demonstrating disapproval. As in:

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Must hate group personnel be so damned stupid about gender?

Tim Wildmon
Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon - American Family Association
According to the blog of American Family Association (an anti-LGBT hate group): Another study refutes LGBT argument:
A new study proves once again that the transgender movement is scientifically wrong and is denying the Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmontruth.
How can one fucking sentence be so wrong in so many ways? It is not a new study. It was published in February, 2017. Being transgender is not part of a movement and the study has no bearing on either gender dysphoria or gender affirmation. A link to the Israeli study is in the AFA piece. Author Charlie Butts did not have sufficient curiosity to click on the very link that he formatted. If he had then he would know that it is not a new study.

Hate group back on Target fetish

Target Corporation store in Miami.
It should be obvious by now that Target has no intention of changing an LGBT policy that AFA does not like.
American Family Association has sent out an email: Stay 'Off Target' for Summer Shopping. Target, by the way, reported a small earnings miss this morning. However, revenues beat estimates which means that AFA's silly two-year boycott is a dismal failure.

A boycott is an economic lever. The objective of a boycott is for the targeted company to change behavior or policy. AFA wants Target to stop allowing customers to use restrooms consistent with their gender identity. Target Corporation has basically told the mullahs at AFA to assume that impossible anatomical position. The boycott is, as I said, a dismal failure. However, it is impossible to convince Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon of the obvious.

Bigoted Notre Dame law prof laments that he is "cannot hide" from marriage equality

Gerard V. Bradley
Notre Dame law professor Gerard V. Bradley has some interesting ideas about the value of his approval and effect of his disapproval
Wednesday, Notre Dame law professor, Gerard V. Bradley writes: Learning to Live with Same-Sex Marriage? The outlet for this tirade is Witherspoon Institute's blog and Bradley is a senior fellow at that ultra conservative Catholic organization.

Apparently Mr. Bradley is unable to live with marriage equality. The very existence of married gay couples is profoundly offensive to him and he is struggling with the reality. I doubt that he understands just how offensive he is. The lawyerly language cannot mask some appalling bigotry. I'll get there but first —