Thursday, February 26, 2015

A new "victim" is ripening

Jenye Knox
In October of 2011 Jenye Knox, a teacher in Union Township, NJ thought that it was a good idea to post the following to her Facebook page:
Why parade your unnatural immoral behaviors before the rest of us?" I do not have to tolerate anything others wish to do. I do have to love and speak and do what's right!
She also wrote, among many other things, that homosexuality is a "perverted spirit" and "unnatural immoral behavior." 

Jeb Bush schedules meeting with hate group leader who has ties to the Klan

Jeb Bush has hired the snarky Tim Miller, the openly gay executive director of America Rising PAC,  as his campaign’s communications director. However, according to Salon, Bush has also scheduled a meeting with Tony Perkins tomorrow (Friday). Does Mr. Bush not know that Perkins' organization, Family Research Council is a certified anti-gay hate group? Mr. Perkins is a bigot. In addition to homophobia, Perkins has given speeches to white supremacist organizations and has direct ties to the Klan.

NOM's Brian Brown counts his "blessings" - literally

Brian S. Brown

The word “blessings,” to the devout, means God's favor or protection. To Brian Brown the word means donations to NOM's lost cause. Does Mr. Brown believe that money mailed to NOM is heaven sent? Does God get a tax deduction? Wouldn't it have been much easier for God to cause different outcomes than what National Organization for Marriage has experienced? He could have done that, right?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

NOM's Brian Brown gets his wick wet over survey conducted for Family Research Council

Brian Brown, head of the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage has found a new shiny object — a poll conducted for the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council. According to the poll, conducted by Wilson Perkins Allen (WPA), a majority of Americans oppose same-sex marriage and a larger majority oppose the Supreme Court deciding that there is a right to same-sex marriage.

Other clients of WPA include Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), former batshit Congressman Allen West (R-Florida) and current congressmen Joe Heck (R-Nevada) and Mike Pence (R-Indiana). Other than Joe Heck there seems to be a pattern to the lack of mental hygiene of WPA's notable clients.

Todd Starnes interviews our favorite Washington State florist

Todd Starnes
According to Fox's Todd Starnes “Christian Florist Won't Play Judas by Betraying Jesus for Money in Gay Wedding Flap.” Oh my! Starnes goes on to write:
"You are asking me to walk in the way of a well-known betrayer, one who sold something of infinite worth for 30 pieces of silver," Stutzman wrote in a letter to state Attorney General Bob Ferguson. "That is something I will not do."

Ferguson had offered to settle the case if she paid a $2,000 penalty for violating the Consumer Protection Act, a $1 payment for costs and fees, and agreed not to discriminate in the future.
"I certainly don't relish the idea of losing my business, my homes and everything else that your lawsuit threatens to take from my family, but my freedom to honor God in doing what I do best is more important," Stutzman wrote in a letter to the attorney general.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

NOM: "What We're Fighting For" - to meet payroll?

NOM deserves a DNR sign on the door. According to the latest money-beg from National Organization for Marriage they are fighting for Barronelle Stutzman. Stutzman, you may recall, is the Washington State florist who refused service to a gay couple and was sued by the state. Stutzman was recently given the opportunity to settle this matter for a nominal sum but she persists. Presumably if she had a real lawyer, rather than Alliance Defending Freedom, she would have put this matter behind her but she prefers to be a martyr for the faith.

Witherspoon Institute publishes an anti-gay book

The anti-gay (and Opus Dei) Witherspoon Institute has published a book; No Differences? How Children in Same-Sex Households Fare. I am certain that it is a can't-put-it-down page turner.

No Differences has a purpose which is to trot out the discredited research of investigators (all Defenders of the Faith) who conclude that gay couples are crappy parents ergo gay marriage is a bad idea. I would note that Witherspoon financed at least one of these studies performed by Mark Regnerus. Regnerus' conclusions were so flawed that his own professional association, the American Sociological Association, took him to task with a countering amicus brief in United States v. Windsor.

We know about this book because one of its authors, John Londregan, decided to tout the tome on Witherspoon's blog. Londregan,, a professor at Princeton University, claims: