Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Log Cabin has gone completely insane

I must have missed this bit of batshittery. According to the AP, the Log Cabin Republicans of Nevada filed a complaint on Oct. 2 with the state attorney general alleging that Clark County officials illegally issued same-sex marriage licenses before the state's gay marriage ban was struck down earlier this month.

Now they want to withdraw the complaint. According to Ed Williams, president of the Nevada group, the Log Cabin Republicans support gay marriage. But Williams says it was important that it be done legally. Awww.

So let me see if I understand this. While the matter was still being resolved by the Ninth Circuit, while Monte Neil Stewart was doing the crazy things that Monte Neil Stewart does to oppose marriage equality, these folks' priority was to whine about marriage licenses that might have been issued too early? That was at the top of their list.

Now they are claiming that Houston's officials are guilty of fraud

Houston Skyline
Today on American Family Association's "news" blog, Pastor Steve Riggle of Grace Community Church, who is one of five pastors subpoenaed, claims that the city committed fraud. They also claim to have gathered more than 50,000 signatures in total. The bottom line to all this animus is that the city passed a non-discrimination ordinance that these folks don't like. Add a lesbian (the mayor) and a Jew (the city attorney) as actors in denying ballot certification and they are enraged.

According to the City Secretary Anna Russell the petitioners submitted about 600 more signatures than the 17,269 required to get a referendum on the November ballot. So we are looking at fewer that 18,000 valid signatures, not 50,000.

NOM on Girgis' sophomoric argument

Sherif Girgis
Yesterday I wrote: “Even Sherif Girgis' piece on Witherspoon's blog last night isn't worth the effort. It's one of those ‘the kid's wrong — so what?’” Today, the folks at National Organization for Marriage are doing “eureka” in unison over Girgis' essay. Hence it's worth a little time to deal with the bit that NOM finds so appealing. NOM re-quotes;
The Supreme Court closely scrutinizes policies involving racial, sexual, and other "suspect" classifications. But unlike almost every other classification imaginable, marriage laws use a criterion necessarily linked to an inherently good social purpose that we didn't just invent. This criterion isn't truly suspect and shouldn't get heightened scrutiny.
The primary question regarding the definition of marriage is not whether any particular class of individuals (gay, straight, male, female) has a special link to the common good, but whether certain couples do. And it shifts the burden of proof onto those who would find no such link.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

OMG: Tony Perkins + Glenn Beck + The Robertsons together at last

I can scarcely contain the stream of sarcastic profanity. This is part of this evening's email from Family Research Council. A Paddling of Schmucks. None of this crap is even true.

AFA's Buddy Smith claims that our mission is to destroy marriage

On Monday, two couples filed suit in federal court seeking recognition of same-sex marriage in Mississippi which is home to American Family Association. In  AFA's “news” blog AFA VP, Buddy Smith, is quoted as saying:
… it's coming from a very radical group that not only intends to redefine marriage, but from an understanding of the Bible of what marriage is they simply want to destroy it. It's a mission of destruction.

Ryan T. Anderson and the dead stalking horse he is beating

Ryan T. Anderson
Ryan T. Anderson
Ryan T, Anderson, a staunch Defender of the Faith®, is still trying to convince others (and perhaps himself) that there is something unconstitutional about all of the rulings that support same-sex marriage. Now he blames President Obama and liberals in general. Writing in the Daily Signal (which is a Heritage Foundation blog disguised as a news site):
This is a case study in how liberals “evolve” on policy. First they embrace a policy change. If they can’t convince a majority of Americans to vote for their preferred policy, they discover that the Constitution requires their preferred policy. So, according to the Obama of today, the Obama of early 2012 held an unconstitutional view of marriage. Or, perhaps, it wasn’t unconstitutional back then but it is now.

Apparently lawyers at ADF are proficient mind readers

liar liar
Today Alliance Defending Freedom has once again claimed that the city of Houston has issued subpoenas to local pastors for the purpose of silencing and intimidating them. That is unsupported conjecture that ADF states as fact. The continue to personally attack the mayor of Houston.

ADF, a Christianist legal group, is representing a few ministers who were subpoenaed for records in Houston. Those are records pertaining to signature gathering for a failed attempt to put an initiative (to repeal the city's anti-discrimination ordinance) on the ballot. The city is a defendant in a lawsuit claiming that it improperly invalidated signatures.