Monday, August 3, 2020

Heritage Foundation Shill "Exposes" the "Chicago Gun Myth"

A self-serving preface
Fortunately gun violence is an abstraction for the overwhelming majority of people. Gun crusaders never seem to have been victims of gun violence. The folks who propose that the solution to gun violence is more guns are not people who have been shot. I could have been carrying an Uzi and some hand grenades and the result would have been the same.

I will go to my grave with acute PTSD which frustrates daily functioning. I will also be in physical pain. Receiving the product of a .45 point-blank in the back is inherently unhealthy.
Moving along …

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Instead of complaining about and the SPLC ...

Common sense suggests there are better ways to be removed from the SPLC's list of hate groups than attacking the SPLC.
Tony Perkins, Family Research Council
Tony Perkins is like a deadbeat who blames the credit bureau for his terrible credit which is due to his nonpayment of bills.

Friday and once again Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins of Family Research Council is complaining about the Southern Poverty Law Center. He is also grumbling about the fact that relies on the SPLC for eligibility to participate in its Amazon Smile charitable program. Amazon Smile excludes hate groups.

In 2018 the Amazonsmile Foundation distributed $37.5 million to worthwhile charities. Poor Tony Perkins is not getting his share. Would it not be easier simply to stop acting like an anti-LGBTQ hate group?

Friday, July 31, 2020

Why Is FRC So Terrified By Factual Information?

According to Family Research Council, science isn't scientific and it is dangerous.
An e-pamphlet from Family Research Council
I have an email from Tony Perkins, leader of Family Research Council, an anti-LGBTQ hate group. The intent of the email is to induce people to make donations to FRC. The title of the email is Guess what public schools are teaching? Hint: It's not education! Most of my readers can anticipate what is coming.

The email provides a link to an FRC e-pamphlet titled Sex Education in Public Schools: Sexualization of Children and LGBT Indoctrination. The diatribe, written by Cathy Ruse, was posted in April.

Presumably the folks at Family Research Council realize that sex-ed doesn't have the ability to turn kiddies into Richard Simmons or Caitlyn Jenner. Neither sexual orientation nor gender identity are subject to influence. Both have biological components.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Abigail Shrier Admits Her Shortcomings

Abigail Shrier
via YouTube
Thursday, Abigail Shrier has made an important admission.

Abigail Shrier is the author of Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters. That book has become beloved by the Christian right because Shrier makes the case that young females can be influenced to become transgender. 

If influence can make someone trans then conversion therapy should be able to make a transgender person cisgender. The validation of conversion therapy is important because it serves as a pretext for discrimination.

Shrier was interviewed by two of the far-right Heritage Foundation's propagandists: Virginia Allen and Lauren Evans. You would not expect them to ask tough questions and they did not.

Heritage Foundation employs the ultimate anti-transgender crackpot, Ryan T. Anderson. The organization embraces all of the anti-trans BS regardless of the absence of evidence.

At some point in the discussion, Shrier says this:
My book jumps off from the work of public health researcher Lisa Littman at Brown University, who found that all of a sudden adolescent girls, a demographic that had never experienced gender dysphoria, the severe discomfort in one’s biological sex, had never experienced this in any real numbers, all of a sudden had become the predominant demographic.

This Pretty Little Girl Scares the Crap Out of Christian Fundamentalists

Kai Shappley
Kai Shappley | via Netflix
Kai Shappley looks innocent enough. She seems harmless as well. An online search reveals no criminal record for the nine-year-old. Yet, American Decency Association has a problem with little Miss Shappley. An email for ADA is titled: Don't Trust the Baby-Sitters Club.

Their problem; their major malfunction; their neuroses are due to the fact that Kai Shappley is a transgender girl. American Decency Association (ADA) is an assumed name for Michigan Federation for Decency, formerly known as American Family Association of Michigan.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Sprigg of the Yukon

Peter Sprigg
Peter Sprigg of Family Research Council takes his one man bigotry show on the road. Alaska was a recent stop in the tour.
A right wing blogger who runs a minuscule 501(c)4 — Suzanne Downing — writes: Assembly to look at limiting First Amendment rights of therapists and clients. That is the demagogic version of the City of Anchorage is considering a ban on pediatric conversion therapy.

I have written enough about conversion therapy to simply state that it is ineffective and harmful pseudoscience. There is no peer-reviewed research in support of what amounts to voodoo.

In addition to the inherent harms, conversion therapy serves as a pretext for prejudice and oppression.

Brian S. Brown Should Consider the Fraternal Birth Order Effect

In an email sent on Wednesday, Brian S. Brown, on behalf of National Organization for Marriage, is at it again. Brown is engaged in a continuing effort to raise funds by denigrating gender-diverse kids.

Before I get into this, I am reminded that the Fraternal Birth Order Effect is validated science. For every older brother a male child has, there is a 33% increase in the naturally occurring odds of the male child being gay. How many of Brown's nine children are boys? What are the cumulative odds that his youngest son is gay? How would Brown respond?

A couple of days ago, via Twitter, Brian S. Brown asked me a rhetorical question: “Angry, much?” Yes, I am angry. I get very pissed off that religious conservatives are trying to marginalize exceptionally vulnerable gender-diverse children.