Thursday, April 19, 2018

NOM: 'please read. don't delete'

Money Down the Crapper
I really should be cheering them on. Money sent NOM's way could be used far more perniciously.
It is inconceivable that anyone would even think of deleting one of Brian S. Brown's daily pleas for money. I have missed commenting on a couple of these (Brian wore me out). Brown even has others forwarding the same email to the same people who must also be worn out by now. Just how deep is the water in that wishing well? By now they must be at kiddie-pool levels.
Last week I you let know that we were going to need to cut key programs without your help.

So who's up for a book burning in California?

Calvin Freiburger has informed me that writing for LifeSiteNews is his day job. That explains everything. He hasn't enhanced his intellectual standing by writing: California set to vote on banning books about treating unwanted homosexual attraction. Freiburger is not the first and he likely won't be the last Defender of the Faith™ to make this preposterous claim. It originated with David French. Mr. Freiburger should think for himself. He might also do some research.

French, who has at times been associated with the hate group Alliance Defending Freedom, has written that bans on conversion therapy are an attack on freedom of speech and (of course) religious freedom. The case law does not agree. In Welch v. Brown the Supreme Court refused to consider a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that bans on conversion therapy do not interfere with religious freedom.

Dr. Kristina Olson knows a thing or two about trans kids

Dr. Kristina Olson
Dr. Kristina Olson at University of Washington started the TransYouth project in 2013 and has recruited over 300 children as participants
Dr. Kristina Olson has been named winner of the National Science Federation's Alan T. Waterman Award. It is the government's highest honor for scientists still in the early phases of their careers. The award comes with a $1 million grant which Olson will use to continue her study of transgender children.

This is important for all LGBT people and our allies. The process of pushing back on superstition with science is as important as the research itself. As I will explain, some people remain confused (perhaps willfully) regarding the difference between faith and science.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Katy Faust appealing to China - New appeal, same old BS

Katy Faust
Katy Faust produces another anti-gay tirade
According to Kay Faust of Ask the Bigot fame, Hey China, I’m an American Traditional Marriage Supporter. No you are not. You are a marriage equality opponent trying to re-frame a negative into a positive. It's all rather pedestrian and intellectually dishonest. The narrative continues:
My name is Katy Faust. I live in Seattle. I have gay friends and family who I love. And I support traditional marriage. I know that you have probably heard that people who oppose gay marriage are narrow-minded, or bigoted, or are even afraid of gay people. Maybe you think that everyone in the West supports gay marriage, and that those who don’t just can’t handle progress. But that’s all wrong. Let me tell you why.

Peter LaBarbera and Brian Camenker set a shining example for good citizenship

Peter LaBarbera and Brian Camenker
Peter LaBarbera (L) and Brian Camenker are both amoral. Laws that everyone else must obey do not seem to apply to them
If someone is going to lecture us about morality, the first obligation is to be law abiding. Peter LaBarbera (AFTAH) is a tax cheat and Brian Camenker (MassResistance) has a long history of noncompliance with Massachusetts law as detailed below.

But first, I received an email from Peter LaBarbera. As most of you know by now the notorious anti-LGBT crackpot has joined MassResistance as an assistant director, whatever that means. LaBarbera's Americans for Truth About Homosexuality will continue to exist. MassResistance and AFTAH are both designated as hate groups by Southern Poverty Law Center.

To promote conversion therapy, Peter Sprigg claims that being gay is a health hazard

Peter Sprigg
Peter Sprigg seems determined to ensure that his employer, Family Research Council, is designated a hate group in perpetuity
Wednesday, WMFY, a CBS affiliate in Greensboro, NC has a very good piece on conversion “therapy.” According to the article, nearly 50 bills have been introduced in 24 states targeting the discredited practice. 11 states plus the District of Columbia already have laws on the books and there are more than 40 municipal bans.

But where oh where does one turn for counterpoint? To The Sprigg of course:
Foes of bans say there is no precedent to outlaw this kind of therapy. "We think people should have the freedom to pursue their own goals in therapy, and therapists should be free to assist them," said Peter Sprigg, a senior fellow at the Family Research Council.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Blood-boiler: Miranda Blue explains how Focus on the Family became a church

Focus on the Family convinced the Internal Revenue Service that it is a church. In doing so, they destroy the very fabric of nonprofit organization law. Focus on the Family is not a church and the IRS should not have relented under pressure from Focus' lawyers.

Read Miranda's excellent work here.