Saturday, October 25, 2014

Now John Eastman wants to fleece taxpayers

John Eastman
With John Eastman as its chairman and lead attorney, it's easy to see how National Organization for Marriage spent $700 thousand in legal fees to get back only $50 thousand. Now Eastman wants state officials to squander taxpayer money in a similar fashion for no discernible purpose whatsoever. According to the AP last Thursday;
John Eastman, chairman of the anti-gay marriage National Organization for Marriage, agreed with [Sarah] Warbelow [HRC legal director] that federal judges [in Kansas, South Carolina and Montana] almost certainly will rule to allow same-sex marriages. But Eastman urged state officials to continue to put up a legal fight until the Supreme Court decides the issue one way or the other.

"Until the Supreme Court decides it, this remains a viable option," Eastman said.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Blowhard Bill Donohue is scare mongering again

William A. Donohue
Blowhard Bill Donohue is scare mongering that houses of worship could be forced to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. It is patently absurd and I suspect that Blowhard Bill knows better. It is blatantly dishonest.

Donohue is a divorced man who has taken it upon himself to be the apologist for the Catholic Church in America. This is not just a hobby. In 2012, Blowhard Bill was paid $465,000 to run a $3.7 million organization. That nearly 13% which is way out of line. Nevertheless if his board and donors are willing, more power to him. But I digress. Today Blowhard Bill writes:

Elaine Donnelly is VERY angry with the Department of Defense

Elaine Donnelly is mad as hell that the US military is surveying LGB service members to see how they are fairing since the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. According to American Family Association's “news” blog Donnelly “contends the survey only cares about the opinions of a group that makes up less than one percent of the military.” Seriously, that's her beef. Donnelly goes on to explain:
It really is a ludicrous concept to single out a special-interest, very tiny minority and proclaim the intent to survey the opinions only of that group to the exclusion of everyone else. The administration has misused the military in many ways. This is just another example.

Houston, we have a hate fest

Brian Brown
Brian Brown dropped in on my inbox last night to tell me that National Organization for Marriage is a partner in I Stand Sunday, which is scheduled for November 2. As usual, Mr. Brown is rather loose with the facts.
Five pastors and churches in have had their internal church communications subpoenaed by Mayor Annise Parker. This is part of an intimidation campaign that comes amidst a lawsuit brought by citizens against the city of Houston after a petition from residents was basically thrown out by the city administration.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

NOM v IRS discussed in Forbes - will NOM continue to remain silent?

Peter J. Reilly, a CPA writes about tax matters for Forbes. He provides a very good summary of NOM v. IRS today titled National Organization For Marriage - No Recovery Of Attorney Fees In Case Against IRS  (Jeremy and I get mentions). Reilly eventually gets to the point:
Looking at NOM, however, you have to wonder what they were up to dumping 700 grand into this case which is entirely tangential to their mission of supporting traditional marriage.  NOM grossed $7,207,412 in 2011 and $11,052,833 in 2012, so  $691,025 is a lot of money to put into a litigation lottery ticket.

Why is the right celebrating something that will get undone shortly?

Peter Sprigg - FRC
Why is this guy smiling?
According to Peter Sprigg at Family Research Council, U. S. District Court Judge Juan M. Pérez-Giménez of Puerto Rico has a monopoly on legal wisdom:
The fundamental basis of the opinion by Judge Pérez-Giménez was a simple one, but one that most of the other courts addressing this issue have sidestepped—namely, that there is already binding Supreme Court precedent on whether the U.S. Constitution requires states to permit “marriages” of same-sex couples, and the answer is, “No.”

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Log Cabin has gone completely insane

I must have missed this bit of batshittery. According to the AP, the Log Cabin Republicans of Nevada filed a complaint on Oct. 2 with the state attorney general alleging that Clark County officials illegally issued same-sex marriage licenses before the state's gay marriage ban was struck down earlier this month.

Now they want to withdraw the complaint. According to Ed Williams, president of the Nevada group, the Log Cabin Republicans support gay marriage. But Williams says it was important that it be done legally. Awww.

So let me see if I understand this. While the matter was still being resolved by the Ninth Circuit, while Monte Neil Stewart was doing the crazy things that Monte Neil Stewart does to oppose marriage equality, these folks' priority was to whine about marriage licenses that might have been issued too early? That was at the top of their list.