Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Archbishop Cordileone takes a turn at the shovel

Archbishop Salvatore Cordeileone in "Palace Casual"
Expressions of compassion for people with "same-sex attraction."

For San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, one of the architects of the now deceased Proposition 8, appearance is everything. The bishop is an ambitious member of the court who wants to be a cardinal some day.

In a statement released on Monday (see below), Cordileone speaks of;
... reiterating the Church's love and welcome to all people, especially those who experience same sex attraction ... Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Well I'm convinced - Ryan T. Anderson confirms Ted Cruz' concerns for religious freedom

Ryan T. Anderson
Ryan T. Anderson, Defender of the Faith, has squandered an Ivy League education. In today's National Review piece, titled Yes, Threats to Religious Liberty Happen Here, Anderson starts:
Some on the left are criticizing Senator Ted Cruz’s recent comments about how the drive to redefine marriage may threaten religious freedom — but a closer inspection of the issue reveals his worries were accurate, prescient, and maybe even too cautious.
The reliably nutty Ted Cruz said that clergy who refuse to marry same-sex couples could be accused of engaging in hate speech. Cruz claimed that this was happening in other countries.

Cruz is certifiably crazy and Anderson, a presumed Opus Deist, is blinded by faith.

New Boy Scouts alternative - No Jews or Gays Allowed

John Stemberger, head of the virulently anti-gay Florida Family Policy Council is coordinating the formation of an alternative to the Boy Scouts of America. Stemberger is determined to have a Scouting program that is limited to heterosexual Chrisitans. This chart was posted today on Stemberger's OnMyHonor website.
h/t Jeremy-Good As You
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The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce is having a convention at a discriminatory hotel chain property

The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce meeting at the Omni Dallas Hotel began this morning. There are nearly 600 registrants not counting local attendees.

First of all, at this point why is any gay organization having a convention in a marriage discrimination state?

Secondly, why Omni? There are eleven hotel chains that score 90 or above in Human Rights Campaign corporate equality index.

Omni chooses not to participate in the HRC survey and reportedly does not provide partner benefits.

Our community can be profoundly self-destructive at times. 600 conventioneers could have provided a considerable economic incentive.

The always creepy John Eastman is upset with Ohio ruling allowing dying man to marry his partner

John Eastman
You would think that National Organization for Marriage would have enough common sense not to obsess over a dying man's final wish to marry.

Nevertheless, NOM's chairman, John Eastman, cannot resist the need to express his disapproval of a federal judge. The talking points are disingenuous:
The Supreme Court said that the states are supposed to be the primary place where marriage policy is set and this judge has just replaced Ohio's policy with his own ... This ruling flies in the face of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling and will be ultimately overturned.

I thought that the Pope's words were far more degrading than conciliatory

Frankly, I am not all that interested in what the Pope says one way or the other.

Apparently, the Pope was responding to a question about the so-called “gay lobby” in the Vatican. The best translation of the Pope's words seems to be:
A gay person who is seeking God, who is of good will—well, who am I to judge him? The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains this very well. It says one must not marginalize these persons, they must be integrated into society. The problem isn’t this (homosexual) orientation—we must be like brothers and sisters. The problem is something else, the problem is lobbying either for this orientation or a political lobby or a Masonic lobby.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Same-sex marriage causes heterosexuals to stop procreating

If gays can marry, perhaps heterosexuals have headaches? Or they use more condoms? Viagra loses its potency? Porn doesn't work anymore?

National Organization for Marriage is promoting a post about anti-gay protesters in Pennsylvania. Sadly, they display a photograph showing all of six protesters, carrying nonsensical signs, and five reporters.

California: One month of Marriage Equality - Begging some questions

wrath of god
One month ago today California became an equal marriage state. Presumably that's enough time to ask a couple of questions:
  1. How many traditional marriages have been wrecked? Getting caught banging the babysitter doesn't count. I am interested in direct cause and effect.
  2. Have we suffered God's wrath? It's obvious that the sky hasn't fallen. I am wondering if we were hit by any comet strikes, perchance a rogue wave. Has any part of California dropped off into the Pacific?
For years Maggie Gallagher spouted that "there are consequences to gay marriage."  Well here's another opportunity for Sister Margaret.

Gay Olympian opposes boycott of Games - So what?

Doing the right thing should be more important than medals.

New Zealand Stuff reports:
An openly gay Kiwi Olympian says more will be gained for gay rights by attending next year's Winter Olympics in Russia than boycotting them.

Christchurch speed skater Blake Skjellerup opposes calls by North American gay-rights activists for the Games in Sochi to be shunned after the country passed legislation banning ''gay propaganda''.
''I have full trust in the International Olympic Committee that they will guarantee my safety.''
What a self-centered schmuck.

What the HELL are we doing?

Russian LGBT rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev
 Russian LGBT rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev being punched in spite of police
The guy who threw the punch was not arrested
Homosexuality was decriminalized in Russia 20 years ago. It has been re-criminalized. In effect, it is illegal to be gay in the Russian Federation

I am a Jew. I loathe Third Reich references which minimize the horrors of the Holocaust. Nevertheless, as an issue of fact Putin's latest crackdown is remarkably similar to the Nuremberg Laws of 1935. The Nuremberg Laws were based on racial pseudo-science. Putin's laws are based on sexual pseudo-science. The laws are sufficiently ambiguous to mean whatever someone wants them to mean.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

CBN: 'Open Season on Christians after Pro-Gay Rulings'

Oh the poor 76 percent majority.

Religion in the United States
For years conservative Christians complained that same-sex marriage had some mystical effect on traditional marriage. When that stopped working – it never made any sense to begin with – they shifted to the "religious liberty" theme.

The new definition of religious liberty is the right to discriminate against gay people in public accommodations because of one's own religious beliefs. Aside from the fact that this has nothing to do with marriage equality, the special rights that they are seeking would effectively invalidate every anti-discrimination law and ordinance in the United States. Religion would be an excuse (as it was in the past) to discriminate against just about anyone for any reason.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Disturbing Video Shows Russian Gay Teen Being Outed and Then Beaten by Neo-Nazi Thugs

This is what Putin's LGBT crackdown looks and sounds like.

The kid in this video is apparently 15 years old. The thugs force him to out himself on camera, give his full name, his parents' names and identify his school. After 20 minutes of taunting he is doused with a bottle of urine and kicked.

h/t Rothaus

Marin County Republican Party Supports Marriage Equality

In an effort to rebuild its reputation (and probably its very existence) the Marin County Republican Central Committee has come out in full support of same-sex marriage. This is believed to be the first time that any GOP county central committee has endorsed marriage equality.

Marin County is located in the North San Francisco Bay Area. Supporting marriage equality is part of a two to three year development plan to revitalize the GOP in the county.

NOMnuts - Arkansas Edition

Salted NOMnuts
National Organization for Marriage correctly observes: “The Associated Press reports that hot on the heels of the recent U.S. Supreme Court’s Prop 8 decision, three same-sex couples in Arkansas have filed a federal lawsuit asking that the state’s ban on gay marriage be overturned.”

Turns out that Kirk Cameron's movie trailer was never censored by Facebook

Kirk Cameron
Even more than God, it seems that Christians adore being victims.

Remember when Kirk Cameron was claiming that Facebook "banned" the trailer of his Christian movie, Unstoppable (not to be confused with the recent thriller starring Denzel Washington)? Apparently, the movie's promotional domain name was flooding visitors with spam which caused Facebook's evil Jews to auto-flag posts.

Janet Boynes seeking ex-gay TV characters from Disney

Ex-gay-for-pay Janet Boynes is not happy with the homosexual agenda®. According to her; “As we sit and watch TV, all we see is the homosexual community taking over the airwaves.” Writing for Charisma News, Boynes asks: Are Your Kids Being Deceived by Gay Propaganda? 

According to Boynes:
One Million Moms should push for Disney and many other shows to air a show with a person that has left the life of homosexuality. When have we seen this kind of lifestyle being shown in a positive light on Lifetime movies, in secular media, on Capitol Hill, at the White House or on any other television show, for that matter?

Lawyer sues Tulane over Christian survey on oral sex

Blow Job
An attorney sued Tulane University, claiming his alma mater defamed him and barred him from campus because he asked a campus police officer in a sauna whether he likes blow jobs — as part of a "Christian survey."

Something that most people do when they are naked in a sauna. Right?

Read the rest at CNS

J. Matt Barber - Constitutional Power Lawyer

J. Matt Barber seems to think that he is Ted Olson's legal peer. 

Matt Barber
I was struck by part of an article (an anti-gay screed of course) on WND:
An attorney whose work on constitutional issues is well known says such conflicts shouldn’t happen. Matt Barber, vice president for Liberty Counsel Action, told WND that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is supreme, and local ordinances that demand people violate its precepts must fall.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

NOM's "Poor Us" in Desperation and Despair

National Organization for Marriage has never been short of self-victimization. Now, it seems, they believe their own BS.

NOM seems to want underdog status. That seems to be the inspiration for their blog post, The Lawlessness of Gay Marriage Activists is on Full Display.
It's lawless — but it's executed by courts, politicians, and legal officials being pushed by powerful gay marriage activists to abandon their oath of office to uphold the Constitution and the law. In the eyes of our opponents, and increasingly among their allies, the right of homosexuals to "marry" trumps everything else — including the rule of law!

Mazel Tov: Larry Kramer got married

... albeit in the hospital where he is recovering from surgery.

Larry Kramer, the award-winning playwright of “The Normal Heart” and longtime gay rights advocate, married his partner, David Webster, on Wednesday in the intensive care unit of NYU Langone Medical Center, where Mr. Kramer has been recovering from surgery for a bowel obstruction. Mr. Webster, in a telephone interview on Thursday, said the couple had set the wedding date a few weeks earlier, before Mr. Kramer’s health flare-up.

Read the rest at the New York Times

All you need to know about Paul McHugh's piece on Witherspoon's blog

Paul R. McHugh
Paul R. McHugh has posted his opposition to ENDA on Witherspoon Institute's blog. It's a shame because 82 year-old  McHugh, a psychiatrist, used to be a highly regarded professor at Johns Hopkins. Nevertheless, as we have seen before, religious belief trumps science. He would not be posting an article to the blog of an organization affiliated with Opus Dei were he not a zealot — a defender of the faith and would be Knight Templar. McHugh writes:
The Employment Non-Discrimination Act would equate sexual orientation and gender identity, ambiguous and malleable concepts, with immutable features like race, color, and ethnicity as classes worthy of special legal protection.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

God Hates Hags - Linda Harvey

Linda Harvey
As RightWingWatch reported:

[Linda] Harvey hopes listeners [to her radio show] tell the kids of same-sex couples that they should urge their parents to become ex-gays: “No one has to pursue a homosexual lifestyle and anyone with sense and genuine love for both the child and for our God and for his plans for us will tell that child the truth: lots of people have left homosexual desires and behavior to live lives consistent with the way God clearly made us.”

I don't know if Ms. Harvey has any children but I think that my readers should try to find them in order to tell them to urge her to either find a deprogrammer or spend a few weeks in a decent (secular) library. This woman is usually wrong and never uncertain. She makes Sarah Palin sound like Dr. Paul Krugmann.

Curacao tourist board trolling for gay weddings - NOT SO FAST

For all the "welcoming" language in their press release today, Curacao remains a questionable destination for gay tourists and honeymooners:
Jul 24, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The southern Caribbean island of Curacao, one of the most welcoming Caribbean islands for gay travelers, proudly joins the LGBT community in celebrating the recent decision to overturn the "Defense of Marriage Act". Curacao has long welcomed the world's LGBT community to its tropical paradise, offering a friendly, safe, and inclusive experience for all travelers. The island's "melting pot" history has led to a progressive 'live and let live' philosophy that makes Curacao the ideal destination for Caribbean commitment ceremonies and honeymoons.

Nutty Ted Cruz warns of hate speech allegations for pastors who oppose same-sex marriage

Ted Cruz
Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is a well educated man. He is either one of the most cynical human beings on the planet or absolutely bat crap crazy.

Why Cruz does what he does is irrelevant. Whether he is pandering to the cracked Teapots or has a critical personality disorder is of little importance. Cruz is warning that clergy who refuse to marry same-sex couples could be accused of engaging in hate speech. He told David Brody of CBN:

Supporters of Marriage Equality in Oregon Launch Petition Drive

Marriage equality organizers will start collection signatures on Friday.

116,000 valid signatures are required to put marriage equality on the 2014 ballot. This would replace a 2004 constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman. The 2004 measure passed with a 57% plurality.

Poll results generally favor equality. Odds are also improved by the fact that neighboring Washington and California are now equal marriage states. A year from now it will be evident that they are still firmly attached to the West Coast of the United States in spite of "homosexual 'marriage.'"

Judge halts Christian prayers at county meetings

Establishment Clause
U.S. District Judge James Beaty in Winston-Salem has blocked Rowan County, North Carolina commissioners from opening board meetings by praying "in Jesus' name."  According to the ruling the sectarian prayers embrace a specific religion which likely violates the First Amendment's religious liberty guarantee.

Mat Staver continues his battle to sustain the now defunct California Proposition 8

June 11, 1963: Gov. George Wallace stands in the schoolhouse
door attempting to block the desegregation of Univ. of Alabama
Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver lives in a universe that he alone has created.

We have seen this movie before at the stand in the schoolhouse door. After the Supreme Court ruling in Brown v Board of Education, Governor George Wallace confronted Deputy US Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach to symbolically prevent the admission of two black students to the University of Alabama. Is this what Mr. Staver expects of Governor Brown?

Study: Family Type Not a Predictor of Bonding Between Lesbian, Gay, or Heterosexual Parents and Adopted Children

A new study finds that bonding patterns between parents and their adopted children can be attributed to a variety of factors, such as the child’s age at placement, but finds that bonding does not vary according to family type, according to a new study by Williams Institute Visiting Scholar, Abbie E. Goldberg (co-authors are researchers April M. Moyer and Lori A. Kinkler). Other factors that played a role in the bonding between parents and their adopted child were: how sudden or expected the transition to parenthood was; how entitled the adoptive parents felt as parents (i.e., how ready they were to “claim” the child as theirs), and the legal security of the placement (i.e., the perceived likelihood that it would be permanent).

Read the rest at Williams Institute

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Is National Organization for Marriage's constituency really THIS uncaring?

A dying man wants to marry his partner. It seems that the trolls at National Organization for Marriage are all bent out of shape over a judge's decision in Ohio to recognize one same-sex marriage. According to NOM:
Federal Judge Makes Unilateral Decision to Recognize Same-Sex 'Marriage' in Ohio, Ignoring State Ban
Yes you dumb schmucks. That's what most judges do. They make decisions.
Despite a constitutional amendment that protects marriage as the union of husband and wife in the state of Ohio, U.S. District judge Timothy Black is taking it upon himself to selectively decide when the law does and does not apply.
This is a TRO affecting just one couple. A federal judge is not bound by state law. Don't these idiots have any compassion? This was about a dying man wanting to get married to his partner before he succumbed. What is wrong with these people?

Judge Black might invalidate the amendment. Then they'll really have something to bitch about.
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The LGBT community is excluded from enterprise benefits afforded other minorities

Equal Enterprise Opportunity Might be as Important as Marriage Equality in the Long Term.

As I wrote about yesterday (regarding Major League Baseball), our community is not able to compete as a minority supplier.
  • We are not recognized as socially disadvantaged under Section 8(a) by the Small Business Administration. 8(a) provides opportunities for things like sole-source contracts. 8(a) companies can also form joint ventures for government contracts. These can then go on to compete in the commercial marketplace.
  • The largest certifier of minority businesses, the National Minority Supplier Development Council does not recognize gay-owned businesses as minority owned. Many large organizations (like Major League Baseball) defer to NMSDC to determine who participates in supplier diversity programs.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Major League Baseball might not be all that gay friendly after all

Last July I wrote about MLB's Diversity Business Summit and their failure to reach out to LGBT owned businesses. I wrote, I sent snail mail and I sent email. The only response from anyone at MLB was “I don't think about their sexuality, sir.” On June 18 of this year, MLB did it again!

Every now and then the broken clock is right - even for Log Cabin Repulicans

Log Cabin Republicans are calling for an investigation into the San Diego County Clerk who filed a motion to halt same-sex marriages with the California Supreme Court. While I noted on Friday the expense to taxpayers, I failed to appreciate the full extend of Mr. Dronenburg's malfeasance.

Log Cabin Republicans of San Diego County President Susan Jester points out:

NOM "It's Working!" - Now send us money

National Organization for Marriage would like people to believe that a federal marriage amendment has some potential for passage.

The last amendment (27th) to the US Constitution was passed in 1992. It was proposed on September 25, 1789. An amendment proposed in Congress requires a two-third majority in both houses for passage as well as ratification by at least 38 states. It's not in the cards.

However, according to Brian Brown in an email blast:

Nigeria will accredit diplomats in same-sex marriages

According to Olugbenga Ashiru, Nigeria's Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Nigeria is not against any country for legalising gay marriage but in our country, given our customs and traditions, as well as religious beliefs, marriage as ordained by God is between a man and a woman. But if we have diplomats with same sex spouses posted to Nigeria, we have no choice but to accredit them accordingly because they come from countries where such law is in place.
Same-sex sexual activity is illegal in Nigeria. The maximum punishment in the twelve northern states that have adopted Shari'a law is death by stoning. That law applies to all Muslims and to those who have voluntarily consented to application of the Shari'a courts. In southern Nigeria and under the secular criminal laws of northern Nigeria, the maximum punishment for same-sex sexual activity is 14 years of imprisonment.
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Remember Homosexuals Anonymous? As nutty as they ever were

Homosexuals Anonymous is that Texas group that adopted a 12-step approach to "curing" the gay — and then they added two more steps to be sure.

Anyway, co-founder Douglas McIntyre (who now goes by "Dr. Douglas McIntyre") is mad as hell so the old fart is making his way to Washington DC to protest the cancellation of the ex-gay pride month reception originally scheduled for July 31 at Family Research Council.
How dare they try to disrupt our event on July 31, intimidate, and threaten us! I'm not going to take it anymore!
Except Doug that nobody really threatened anyone. Given your past, we're not sure if you don't get it or your just going along with the BS.

HA seems to consist of Homosexuals Anonymous and the Acceptance Fellowship. Neither seems to be tax exempt but they do request donations.
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Later Today at the Frog

Major League Baseball is not all that gay friendly after all.
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Schubert: Legal Expenses to Defend Prop 8 Over $10 Million and We Were Cheated

Frank Schubert
Frank Schubert is National Organization for Marriage's campaign manager. Frank is not having much fun lately.

More than anyone else, Frank Schubert is responsible for the NOM talking points suggesting that gay people are a threat to children. Among his gems are "gay marriage will be taught in schools to children as young as six."

So now Frank takes to the blog of the Opus Dei affiliated Witherspoon Institute with a painfully verbose post, The Legal Circus That Killed Proposition 8. Schubert portrays himself as the victim of some nefarious plot. He claims that he was "cheated." Oh, the persecution that that a straight white Christian male must feel.

There's nothing new in Frank's piece with one possible exception. Schubert claims that the legal expenses to defend Prop 8 were over $10 million. I had not heard that before.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Russian Patriarch Says Gay Marriage is a Sign of Apocalypse

Oh my!

Patriarch Kirill I of Moscow (Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyayev), head of the Russian Orthodox Church, has said that the legal recognition of same-sex marriage is "a very dangerous sign of the apocalypse." I wonder what a not-so-dangerous sign of the apocalypse would look like.

Kirill criticized legalized same-sex marriage, saying that "some countries approve their choice in favor of sin and justify it by law." Kirill also said he supports a ban on "homosexual propaganda" recently signed into law by President Vladimir Putin.
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Thomas Peters

27 year-old Thomas Peters (aka American Papist), communications director for National Organization for Marriage has been an ambitious adversary. As most of you know, Peters suffered a very serious injury on July 16, the result of a diving accident. Peters sustained a C-5 cervical fracture. He remains in stable but critical condition.

As a community, I think that we have the compassion and integrity to push the "Pause" button. I am hoping for his full and speedy recovery.

Additional information on Thomas' condition, updated frequently, can be found  here.