Are you looking for the Slowly Boiled Frog?

As many of you know, I suffer from severe PTSD due to gun violence. My condition has been getting progressively worse over the years and it is debilitating . I am currently treating the condition with home-based ketamine therapy. The result is some good days (the best in some time) and more than "some" bad days. Maintaining the Slowly Boiled Frog requires reading a great deal of transphobic and homophobic content from the religious right. The process has created more anger than I can reasonably manage. It is, in my opinion. compromising my ketamine therapy Therefore , I terminated the lease on the server. However, I did back up everything (including 12 years of posts) to a local machine. The bottom line is that SBF is suspended indefinitely but probably not permanently. I maintain press access to a number of academic medical journals covering pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery, hormone therapy and other areas. This is the only content that I will ever publish to this Blog