Thursday, December 31, 2015

Holy crap - two more emails from Numbnuts at NOMnuts

No shame Brian S. Brown. No Shame. Last night's money-grub from National Organization for Marriage was “we've really got to finish strong.” Brown asks for “emergency donations.” Today it's “together we can win.” And get this:
Whether it has been successfully winning ballot initiatives or winning debates in the public square against the likes of Dan Savage, whether it is helping elect pro-family leaders like Matt Bevin as Governor of Kentucky or defeating pro-same sex marriage Republicans like Carl Demaio, with God's help we have accomplished great things.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I almost feel sorry for their serial ineptitude

I just received yet another money-grub, this one for National Organization for Marriage Education Fund. Amazingly “our $200,000 challenge grant also applies to tax-deductible gifts.” Apparently they have no idea how idiotic and phony this all sounds. But the real story is this on NOM's blog: “State Seizes Christian Couple's Bank Accounts To Pay Lesbians Over 'Wedding' Cake Dispute.”

The Kleins have received at least $517,000 for their bigotry

Laura and Rachel Bowman-Cryer
Laura and Rachel Bowman-Cryer
Discrimination is profitable. According to local media, Williamette Week which tracked the crowd funding:
The BOLI ruling caused a national furor, and supporters of the Kleins rushed to their aid, contributing at least $517,000 on crowdsourcing websites.
Oh those poor victims

FRC: Another year-end-matching-grant money grubber with not much to show for 2015

Like his fellow Sob Sister of Sodom, Brian Brown, Tony Perkins – head of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council – has been sending out a torrent of year-end money-begs. Apparently we have a surplus of “matching donors” in this country. These donations are tax deductible which means that we all subsidize this bullshit.

I was struck by Perkins' summary of 2015 accomplishments — all of which are in the abstract. But first the warm-up stretches:

Just how desperate are these awful people?

Last night the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage sent out yet another money-grubber to supporters. This on top of a half-dozen (or more) emails from Brian Brown, one from John Eastman (NOM's co-chair) and two from Frank Schubert (NOM's adjunct political director) — all over the last week or so.

Last night's missive was titled “Only hours left.” According to Brian S. Brown:
I'm really getting concerned that so many of our supporters have not responded with their end-of-year gift.

Please take a look at the clock below. As you can see, we have only about 48 hours left before the incredible matching gift opportunity expires. From now through midnight on December 31st, every dollar you give will be matched dollar for dollar.
I am increasingly convinced that what seems to be a pool match is just a scam. Thus Brown is really concerned that people aren't motivated by his bullshit. Tick-tock-tick-tock. Ugh!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Maggie Emerges

Maggie Gallagher

Maggie Gallagher, co-founder and former head of National Organization for Marriage is pushing the First Amendment Defense Act pledge. The pledge is the handiwork of American Principles in Action, Heritage Action for America and Family Research Council Action. Family Research Council is a certified anti-gay hate group. The pledge binds Republican presidential candidates to seek passage of FADA and sign it into law.

The money grubber returns from Texas

Brian Brown, head of the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage says, in a new email to supporters, that he just returned from a meeting in Texas. If that's not make-believe then he was probably at the Wilks ranch. Apparently Tony Perkins orchestrated a meeting of 100 social conservative “leaders” shortly after Christmas at the home of Farris Wilks. They intend to concentrate on one candidate. That seems to be Ted Cruz although Marco Rubio probably made a pitch and who knows what Trump did?

Instead of pimping, Frank Schubert should give some back

Frank Schubert
Frank Schubert during better times for NOM
Monday evening Frank Schubert – sometime political director for National Organization for Marriage – sent out an email to NOM supporters titled “Fwd: [not going to make it].” Schubert wants to be sure that people saw Brian Brown's similarly titled email sent earlier in the day. The money-grub asks potential donors to take advantage of a matching gift in the amount of $200,000. According to Schubert, with NOM only halfway there “as of now we are leaving nearly $100,000 on the table.”

Monday, December 28, 2015

NOM might be more honest than they intended

Monday, National Organization for Marriage has a new email to supporters titled “Not Going to Make it.” According to Brian S. Brown:
I hate to say it, but right now it looks like we are not going to make our end-of-year matching grant.

Most of our budget is supported by our year-end efforts. Each year a few generous donors band together and generously offer to match whatever we can raise to allow us to keep fighting for marriage and religious liberty.

Perkins' Caricature of Perkins

CBS host introduced Tony Perkins as ‘anti-gay hate group leader’
‘You don’t speak for Christians’
Tony Perkins, head of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council, sent out an email to supporters last night titled “URGENT: We're near a breakthrough” Tony wants money. And just why should people donate to Family Research Council?
If you have not yet given, then I ask you to please do so. Making our goal is absolutely critical. As you know, radicals in Washington, New York, Hollywood, activist groups, and more attacked your faith and values like no other year in history:

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Hey NOM - Add some creepy music and you might have something

National Organization for Marriage does things that serve to remind us that these are the geniuses behind the ill-fated Gathering Storm. I have a hard time telling the difference between NOM's production  and the many parodies it spawned. Last night, in an email to supporters, Brian Brown wants you to know that President Obama has a hidden agenda. At least I think that is the message. My meds only have the effect of making the coherent, coherent.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Despite assertions to the contrary, Kim Davis' name remains on the paperwork

Kim Davis

Will this saga never end? Newly minted Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin did, indeed, issue an executive order. In a press release, Mat Staver, head of the anti-gay hate group Liberty Counsel, virtually screams: “Governor Matt Bevin Issues Executive Order Protecting KY Clerk Kim Davis.” Not so fast.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Perkins claims that 2016 could be 'the worst year in your lifetime'

Every year Tony Perkins sends out what amounts to his Merry Fucking Christmas to raise money. This year is no different. The leader of the anti-gay hate group, Family Research Council is all in. Basically the message, in an email to supporters, is that the shit is going to hit the fan so you should donate money to FRC. Apparently, if I am reading this correctly, Jesus wants you to donate to FRC. I have removed the links. The highlighting is mine:

AFA's attempt at an anti-gay diatribe via a polygamy case is all mucked up

Once again, anti-gay hate group, American Family Association, is trying to prove that the Supreme Court's decision in Obergefell v. Hodges leads to polygamy. It does not but even if it did I don't understand why they are rattling pitchforks when same-sex marriage is a settled issue.

Today, AFA offers us: “Polygamy case - the 'consummate slippery slope'.” Ooooh! Quoting Jeff Laszloffy, president of the Montana Family Foundation:

ADF warns Senate that DOJ nominee might enforce the law

Alliance Defending Freedom, the Christian law firm, is opposing the nomination of Cono Namorato for Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Department of Justice Tax Division. Namorato, who is eminently qualified and has bi-partisan support, has seen his nomination stalled due to a 2008 letter that he cosigned, as a private citizen, urging the IRS to investigate the actions of lawyers at what was then known as Alliance Defense Fund.

NOM seems an unlikely global power

National Organization for Marriage sent out an email to supporters yesterday with the modest subject “Global News: Great News in Slovenia, Action Needed in Bermuda.” According to our friend, Brian S. Brown:
I am happy to report that Slovenia voted by over 63 percent on Sunday to reject so-called same-sex "marriage." … As occurred to our coalition in Washington, DC and elsewhere, the government claimed that the people had no right to vote on the question because it was about protected "civil rights." Talk about begging the question!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Some Changes at the Slowly Boiled Frog

Some of you read a guest post on Friday. I did and I liked it. I added Bill as a blogger. Perhaps he will continue to author content. I hope so. Two things occurred to me (in a rare moment of lucidity):
  1. I removed my name from the blog description. It used to be “David Cary Hart's views on …” That has been replaced with “A chronicle of the pursuit for LGBT equality and gun sanity.” and;
  2. If others have something to say I would be happy to provide a platform — for one piece or on an ongoing basis. I need an email address and a writing sample which can be a comment on this blog.
And my cable just died. Posting from my phone. 

Secretary Clinton is Correct - A Republican POTUS would try to roll back LGBT advances

Saturday night at the Democratic presidential debate, Hillary Clinton said that a Republican president would put gay rights in jeopardy. She is probably correct. These Republican candidates are people who are heavily invested in defining Free Exercise as the right to discriminate. They go to the “victim” rallies of the bakers and the florist, never demonstrating even empathy for people who are illegally denied service. Some of them rallied with Kim Davis. They associate, and appear with, pastors with extreme views; Some of whom claim that gay people should be murdered by the state.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Arizona taxpayers run up a $500,000 tab to fight the inevitable

On Friday U.S. District Court Judge John Sedwick approved an agreement by the Attorney General's Office to pay $300,000 in legal fees and costs to Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund for its role in the 2014 lawsuit challenging Arizona's constitutional marriage discrimination. The state also will reimburse the group more than $2,000 in costs.

The state has already settled with a local attorney, Shawn Aiken, who filed a separate challenge. That was a $200,000 appetizer.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Litigation in Indiana that we need to pay close attention to

Conservative Christians are seeking a way, through the courts, to challenge non-discrimination laws that protect LGBT citizens in public accommodations, employment and housing. Litigation in Indiana has potential national consequences if it is successful and if it could be replicated.

Represented by James Bopp, Indiana Family Institute, Indiana Family Action (the political arm of IFI), and American Family Association of Indiana filed a lawsuit on December 10 challenging the constitutionality of last spring’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act fix1. More troubling is that they are seeking to invalidate municipal non-discrimination ordinances in Indianapolis-Marion County and the City of Carmel.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Brian Brown figures that he will get more donations by asking supporters to listen to his 'voice mail'

Thursday, Brian Brown, head of National Organization for Marriage has reiterated the organization's five-point plan for imposing the teachings of the Catholic Church on public policy. NOM has previously provided the plan as:

On behalf of the gay community I want to apologize to Gary Cass

Gary Cass
I am truly sorry Mr. Cass. You should have been consulted before the Supreme Court issued its ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges. This becomes even clearer from today's email from Mr. Cass titled “Rescuing Marriage: Now or Never?” It makes me sad because now he has to raise all that money to do an undo.

Cass' little hate group is the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. He resolutely believes that he has the idea to thwart the baddies at the Supreme Court and upend the ruling in Obergefell. He started According to Cass:

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The creepy professor who harrasses Sandy Hook families

James Tracy via FAU
The following is a copy of an email I just received from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. This creepy crackpot needs to be dealt with. What he is doing is certainly not part of academic freedom:

No class Brian - No class at all

These people who have never really worked anywhere are profoundly clueless. National Organization for Marriage's seasonal card should not be the Brown family seasonal card. It screams the organization is Brian Brown and Brian Brown is the organization. Then again, perhaps Brown is the only one left at this futile endeavor.

Same number of kids but she was pregnant last year.

Heritage tries to confuse the bases for non-discrimination laws

Mr. Erste
Wednesday, Mark Erste, an intern at Heritage Foundation writes: “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Laws: When Anti-Discrimination Becomes Discrimination” at the organization's Daily Signal Blog. Mr. Erste is a 2013 graduate of Franciscan U, Steubenville. I am not indulging in an ad hominem response. Rather, it seems fair to point out that Erste is very young and has had little real world experience. In any event this looks like another Ryan Anderson proxy. Heritage does this frequently; Another name quoting Ryan T.

Erste writes about the plight of Cynthia and Robert Gifford, the owners of Liberty Ridge Farm.
… they found themselves defending their religious beliefs before the Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court. Their offense? Acting on their belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Lewisburg, WVA provides a microcosm for LGBT non-discrimination

From WVVA video
200 people showed up for a public hearing last night as the quest for non-discrimination in public accommodations, housing and employment is playing out in Lewisburg, WVA. About 70 of those were admitted to city hall which was at full capacity. West Virginia provides no protection for LGBT citizens. Six municipalities in the state have non-discrimination laws.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

NOM claims responsibility for Ted Cruz' surge in Iowa

What could I possibly write that would be more informative than this absurd graphic?
National Organization for Marriage should continue to exist because we are relevant political activists?
[This] comes after NOM issued our endorsement of him, and after Cruz was also endorsed by other prominent social conservatives, including Bob Vander Plaats who heads The Family Leader organization.
Vander Plaats? Maybe. He is a local anti-gay demagogue. NOM? Seriously?

Evangelicals do some VERY strange things

Todd Friel
Todd Friel
Todd Friel is a conservative Christian radio host — often with Kirk Cameron. According to Charisma News: In his new book, Judge Not, Friel exposes evangelical trends such as:
  • Youth pastors who force their students to drink a can of Coke through another student's dirty sock or put peanut butter in their armpits for students to lick out.
  • Pastors who instruct their married couples to have sex every day for 30 days.
  • Churches that applaud when their pastor zip-lines into the sanctuary dressed as Spider Man.

Monday, December 14, 2015

My Jr. Senator's Ambitions v. Reality

Marco Rubio is seeking support for his unlikely presidential bid at our expense. It is really despicable to throw a minority group under the bus to advance one's personal political agenda. Rubio is not going to be the next president. VP? It could happen.

On Sunday, Marco Rubio asserted that same-sex marriage is not a settled issue since a future court ruling could overturn the ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges. Rubio went on to tell Chuck Todd on Meet the Press that “It is the current law. I don’t believe any case law is settled law. Any future Supreme Court can change it.” Rubio went on to state “I will appoint Supreme Court justices that will interpret the Constitution as originally constructed.”

Making the rounds: The transgender woman who wants to be a six-year-old

Stefonknee Wolschtt
The usual Christianist suspects will seize on anything that they believe disparages LGBT people. This all started at the Independent which is a reputable UK outlet. Shame on them. Apparently a 46-year-old transgender woman has decided that she wants to live as a six-year-old. She even has an adopted family.

No AFA - Gays are not "extremely violent"

Tim Wildmon, AFA President
Through their news blog, American Family Association is running a story titled: “CDC report: Homosexual lifestyle extremely violent”. American Family Association is an anti-gay Hate Group according to the SPLC. Looking at the blog's RSS feed, AFA has pushed this story at 8:05 AM. 8:35 AM and 11:41 AM. Apparently they think that they have struck gold.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Empire State Pride Agenda calling it quits

On December 12, in a surprise announcement, The Empire State Pride Agenda said that it was discontinuing operations “in 2016.” ESPA consists of two tax exempt corporations; ESPA a 501(c)4 and ESPA Foundation a 501(c)3 which is eligible to receive tax deductible contributions.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

These people must enjoy looking like rubes

Gene F. Snead
Gene F. Snead, Jr.
A proposed resolution challenging the legalization of marriage equality in Tennessee may have died during Monday night’s Franklin County Commission meeting. Perhaps it did not.

Franklin County, Tennessee has a population of 41,129. In addition to its 77 churches it is home to Sewanee | The University of the South. It is also home to University of Tennessee Space Institute (strange, I know)  which is adjacent to Arnold Air Force Base. While there have never been enough Jews to support a synagogue, Dinah Shore was born in the county (yes, she was Jewish).

Friday, December 11, 2015

Bill May likens gays to the Communist regime in Poland

Bill May, head of the oddly named Marriage Reality Movement (which is really Catholics for the Common Good Foundation) has been begging for $45,000 before year's end. Today's pumper was particularly “special.”
More information: 2016 will be a breakout year for the Marriage Reality Movement.

As I told you in my last email, our Board just completed our annual planning meeting, and we are all energized by the successes of 2015 and the aggressive plans approved for 2016 and 2017.

Five Dominicans explain: "Aquinas and Homosexuality"

Immediately after hitting the “publish” button on my last post I see this related polemic at the orthodox Catholic site, First Things. Speaking of first things, and before I wade into this, I don't really give a rat's ass what Thomas Aquinas thought about homosexuality. The sainted Aquinas was a 13th century theologian and philosopher. Our understanding of sexual orientation has advanced considerably  over more than 700 years.

A pseudo-intellectual loathing of atheism

Joseph G. Trabbic, an associate professor of philosophy at Ave Maria University has penned The Gods of Atheism for Crisis Magazine. Dr. Trabbic is a Thomas Aquinas scholar — and it shows. The problem with Thomism is the insistence of the Church and devotees that it reflects truth beyond debate. This ignores the fact that, what was philosophical in the 13th century, might be subtectable to  scientific determination today. It also overlooks the fact that Thomism is full of religious mysticism.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mr. Anderson explains why gay rights are "special rights"

Ryan T. Anderson

Some will give Ryan T. Anderson credit for having the guts to bring his anti-gay discrimination show to the Atlantic LGBT Summit. It's not courage that brought him to the summit today. It is the conviction that he is right about everything because his religion defines what is absolute truth. I am offended that he was given this opportunity to express his bigotry as much as I am offended by the bigotry itself.

It shall set you free. Anderson is polite and doesn't appear to be a raving lunatic.

Deacon Jim asks: "Is Homosexuality a Psychological Disorder?"

Deacon Jim Russell
Deacon Jim Russell
At Crisis Magazine Catholic deacon, Jim Russell seems to be questioning something that has been settled science for decades. In conservative Christian circles, the generally accepted mythology is that the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the DSM because of pressure from gay activists and their allies. In fact the APA decision was based upon a mountain of solid peer-reviewed research.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Indiana continues to embrace discrimination

Two married lesbian couples – Noell & Crystal Allen and Jackie & Lisa Phillips-Stackman – claim, in federal court (see complaint, below) that Indiana refuses to list both spouses on a birth certificate. This has the effect of deeming the child to be born “out of wedlock.” In the case of one plaintiff couple, should anything happen to the birth mother, her spouse would not have custody of the child. Rather than being automatic, custody would be subject to the whims of a family court judge.

NOM is 'doing God's work'

This really is the graphic they are using. So is Comedy Network
Apparently God wants marriage equality. After eight years and the expenditure of $61 million, National Organization for Marriage has nothing to show for it. That leaves Brian Brown, NOM's president, with the unenviable task of coming up with reasons for people to donate money to keep him employed. The intended inference is “this time we won't piss the money away.” Sure.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Another intellectually challenged state legislator tries to invalidate Obergefell

Republican Michigan state Representative Tom Hooker has introduced a resolution calling for state officials to ignore the U.S. Supreme Court. Hooker's Resolution 17 states that the Obergefell v Hodges decision is “illegitimate,” and the resolution “urges the Governor and all executive officers” to “reclaim this state's sovereignty” by not recognizing or enforcing it. Apparently it is “illegitimate” because Rep. Hooker doesn't like it.

According to the unfortunately named Mr. Hooker, the Supreme Court overstepped its constitutional limits in “imposing same-sex marriage upon the country.” Hooker has described the high court's ruling as a decision of will, not judgment. Apparently Mr. Hooker is also a mind reader.

A sobering reminder from Liberty Counsel

Today's press release from Liberty Counsel is disturbing because it is truthful:
Today Matt Bevin becomes the 62nd Governor of Kentucky. The political outsider, who has never held a public office, is just the ninth Republican governor of the Commonwealth. Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis was invited to attend the festivities and is in Frankfort at the Inauguration. 

Witherspoon's blog has gone down the crapper

Nathan Swanson
Were Ryan T. Anderson not blocking me on Twitter I would inquire if he was still the editor of Witherspoon Institute's blog, Public Discourse. Lately the fare would best be described as “vomitarian.”

Today's polemic is titled “Collateral Damage: Same-Sex Marriage, Private Religious Schools, and Parental Rights.” The author is Nathan Swanson, described as a Minnesota attorney, who follows the long-winded title with a long-winded subtitle:
Same-sex marriage endangers not only religious liberty, but also the school choice movement. We need new laws to protect schools from being forced to adopt sexual orientation nondiscrimination policies in order to be eligible for voucher, tax credit/deduction, or educational savings account programs.

Monday, December 7, 2015

"Using modern science to treat homosexuality" resurfaces at LifeSite

This is the graphic that they are using. Physician with young man?
I wrote about this on November 27. Mark Latkovic, a professor of moral theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, has decided that Catholic teaching has a monopoly on wisdom. One day he is hoping for a pill that will turn gay people straight (he really wrote that). Meanwhile, rest assured that modern science has empowered psychologists to treat homosexuality. At least that was the claim in his rather amusing polemic at Crisis Magazine.

California's bathroom patrol is at it again

In 2013 Sean Fieler financed most of a misadventure to get a measure on the California ballot in 2014 to repeal AB1266, a transgender protection act that became effective January 1, 2014. Amanson kicked in another $50,000 to the Christian group, Privacy for All Students. They failed to get enough petition signatures in spite of raising over $300,000 to finance their bigotry. Were they successful, Frank Schubert, political consultant to National Organization for Marriage, had signed on to run the ballot campaign.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

"They" are terrified

Year 2015. We have won marriage equality and, as we strive more purposefully for transgender acceptance and equality, we are forcing deeply religious people to confront realities that they are simply unable to process. Rather than searching for agnostic truth (“agnostic” in the sense that the investigator is indifferent to the outcome) they are trying to find something – anything – that will bend reality to conform to scripture or, perhaps, the catechism of the Catholic Church. That need to conform is why intelligent people embrace seriously and obviously flawed research. There is an inexorable human need to believe in, and then obey, a deity. That has been true for thousands of years.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Tea Party groups have things all mucked up

Tea Partiers are up in arms (some literally I suspect) about an IRS proposal that would allow some non-profits to request social security numbers from donors. As Charisma News reports:
Tea Party Patriots is launching an email and social media campaign

—using #IRSPowerGrab—today, encouraging supporters and conservative leaders nationwide to push back against a rule proposed by the Internal Revenue Service that would give nonprofits the option to collect the Social Security numbers of donors who contribute $250 or more to an organization.

"They don't need to be collecting Social Security numbers. Donations to nonprofits are allowed to be kept confidential," Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, told The Daily Signal. "Having gone through the [IRS] targeting [of conservative groups] because our name is Tea Party Patriots, I'm very sensitive to anything that expands the IRS' reach into nonprofits and who their donors are."

Friday, December 4, 2015

Austin Ruse v. Jazz Jennings and Science - Guess Who Wins

Jazz Jennings

The Catholic Church does not acceps the science that transgender people exists. Therefore, Austin Ruse cannot accept the science that transgender people exist.

According to Mr. Ruse in a piece at Crisis Magazine titled “Have the Courage to Say, ‘Jazz is Not a Girl’”:

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The solution to gun violence is probably not what you think

As a survivor of gun violence (and now a sufferer of acute PTSD) my mind goes from mass shooting to mass shooting. I head for the Xanax. The worst for me was Sandy Hook. I had this image in my head of the size of the exit wound in proportion to a diminutive six-year-old. I had spasms of uncontrollable sobbing.

Each time we hear the same crap from politicians. The simple fact is that there is no way whatsoever of getting any meaningful legislation through the Republican controlled Congress. GOPers have a symbiotic relationship with the NRA. In a week or so the mass murder in San Bernardino will be forgotten.

A whining Bobby swings for the non-existent fences

Robert Oscar Lopez

Thursday, Robert Oscar Lopez has been given some space on Witherspoon Institute's blog to bitch about marriage equality. Lopez is wed to the mysterious belief that his outrage (born of neurosis) is persuasive and game changing. According to Bobby, the Court got it all wrong. He blames Justice Kennedy almost exclusively: