Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The World Congress of Families is doomed

Mr. Reverse-Midas, Brian S. Brown is now also the president of the World Congress of Families. WCF is a designated anti-gay hate group.
WASHINGTON, May 31, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- Taking on an additional role as a leader in the pro-family movement, Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), has been elected president of the World Congress of Families (WCF). Brown was elected at the recent World Congress of Families X conference in Tbilisi, Georgia. He will continue to serve as president of NOM.
More on this later. Perhaps.

Trump to headline Ralph Reed's GOP rally

Ralph Reed's Faith & Freedom Coalition has partnered with the anti-gay group Concerned Women for America for Road to Majority 2016 in Washington, DC June 9 to June 11. In addition to Trump, some of the other confirmed speakers are the Benham Brothers, Virginia Foxx, Jim Garlow, Steve King and Tony Perkins. You get the idea.

The company that one keeps. Ralph Reed is a sleazy, amoral religious opportunist. Ralph Reed has been a GOP activist since he was in college. To broaden his political appeal he claimed that, while he was at a bar in DC in 1983, he was visited by the Holy Spirit who told him to come to Jesus. Sure.

Catholic extremist predicts demise of LGBT movement in her lifetime

Rachel Lu
Rachel Lu writes:
Here is my prediction. Within my lifetime, the LGBT movement will die. It will be remembered not as a Selma moment, but as a Salem moment: a period of collective insanity.
The reference to Salem is odd. Demons and witches are imaginary religious manifestations. Salem represents the imposition of religious belief on law at a time when mentally ill people were labeled witches and burned. But I digress.

According to Lu, a Catholic convert who lives in Minneapolis, the LGBT movement is a bad idea and bad ideas die out. She compares the LGBT movement to the “idiocy” of “low-fat diets or disco.” Apparently Lu is wed to the belief that being LGBT is a “lifestyle choice” (one of Lu's lifestyle choices is malignant verbosity):

Monday, May 30, 2016

On Roy Moore it is difficult to fathom who is more idiotic - Mat Staver or his repeaters

Mat Staver and Roy Moore
Michael F. Haverluck at American Family Association's news blog, wrote the headline; “JIC sics ex-SPLC director on Chief Justice Moore.” According to Haverluck:
The State of Alabama’s Judicial Inquiry Commission (JIC) made a bold move by hiring the former legal director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s <sic> (SPLC), John Carroll, to prosecute the Supreme Court of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore — rooted in his stance of protecting natural marriage in the face of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision legalizing same-sex “marriage.”

Friday, May 27, 2016

ADF asserts that trans people are insane

Jordan Lorence
Jordan Lorence, senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom provides a pastor's tale on ADF's blog titled “Transitioning at the North Carolina DMV.” A “pastor's tale” is a bit of fiction offered as a truthful narrative to make what the pastor perceives to be a moral point. The righteousness of the conclusion supersedes the fact that the underlying story is not true.

This bit of supposed conversation between a clerk at the DMV and someone applying for a handicap parking permit sums up Lorence's tale:

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Exorcist: There’s a Demon That Specializes in Attacking the Family

Taking a brief break from writing about the need to protect a few transgender kids, this is what some LGBT oppressors actually believe. I'd wager that Erika Bachiochi (the subject of an earlier post) believes this stuff. Robert P. George and Ryan T. Anderson as well.

According to the National Catholic Register: “There’s a demon that specializes in attacking the family,” said exorcist César Truqui, a priest who participated in a course on exorcism held in Rome last year.

Witherspoon Institute trots out another crackpot on transgender access

Erika Bachiochi
Erika Bachiochi has the pretentious academic title of “Visiting Fellow” at the Ethics and Public Policy Center which has a budget of about $4 million. Thursday she writes at (orthodox Catholic) Witherspoon Institute's intellectually pretentious blog “Rendering the Sexed Body Legally Invisible: How Transgender Law Hurts Women.” We (you, the reader, and I) cannot wait for the text in support of the title. Sure.
“…she has reached a preordained conclusion and is reverse engineering it to find rational support for a fallacy. Doing so only provides irrationality.”

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bill Donohue gets touchie-feelie with a hate group

Bill Donohue
Bill Donohue (a divorced man) is a blowhard defender of all things Catholic. Donohue blames the Church's abuse scandals on sexy altar boys. As head of the Catholic League Donohue was paid about $524 thousand In 2014 out of about $3 million in donations from the faithful.

The American College of Pediatricians is a minuscule splinter organization. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center it is an anti-LGBT hate group. The real professional organization is the American Academy of Pediatrics. To compare the two:

Stella Morabito finds yet another hidden agenda and sinister conspiracy

Stella Morabito
Polemicist Stella Morabito routinely claims insights that elude the rest of us. This time in Witherspoon Institute's intellectually pretentious blog she asserts that the purpose for transgender accommodations is to create a “de-sexed” and “de-humanized” society. Silly me. I always thought it was about giving a few transgender kids a less stigmatized public school experience. What do I know? According to Morabito:

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

FRC's Peter Sprigg is now an HIV expert

Peter Sprigg is an ordained Baptist minister with an MA in theology. Unprotected sex is the primary cause of the transmission of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Condoms prevent the transmission of HIV. Sprigg, Family Research Council's anti-LGBT hater in chief, is interviewed by the orthodox Catholic LifeSiteNews.com. The subject is the prevalence of HIV among transgender women and a CDC report attributing some of that to stigma. What could possibly go wrong?

The ever confused Eric Metaxas

Eric Metaxas
When the confused Eric Metaxas is not tweeting about “Hitlery Clinton” the confused Eric Metaxas is intent on confusing others with biblical bullshit. On his blog, Metaxas writes about “Five Things You Can Do about Transgender Restrooms.” One of which, by the way, is to buy a DVD from Metaxas.

Did I mention that Metaxas is confused? What exactly is a “transgender restroom?” Do such things exist? However, what attracted my attention is this bit of nonsense:

Monday, May 23, 2016

Padres discipline an employee and terminate a contractor yet claim no malicious intent - UPDATED

On Saturday the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus was humiliated at Petco Park when they were supposed to sing the national anthem before a San Diego Padres game. This was at “Out at the Park,” an LGBT pride event at the stadium. The 100 member choir took their position on the field waiting for their track to be played over the sound system. Instead, their voices were drowned out by a recording of a woman singing the anthem over the loudspeaker system.

AFA is still whipping the Target horse

Target Store Miami
Anti-gay hate group American Family Association claims that their boycott of Target stores is having an impact on Target's sales. The company says otherwise. AFA sent out an email this afternoon titled “Target sales drop, stock loses $10B since boycott started.

In the email AFA cites a piece in Fortune titled “Target Says Boycotts Over Bathroom Policy Not Hurting Sales.” According to the article:

Pro-gay group concerned about "recruitment" of transgender children? Probably not

According to the Christian Post, a supposedly pro-gay, left leaning group of professionals is concerned that “vulnerable children are being recruited online to believe they are transgender and mental health professionals are affirming the belief of these victims.” The group calls itself Youth Trans Critical Professionals and according to its website:
We are a group of professionals concerned about the trend toward medical intervention for gender dysphoric youth which is going largely unquestioned in the mainstream media.

The definitive argument: Alveda King weighs in on transgender accommodations

We have all had enough of your bullshit Alveda
Were Alveda King not the niece of the late Martin Luther King she would make a living putting chocolate on cherries. At least she has seemingly dropped her insistence on being called Dr. Alveda King — a pretentious reference to her honorary degree from a college that doesn't offer doctoral level programs.
“Both our sons and daughters are impacted by this toilet battle,” the niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., declared. “They are either being flushed down the tube or exposed and exploited shamelessly — this is a battle for THE SEED.”

Saturday, May 21, 2016

What part of Roe v. Wade does Mat Staver not grasp?

Mat Staver and Mary Fallin
Friday night Liberty Counsel sent out an email titled “Governor Fallin's Despicable Betrayal.” Mat Staver, leader of the hate group, must think that we are all as stupid as the average religious extremist. According to the email:
Today Governor Mary Fallin vetoed SB 1552 which would allow for the revocation of medical licenses for doctors who perform abortions after viability. The measure has an exception to save the life of the mother. The Oklahoma Senate passed the bill yesterday 33-12 [3 abstained].

Friday, May 20, 2016

Apparently NOM thinks that transgender accommodations have something to do with marriage

The ever masterful Brian S. Brown does command the National Organization for Marriage. Right? Then why are they expending energy on transgender issues? There are plenty of other anti-LGBT organizations filling up that space. I'll tell you why. NOM is agitated because the pope is obsessed with what he calls “gender ideology.” The pope isn't a medical doctor. Nor is he a social scientist. The pope is a theologian who has substituted his judgment for that of medical and social scientists. Popes do that sort of thing and, according to conservative teaching, the pope is inerrant. According to the Vatican, transgender people do not exist. Our friend Robert P. George recently called it superstition. Interesting choice of words.

Oh good - Tomorrow is the rally by Liberty Counsel in support of Roy Moore

Apparently the fact that Roy Moore told subordinates to disobey a federal judge's explicit order means that those who take umbrage at such things are part of a political witch hunt. At least that is according to Mat Staver. Remind me. Who was hunting and burning those witches?

They can rally all they want and Moore's deranged wife can harangue the  evil liberals all she wants. It does not change what Moore did and it will not change the outcome resulting from his misdeeds. Again, they are complaining about a "transvestite." The sexuality of one of the complainants is irrelevant. Staver seems to think that it is extremely important.

And so it begins - ADF starts the spin re Brush & Nib Studio

Brush & Nib Studio
Image source: Brush & Nib Studio website
Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski owners of Brush & Nib Studio in Phoenix do not need to refuse service to gay couples to enjoy free exercise of their Christian religion any more than they need to turn away Jewish couples or interracial couples or any other marital arrangement that they might disapprove of. They want to refuse service to gay couples in order to demonstrate their disapproval.

By the way do Joanna and Breanna use a questionnaire to ensure that they are not providing invitations to adulterers or divorcees? What would they do if the bride is pregnant? Or is it just gay people that they feel compelled to shame?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bethany Blankley: "Why Don't Liberals Talk About Islam's Brutal Treatment of Homosexuals?" - UPDATED

Bethany Blankley
Bethany Blankley sophomorically begs the question. In point of fact we do talk about the treatment of LGBT people in Muslim countries. Ms. Blankley indulges in a discourse about the horrific mistreatment of gay people in places like Ghana, Iran, Iraq and Kenya. It is as if to say ”Do you see how much better Christians treat you?”

What Muslim and Christian extremists both have in common is a slavish devotion to the literal wording of ancient texts — when it suits them. I would argue that if these Christian Dominionists ever got control of America and turned it into a theocracy (which is their goal) then they would treat gay people as badly as Muslims do in some Muslim states.

Brave GOPers - Cowardly GOPers

Today the Maloney Amendment protecting LGBT Americans failed by just one vote. Initially it looked like the amendment passed with 217 votes. However, the GOP leadership held the vote open after the clock ran out. They were able to pressure five representatives to change their votes which caused the measure to fail 212 to 213. If my math is right, 29 Republicans held firm in support of Sean Maloney's (D-NY) amendment.

The vote totals are here.

Things that scare the crap out of me today

The things that scare the crap out of me today are interrelated. A national Fox News poll shows Trump now leading Hillary Clinton. It could be an outlier — an aberration. It could also be accurate meaning that Trump's attacks on Secretary Clinton's character have been successful. While we are six months out, that would depict a troubling trend even though the electoral college calculus still seemingly favors Secretary Clinton.

The Fox headline reads “Fox News Poll: Trump tops Clinton, both seen as deeply flawed candidates.” Flawed? No candidate since Bush, I has been better prepared for the presidency than Hillary Clinton. Perhaps no candidate in history has been less qualified in experience, judgment and temperament than Donald Trump. For the LGBT community this is a settled contest. Granted that he is on the right side of where Caitlyn can pee, but Mr. Trump has promised to try to upend marriage equality. The Log Cabin is perceived as a joke by both parties. Nevertheless, their endorsement of Trump would be a disappointment.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Liberty Counsel amply demonstrates why it is designated a "Hate Group."

Mat Staver
In February Liberty Counsel lost another case. This one in Fairfax, Virginia where the school board effected a transgender accommodation policy. LC sued on behalf of a Christian student and his parents. They could not demonstrate how they were harmed causing the case to be dismissed for lack of standing. Oh, that pesky standing. Liberty Counsel appealed to the state supreme court today and issued a press release. It includes this bit of anti-LGBT bigotry:
The school board act of adding 'gender identity, expression, and sexual orientation' to the local policy violates state law and harms children. Allowing boys to use private facilities for girls violates the right to privacy and places girls at risk of sexual abuse," said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. "… The officials tasked with protecting children in the public schools have now actually become the greatest threat to them with the imposition of this radical sexual agenda," said Staver.

Jerry Boykin tries to explain away calling for anti-LGBT violence

Jerry Boykin
It was just a joke.

According to Bob Eschliman at Charisma News Family Resesarch Council was not Jerry Boykin's “day job.” Boykin's title at FRC is “Executive Vice President” and for the year ended September 30, 2014 he was paid $152 thousand. Nice for an avocational pursuit.
U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William "Jerry" Boykin (ret.) is best known for his work with the Family Research Council, but until Tuesday, his day job had been as the Wheat Visiting Professor in Leadership in the Department of Government & Foreign Affairs at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia.

Commenting on Eric Fanning, Pravda refers to homosexuality as a "virus"

Pravda back in the day
Pravda used to be the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union which made it the official newspaper of the USSR. Things have changed. The paper is now owned by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. The website, Pravda.ru, is owned by a private company. Former journalists of the old Pravda work for both of the new Pravda entities.

This is from the English version of the online edition. More than a few things are lost in translation. In addition to referring to homosexuality as a virus they claim that gays weaken the military to their satisfaction:

Pleasant surprise: Eric Fanning confirmed as Army Sec

Eric Fanning
Tuesday evening the U.S. Senate confirmed Eric Fanning to be the next Secretary of the Army. Fanning is the first (openly) gay person to be the civilian leader of a branch of the armed services. I thought that the Senate would run out the clock to pander to the Christian extremists. The did, however, employ a voice vote to insulate individual senators.

You may recall the caustic comment last January from Tony Perkins, head of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council. According to Mr. Perkins:

In this morning's bathroom hissy fit ...

Kevin Clark, we are told, is a graduate of Christendom College and the editor of Seton Magazine (daily inspiration for Catholic home schoolers). He has written a piece for Crisis Magazine oddly titled “The Fact-Free Universe of Transgender Activism.” I say oddly titled because Mr. Clark has dismissed a mountainous body of peer-reviewed research, going back many decades, published in highly regarded scholarly journals. Mr. Clark, you see, does not believe that transgender people exists. That is his convoluted “truth.” Therefore, everything else regarding transgender people simply must be factually incorrect. For Clark this is not derived from critical thinking. Rather, it is an article of faith.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Nat'l Review writer: Obama "just destroyed the traditional American public school"

David French
David French, a staff writer for the National Review does not like transgender accommodations in public schools. According to Mr. French:
You may not have realized it yet, but the Obama administration just destroyed the traditional American public school.
The Department of Justice and the Department of Education have declared that they now “interpret” federal law to not only support the fantastical notion that boys can become girls but also to impose new legal requirements that impact every aspect of school life.

Brush and Nib: ADF has manufactured a victim that isn't

Brush and Nib
Image via Brush and Nib website
Brush and Nib, owned by Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski, are calligraphers. They make signs and invitations. They do not like same-sex marriage. Brush and Nib is in Phoenix which has a nondiscrimination ordinance that includes sexual orientation. At their request, the anti-gay group, Alliance Defending Freedom, has filed a pre-enforcement challenge.

Zubik v. Burwell - Little Sisters of the Unreasonable

Little Sisters of the Poor
In an editorial today, the venerable New York Times correctly explains that Zubik v. Burwell wasn't really about forcing religious groups to provide birth control to their employees. Contrary to the usual right wing self-righteous noise makers this also has nothing to do with abortion. Yesterday the Supreme Court punted this matter back to the lower courts but the controversy requires some perspective:

Hate group explains to hate group how Mexico is going to pay for Trump's wall

William Gheen
William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, tells American Family Association's “news” site that his organization will hold Trump accountable to keeping his promises. ALIPAC and AFA are both designated as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
We have no way of telling whether Donald Trump will or will not keep his promises. But since we have endorsed him, we can always drop endorsement. And I promised the people that if Donald Trump begins to break any of his major promises to the American public, ALIPAC will be the first to drop our endorsement. ALIPAC will be the first to go after him with all the fury and force we can carry.

A little Christian dishonesty to start your day

Above is the truck that will be visiting every Target store in Minnesota in a campaign organized by the Catholic extremists at LifeSiteNews.com. Once again opponents of transgender accommodation portray the issue as predatory men using women's bathrooms.

It should be noted that the folks at LifeSite do not accept that there is any such thing as a transgender person — something that the pope relegates to dangerous “gender ideology.” Medical and social science would disagree.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The conservative Christian freakout continues

From PBS' Growing Up Trans
Suffice it to say, Christians are having a collective shit-fit. They only have themselves to blame. They have taken a non-issue and made a huge controversy out of it. Furthermore, I suspect that the Obama administration reacted to events in North Carolina and Mississippi which threaten to metastasize throughout the South and beyond. 

Hate group polemicist has the gay and trans conspiracy all figured out

Gary DeMar
According to Gary DeMar, writing for, and president of, the anti-LGBT hate group American Vision; “Homosexuality and Transgenderism: The Goal is to Redefine Everything.” That's good to know Mr. DeMar. Presumably the dreaded Homosexual Agenda™ has morphed into something spectacularly more sinister.

So let us begin this little venture into the mind of Gary DeMar:
There’s a larger agenda behind the LGBT+ movement. If the government can convince enough people that something as absurd as transgenderism is real and should be protected by law, then it is in the position of redefining anything, even when what’s being redefined is obviously irrational and harmful.

Chris Matthews: "Where should Jennifer pee?" - Watch

Travis Weber who is with the anti-LGBT hate group Family Research Council cannot answer the simple question. It is the one that I have posed many times usually in the form of “Where should Caitlyn Jenner or Jazz Jennings pee?” This time it is trans activist Jennifer Finney Boylan.

Weber is completely flummoxed by the question. He eventually settles on “they can use the bathroom of their biological sex, except when there’s a genuine issue and an accommodation can be made.” What the fuck does that mean? Matthews was persistent. Good for him. I still question the wisdom of giving credibility to a representative of a hate group.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Oh goodie - The Duck Schmuck has endorsed Trump

Robertson is the religious extremist on the left
Professional Christian zealot, Phil Robertson has now endorsed Donald Trump. According to American Family Association's “news” site:
Conceding that Trump was not the number one Republican candidate on his list at the beginning of the GOP White House race, the conservative television personality made it clear that he doesn’t want to see a repeat of the last eight years America has suffered under the Obama administration. He contends that Trump is now by far a much better choice than the Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton — or her self-proclaimed socialist rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.).
I guess that we will just have to take his word for all of that.

Dishonesty keeps the transgender issue contentious

Heather Clark - Christian News
Heather Clark at Christian News writes “Eight-Year-Old Girl Choked in Restroom by Man in City Pushing ‘Transgender’ Access Rights.” Clark continues:
An eight-year-old girl was recently choked unconscious by an adult male who approached her in the women’s restroom of of a Chicago restaurant as city officials continue their push for restroom accommodations according to gender identity.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Lacking any mission NOM goes bathroom batsh*t - Asks for money

Having failed to ban same-sex marriage Brian S. Brown, head of National Organization for Marriage, is attaching himself to every anti-LGBT cause du jour in order to find something to do. Now it is bathrooms and yet another redefinition of NOM:
NOM is one of the few groups willing to challenge the LGBT extremists and take on their radical agenda. We will not be cowed by threats of retaliation, boycotts or others forms of intimidation. We will continue to speak the truth and oppose policies the extremists want to impose on our nation, especially when they put children at risk.

Friday, May 13, 2016

ABC renews The O'Neals endangering blowhard Bill Donohue's health

Dan Savage and Bill Donohue
Sad Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, is obsessed with a television show — The O'Neals. The reasons that Donohue is obsessed with O'Neals is that the sit-com is loosely based on Dan Savage's teenage years and Dan Savage has a production credit. This is just too much for Bill to handle. He has attempted to shame every advertiser. That has not worked. Bill, a divorced man, wants network executives to know that renewal was a bad decision (Bill has become an expert you see):


English: A new Target located in Miami
Yesterday I posted It's official - Target boycott fails. As an aside, yours truly made sure that the right executives at Target know that American Family Association, the choreographer of the boycott, is a certified anti-LGBT hate group. Whether or not that affected their decision to stand firm is unknown.

I looked through some of the comments and I suspect – I do not know for sure – that there is a certain naivety about how our equity markets work. Some people seem to believe that a loss in share value is, in effect, an operating loss for the company.

Tony Perkins: "Protect Our Children"

Tony Perkins - FRC
According to Tony Perkins, children need protection from LGBT Americans and the Obama administration. If Perkins, leader of the anti-LGBT hate group Family Research Council, would stop claiming that LGBT people pose a threat to children that might be a step towards acceptance in polite society. Who knows? It might even advance his interests in not being labeled a hate group. Then again if he did that then Tony Perkins, a Christian extremist, would cease to be Tony Perkins.

Austin Ruse's C-Fam continues to spew hate

Marianna Orlandi
Austin Ruse, president of C-Fam (Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute) must enjoy the fact that his organization is a certified anti-gay hate group. Marianna Orland, the group's PR specialist writes:
Two More Catholic Countries Bow to the Homosexual Lobby

May 13 (C-Fam) Italy joined the list of countries that provide special protections to same-sex relations this week., through a controversial act of its national legislature.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

NOM claims to have "a big hole in our budget"

Brian S. Brown's National Organization for Marriage money-begs continue to provide amusement. This time it is titled “Fundraising Shortfall Imperils Programs.” In other words these douche-bags are running low on suckers. According to Brown:
NOM is more than $10,000 short of meeting our fundraising needs for May, and that does not include the increased expenditures to carry out the enormously successful Fax for FADA and Say No to Target programs we recently launched.
Fax Spam for FADA has all of 3,900 people and whatever they are doing relative to Target is by email.

FRC's Travis Weber - two theories

Travis Weber - FRC
I am assuming that Travis Weber – director of religious liberty for Family Research Council – has experienced some form of mental break. The alternate theory is that Weber, a Christian extremist, is just a pants-on-fire liar. How Christian would that be? But it does not really matter why he writes dishonest hyperbole for his employer. The cretins who support FRC, an anti-gay hate group, are probably receptive to anything that demonizes LGBT people.

It's official - Target boycott fails

The purpose of a boycott is to alter the behavior of the target (in this case Target). the Christian extremists at American Family Association now admit that they have failed to do so but they are pressing on. AFA will continue to assert that LGBT people pose a threat to children which is just one of the reasons that AFA is a certified anti-gay hate group.

FRC's Schwarzwalder calls President Obama a fascist

Rob Schwarzwalder - FRC
Rob Schwarzwalder is easily confused as further demonstrated by these strange words coming from a Senior VP of a right wing hate group. The folks at Family Research Council are long on hyperbole and short on substance. They get away with this because their constituency is not exactly the critical thinking corner. In an email sent today to supporters Schwarzwalder demonstrates his perceived ability to put just about anything past FRC's base:

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A call for Christian unity from the Benham Brothers

Benham Brothers, Jason and David
Jason and David Benham are a reliable duo of anti-gay* hate. From being purveyors of discrimination and ignorance, their combined thinking is really rather simplistic. They make arguments that do not stand up to even cursory scrutiny. According to them, in a piece at Charisma News.
Although the sexual revolution is perverse to the core, one thing we can all learn from it is the incredible power of unity.

Church leaders should take note of how the Human Rights Campaign—the leading organization in this revolution—simplifies its message, galvanizes its base and mobilizes its army. It's genius, even though it's eroding America's moral fabric.

Before some idiot weighs in on Target shares ...

It is not the boycott. The entire retail industry is getting hammered. On Monday Gap missed its earnings projections and saw its debt downgraded to junk status. Macy's issued a statement that they are significantly lowering earnings estimates. And, of course, the Office Depot/Staples merger is now history.

As of about 10:30 AM:

ADF manages to find a trans woman opposed to trans rights - UPDATED

I don't know who Jaqueline Andrews is. I do not know the extent of her education or even if she is a post-op transgender woman. Nor do I know how ADF found her but her Twitter profile still reads “I advocate for the complete end of the trans movement.” If in fact she is a transgender woman then this poor woman was deranged. Alliance Defending Freedom is not on SPLC's radar. Nevertheless, by any reasonable standard, ADF is an anti-LGBT hate group. If Ms. Andrews didn't know that then shame on her. If Ms. Andrews did know that then shame on her. ADF considered her a man pretending to be a woman.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

AFA claims that "Bruce Jenner" is mentally ill

Alex McFarland - Self-styled expert from his website
Billy Davis and Steve Jordahl write for American Family Association's “news” blog. I do not know anything about these guys, Contributor Alex McFarland is a Christian extremist oblivious to science. They combine to write “Wrapping mental illness in the American flag.”

In polite society we address people as they wish to be addressed irrespective of our approval or disapproval. In this case that would be “Caitlyn Jenner.” Once again AFA demonstrates why they are designated an anti-LGBT hate group by the SPLC. According to their piece:

NOM finally addresses the failure of Ted Cruz's campaign

National Organization for Marriage
When Brian S. Brown, president of National Organization for Marriage, endorsed Ted Cruz I wrote that Cruz's campaign was doomed. Mr. Brown, you see, is afflicted with Reverse Midas Touch. In what is called a “NOM Newsletter Update” Brown finally gets around to addressing the failure of the Cruz campaign.

Crisis Magazine polemicist compares Kim Davis to Daniel Berrigan

Paul Kengor
Paul Kengor
Paul Kengor, a professor at Grove City College, has written “When the Left Liked Conscientious Objection” at the orthodox Catholic Crisis Magazine. Readers may know that Father Daniel Berrigan died on April 30. He and his brother Philip (also a Jesuit priest) were leaders of the anti-war movement protesting our involvement in Vietnam. Berrigan did time in prison for breaking into a draft board and destroying 378 Selective Service files.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mat Staver continues his assault on reality regarding Roy Moore

Roy Moore and Mat Staver
We have another bat guano email from hate group leader Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel. Before I get into this, the situation with Roy Moore is very simple. He ordered subordinates to violate the order of a federal judge and then the Supreme Court. Moore, chief judge of the Alabama Supreme Court, should know better. Apparently he does not or, if he does, he believes that his understanding of what his god wants supersedes the law.

Mazel tov to him and his lawyer, Mat Staver