Tuesday, December 31, 2019

No Shame Mr. Brown - No Shame

“I cannot find any contribution from those foundations that would affect International Organization for the Family in any meaningful way.”
Brian S. Brown
Hate Group Leader Brian S. Brown
Tuesday, I have received a shameless email from Brian S. Brown on behalf of International Organization for the Family asking for money. There is a certain irony to the shamelessness of Brian Brown. Shame is the principal lever by which religion coerces adherents into compliance with dogma. The title of Brown's missive (all in lower case) is “he's seen nothing yet.”
Get this:
Billionaire George Soros, a radical leftist, has spent a good part of his fortune attacking the International Organization for the Family (IOF). This year, his network helped generate dozens of negative media stories about us, including a recent ambush attack by a writer for one of his groups who infiltrated our African Regional Conference in Ghana. The Soros network does this for one reason: to attempt to sully our reputation and discredit our work.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Transphobic Gay Men are a Source of Irritation

I have been clear about this for years. Regarding transgender people, we are all in the same boat and we have a common opponent for the same reasons. Chad Felix Greene did not get the memo. According to Greene: New Study Suggests Playing With Dolls Proves A Boy Is Transgender.

No it does not. Greene has it backwards. The fact that a trans girl prefers dolls over trucks is not evidence that a male child who plays with dolls is transgender. The study never looked for evidence of gender identity. DSM-5 provides the criteria for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria in children (which is separate from that of adults).

Greene's subtitle reads:
How do we encourage parents to give dolls to their sons and trucks to their daughters if those behaviors are considered scientific evidence of gender dysphoria?

Oh good - Psychiatric Advice From a Christian YouTuber With a HS Diploma

According to Charisma News:
Author and speaker Kristen Clark, co-founder of GirlDefined Ministries, says that when we're feeling anxious or depressed, we need to look at the root cause. Upon reflection, Clark realized her dissatisfaction in life after struggling with infertility came from not fully putting her hope in God.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

No Mr. Brown - George Soros Doesn't Know That You Exist

Brown's organization is rightly criticized for efforts to impose religious doctrine on the world — eliminating access to abortion, severely restricting the rights of sexual minorities and greatly reducing individual liberty.
Embed from Getty Images
Brian S. Brown in Verona for World Congress of Families.
Hate Group Leader, Brian S. Brown, has “Nommed” his other gig. I have two emails from Brown asking for money in remarkably similar ways. One is on behalf of National Organization for Marriage; the other from International Organization for the Family. The IOF plea — titled soros network at it again — is sardonically amusing:
George Soros‘ network of radical anti-family groups is at it again. He’s targeted IOF for attack because he knows we are one of his most effective opponents. This time he inserted a covert operative to attend and observe our recently concluded, highly-impactful, African Regional Conference in Ghana. The Soros operative pretended to be a pro-family supporter when in reality she was a rapid LGBT activist. The purpose of embedding this operative into our conference in Africa was to create an opportunity for Soros’ network to once again malign and misrepresent our views with a sensational fake news report that they peddle to their media allies and their radical leftist base.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Hate Group Seizes Any Opportunity to Mock Transgender People

Jennifer Finney Boylan is an accomplished writer and academician who just happens to be a transgender woman.
via Barnard College
It seems fair to state that no one associated with American Family Association is the intellectual equal of Jennifer Finney Boylan. Ms. Boylan has a named chair and a professorship at prestigious Barnard College Which is affiliated with Columbia University. She is the author of 13 books and the mother of two. Ms. Boylan is a gifted writer. Even her Twitter feed is compelling and humorous.

None of that matters to AFA, an anti-LGBTQ hate group. One of AFA's propagandists, Bob Kellogg, is incapable of seeing past the fact that Jennifer Finney Boylan happens to be a transgender woman. Kellogg claims to be exercised over a recent OpEd in the New York Times. He writes: Prof finds 'queer' in awkward reindeer.

Enemies - Real or Manufactured - are Evangelical Christian Currency

Eddie Hyatt
Eddie Hyatt is a Christian Nationalist with books to sell, enemies to create and American history to revise.
via YouTube
Eddie Hyatt is a prolific polemicist for conservative Christian outlets. Hyatt seems possessed of the notion that his relevance is defined by the enemies of his constituency. It might be personification of the LGBT Agenda™, secuarists, The Left, socialists, Democrats, George Soros … the list is endless. Friday, the enemy is those who are supposedly waging The War on America's Christian Heritage.

Mr. Hyatt is a Christian nationalist. And he has a book to sell. Apparently Hyatt's enemy is not only pernicious but very well organized:
A major battle strategy of the secularist left is to redefine America by rewriting and reinterpreting her history and thereby making her vulnerable to radical change.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Ugh - We are "indoctrinating" kids again

People should think twice before accusing others of indoctrinating children.
I do not know who, or what, an Alex Newman is. However, I do know that the worst form of bigotry is to claim that a minority group poses a threat the children. According to Mr. Newman:
Public schools do hold good teachers who want to follow the best education practices and who object to the indoctrination of the LBGTQ agenda, but they are being penalized.
Mr. Newman — as evidenced by that sentence — was not influenced by a good English teacher. Oddly enough Alex Newman sees others as radical:
When the National Education Association (NEA) partnered with a radical homosexual and transgender group known as the “Human Rights Campaign” to create “welcoming schools,” a lot of public-school teachers felt uncomfortable, if not outraged. But when the groups sent out a mass e-mail encouraging teachers to ask young children what “pronouns” they prefer — he, she, they, z, tree, and so on — that was a bridge too far for many.

Chick-fil-A's latest distraction

Chick-fil-A's leadership is trying to massage their public profile by reducing their charitable contributions to anti-LGBTQ nonprofits. CFA provides its two affiliated foundations with nearly 35 million tax-deducted dollars per year. Whether or not the Salvation Army receives $110,000 (2018 contribution) from the Chick-fil-A Foundation has no relevance to the lives of LGBTQ persons.

We are not paying attention to what really matters. Chick-fil-A has successfully distracted us and the media. The company has even been able to embrace victimhood due to the scorn heaped upon them by militant conservative Christian activists.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Fedora: Create a UEFI Bootable USB Stick to Install Windows or Linux

Creating a bootable stick is actually quite easy and you can do it from he command line. Fedora provides all the tools that are required. This tutorial will use a windows 10 iso image. You can obtain this from Microsoft here. It is free and you can use it forever for free with some minor cosmetic limitations.

This requires root access so the first thing you want to do is to log into a terminal as root:
# sudo -i

You probably already have these:
# dnf install gdisk syslinux syslinux-efi64

Monday, December 23, 2019

Liberty Counsel's Attack on Covenant House

Mat Staver
The statements of Liberty Counsel reflect the views of the hate group leader, Mad Mat Staver. Staver is usually quoted within their tirades. This is true with Liberty Counsel's Chick-fil-A's Not-So-Slow Fade Into Compromise. Chick-fil-A's philanthropy stems from three separate entities: Chick-fil-A Inc., Chick-fil-A Foundation and Winshape Foundation.1

Mad Mat is incensed that the CFA Foundation donated to Covenant House but has announced that it is ceasing donations to the Salvation Army. In 2018, Covenant House (NYC HQ, Georgia and California) received $225,000. The Salvation Army Received $115,000.2

Friday, December 20, 2019

Loon Refers to Chasten Buttigieg as Pete's "Wife"

Robert R. Reilly
Robert R. Reilly is obsessively distraught over gay people and Muslims
Robert R. Reilly, the crank behind the aggrandized Catholic World Report, has authored: A Buttigieg Hallmark Christmas. We get it. the Catholic Church does not approve of gay people for reasons that are contrary to well established science. Gay people, the Church claims, are “objectively disordered.” Presumably Mr. Reilly, is jealous of Mr. Buttigieg.

Reilly probably asks himself: “How can a pervert homosexual be so much more important than I am?” Were you a Rhodes Scholar Mr. Reilly? Held elective office? Run for president?

Shame on a self-loathing faggot!

Doug Mainwaring
Doug Mainwaring was paraded around by National Organization for Marriage and Brian S. Brown as the “gay man who opposes gay marriage.” Mainwaring asserted this description of himself through at least 2015. The obvious assumption, which is certain truth, is that Mainwaring is still a gay man. Why then does he manifest such profound hate for gay people?

On Friday, Mr. Mainwaring claims to be extremely upset that construction has begun on a naval vessel named for Harvey Milk. The disparagement takes the form of Milk having been a pederast. Mainwaring smears Harvey Milk, not because Milk had some young boyfriends, but because Milk was gay and prominent.

Mainwaring attempts to drive the point home with this photo titled “Harvey Milk with a group of boys: ”

"YouTube is unfair!" - An English comprehension failure

via Vectorstock.com
Several conservative religious outlets have taken notice of the fact that YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki, sat for an interview by Eugene Lee Yang of “The Try Guys” on Monday, December 16. According to Alexander Hall at L. Brent Bozell III's NewsBusters: YouTube CEO Says She Consults LGBTQ Creators to Eliminate 'Bias.'
LGBTQ Privilege? YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said the company consults with the LBGTQ community to make sure they don’t feel they are being censored. Wouldn’t it be nice if conservatives had such a seemingly favored group?
YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki, did not say “the company consults with the LBGTQ community.” Alexander Hall has a problem with English comprehension:

Thursday, December 19, 2019

From the journals: "Care of Transgender Persons"

The good news is that the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine has a December 12 peer-reviewed article titled Care of Transgender Persons (free subscription required). The conclusions are consistent with WPATH and Endocrine Society guidelines:
click to enlarge
The “agonists” referred to in the second bullet point are GnRH agonists which are puberty blockers.

The authors of the study, Joshua D. Safer, M.D., and Vin Tangpricha, M.D., Ph.D:

Help kids! Today is the LAST day to submit a comment to HHS

Under a proposed rule adoption and foster care agencies can receive federal grants in spite of discriminating against gay couples on the basis of religious freedom. The claim by the Christian right is that it is these adoption agencies that are being discriminated against. Poor them.

Rules surrounding foster care and adoption services are supposed to place the interests of children; first, last and always. Children are best served with the largest pool of eligible adoptive and foster care parents. That is just common sense.
Submit your comment here.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Gay people have fucked up the newest Star Wars, oh my

Gabriel Hays is a propagandist for L. Brent Bozell III via his phony investigative site, NewsBusters. Mr. Hays writes: Two Lesbians Walk Into a ‘Star Wars’ Bar: ‘Rise Of Skywalker’ Goes There. There went coherent expression.
Surely a story that spans galaxies and light years and campy dive cantinas must have run in to some, er, marginalized sexualities. Surely space pirates must have accidentally raided a “Wookie Cruise.”
It is the intent of some religious conservatives to marginalize gay people. “Marginalized sexualities” is incorrect and judgmental. Marginalized people is the more accurate term. Hays' text- is, er, an exhibition of bigotry.

Delusional priest railing against marriage equality

Fr. Mario Alexis Portella
Wednesday, Fr. Mario Alexis Portella writes: The Fight for Traditional Marriage Isn’t Over. Portella demonstrates extreme animus towards gay people and contempt for their marriages. Most American Catholics do not agree with Fr. Portella. Nevertheless, he is an influencer and he is toxic.

Fr. Mario Alexis Portella is an American born Catholic priest who is currently Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Florence, Italy. Portella is best known, perhaps, for his Islamophobic tome titled “Islam: Religion of Peace?: The Violation of Natural Rights and Western Cover-up.”

Fr. Portella is wed to three misconceptions:
  1. Same-sex marriage has a mystical (perhaps mythical) effect on opposite-sex marriage.
  2. The state should preference “traditional” marriage to the detriment of same-sex marriage.
  3. The state should preference religious marriage to the detriment of civil marriage.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

No Blowhard Bill: Adoption agencies do the work of the state with taxpayers' money

Bill Donohue
Blowhard Bill Donohue is at it again. Donohue wants us to believe that the Free Exercise clause in the First Amendment entitles Catholic Charities to discriminate against gay people. Donohue's tirade is titled: THE LEFT’S IDEA OF RELIGIOUS LIBERTY. The left, according to Blowhard Bill, consists of individuals who are not conservative Catholics.

Some of the lowlights:
When conservative religious persons speak about religious liberty, they have in mind a robust interpretation of the free exercise provision of the First Amendment. This view is not shared by the comparatively few religious persons on the left.

Focus on the Family files mysteriously disappear from IRS

"Thrive" unless heads of household happen to be a gay couple
Three years ago the Internal Revenue Service designated Focus on the Family a church which means that the organization is not required to file an annual report with the Service. It should be perfectly obvious that Focus on the Family is not a                   church.

On November 15 I finally got around to a FOIA request relative to the correspondence associated with Focus on the Family's change of status. Admittedly, I should have done this a very long time ago.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Ignorance and plain stupidity are partners with anti-trans bigotry

Jonathon Van Maren
Jonathon Van Maren
via LifeSiteNews
Fundamentalist Catholics are literally obsessed with 0.5% of the population; those who are transgender. According to their religious beliefs, transgender people do not exist. Thus they are obsessed with people who “identify” as transgender. According to professional Catholic, Jonathon Van Maren: 12-year-old boy who thinks he’s a girl wants womb transplant so he can be ‘mother’ someday.

Before I go further, most Catholics do not think this way. Van Maren resides within the lunatic fringe and he doesn't think at all. Obviously that headline has no connection to reality. A 12-year-old is capable of understanding that eventual gender confirmation surgery (in her majority) is not going to make her capable of bearing children.

Another schmuck claims that impeachment is spiritual warfare

Stephen Strang
Stephen Strang from a CNN video claiming that Trump was a changed man and the he accepted God. Sure.
According to Stephen Strang, publisher of the Pentecostal Charisma Magazine, Trump Impeachment Is Clear Example of Spiritual Warfare—What Can Christians Do? The answer to Strang's question is: Christians should vote for more decent people. For all their sanctimonious posturing, leaders of the Christian right are motivated by one simple calculation: “Under which candidate for office will I have the most power?”

The result is a group of self-righteous con artists who avidly support a president who is an immoral sociopath and pathological liar. Aside for his multiple divorces, numerous bankruptcies, thousands of lawsuits used to extort small contractors into settlements, tens of thousands of lies since he has been in office, his love of white supremacists, his serial adultery, his abject racism and intentional manipulation of our equity markets, Trump makes decisions based solely upon his personal financial interests.

Friday, December 13, 2019

It seems that "Bobby" lost another job

Robert Oscar Lopez
Robert Oscar Lopez is an ex-bisexual who became a prominent anti-LGBTQ bigot, particularly in regards to marriage equality. Lopez came unglued five or six years ago and became obsessed with gay people. All the while Lopez was writing semi-pornographic, gay oriented pulp fiction.

Lopez was a tenured associate professor of English at California State University, Northridge. Lopez left CalState in 2016 under a cloud of anti-LGBTQ controversy. Speculation at the time was that he left before he got canned which requires extreme misconduct for tenured faculty. Lopez subsequently became became a professor of humanities at a college run by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX.

Blowhard Bill Doesn't Like "Gay Themed Christmas Events"

“Bill Donohue is a bigot. He has found another opportunity to ridicule people that he disapproves of.”
Blowhard Bill Donohue
Blowhard Bill Donohue is obsessed with demeaning LGBTQ people
via YouTube
Friday, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League is distraught over Gay-Themed Christmas Events Galore. It's really just a pretext for bigoted pontification.

So what if there are gay themed Christmas events? There are gay people of every conceivable religious persuasion. Furthermore, the reality is that there are two Christmases in this country. There is a solemn Christian Christmas. There is also a secular commercial Christmas. After all, Christmas is national holiday unlike any Jewish or Muslim holy day. Bill claims persecution at the hands of contemptible gay people. So what else is new?
We've never heard of gay-themed Hanukkah events, and we sure never heard of gay-themed Ramadan events, but there is a slew of Christmas ones. Maybe that's because the boys like us best.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Brian S. Brown's other gig hasn't filed its tax returns either

Brian S. Brown
None of the three organizations that Brian S. Brown is responsible for have filed tax returns as required by law.
As I previously posted, National Organization for Marriage has not filed its two tax returns for calendar year 2018. The last extension expired on November 15. Turns out that, as of December 12, Howard Center for Family Religion and Society has not filed its 2018 tax return either.

International Organization for the Family and World Congress of Families are both assumed names for Howard Center. Whatever you call it, “it” is deemed a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Hate groups exploit AIDS to disparage gay people

“The reality is that Camenker and the folks at AFA have no interest in people dying from AIDS. Their interest in AIDS is to exploit the disease as a means of denigrating gay people.”
Thursday, American Family Association has teamed up with Mass Resistance to denigrate the gay people they disapprove of. Both organizations are deemed anti-LGBTQ hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center — and for good cause. AFA's propagandist, Charlie Butts, says: Propaganda tool ignores the truth.

Butts goes on to write:
A conservative advocacy group says over the last 21 years, "World AIDS Day" has become a tool to promote the homosexual lifestyle, depriving victims of the truth.

Except for "Pride Month" in June, World AIDS Day is the LGBT movement's biggest ideological push on society. And Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance says is also the most dishonest – in a deadly way.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

According to Michael Brown Morality is Defined by Sexuality

Discrimination and prejudice are immoral. Being the object of discrimination and prejudice is not.
Pete and Chasten Buttigieg
Michael Brown uses Pete and Chasten Buttigieg as awful role models to savage LGBTQ people.
via Business Insider
Wednesday, according to Dr. Michael Brown: The Majority Does Not Determine Morality. Topping his post is a rainbow flag. I am certain that you all know where this is going.

Brown begins inoffensively enough:
It's always nice to be able to point to the polls when they support your position. But polling, when done accurately, does nothing more than tell you what other people think. And just because you have the majority on your side doesn't mean you are right. In fact, when it comes to morality, the majority is often at odds with the Bible, which sets the standard of morality for practicing Christians.

That does it! Conservative GOPers are going after one of my hobbies.

None of the four people who have signed the letter have expressed any concern over Trump's irrational reductions to food stamps.
Vicky Hartzler
Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) is one of four representatives who think that prosecuting ponography should be a priority.
via YouTube
Representatives Mark Meadows of North Carolina, Brian Babin of Texas, Vicky Hartzler of Missouri, and Jim Banks of Indiana sent a letter to AG Barr urging him to vigorously enforce anti-obscenity laws. According to the letter (courtesy of National Review) they want Barr to declare the prosecution of porn a “criminal justice priority.”

I can think of many things, including gun violence, that are more important than prosecuting porn. The only thing that Barr would “accomplish” is to move the production and distribution of pornography offshore. What are they going to do then? Prosecute consumers? My VPN costs six bucks a month. The whois record of each IP yields:
The DOJ can deal with some schmuck in Romania.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Brian S. Brown creates a victim of the LGBT agenda - Then repeatedly misspells her name

“That Santeria church was not interfering with the constitutional rights of chickens.”
Brian S. Brown
According to the latest missive from Brian S. Brown on behalf of National Organization for Marriage: Judge stands for the truth of marriage. I hate to break it to Mr. Brown but “the truth of marriage” is defined by civil law; not by the Vatican. Since June, 2015 marriage consists of the union between two adults who might be of the opposite sex or the same sex. 4½ years later, the world has not come to an end.

Brown drones on:
Even after the Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v Hodges imposing gay ‘marriage’ on the nation, a majority of Americans still believe in traditional marriage.

Ryan T. Anderson and Robert P. George Have Reached Conclusions About Trans Youth

Ryan T. Anderson & Robert P. George
Ryan T. Anderson and Robert P. George
Sunday evening, Ryan T. Anderson and Robert P. George authored: Physical Interventions on the Bodies of Children to “Affirm” their “Gender Identity” Violate Sound Medical Ethics and Should be Prohibited. The outlet for this nonsense is Witherspoon Institute's pretentious blog.

I say nonsense because neither author is concerned for the welfare of gender incongruent children. Nor do they voice legitimate concern for medical ethics because ethics are predicated on medical science. Treatment of children should be in accordance with the best available evidence.

Doing so is ethical per se. Neither Anderson nor George care about the medical science. As you will see, it is what they propose that is unethical because it deviates from accepted medical practice.

Monday, December 9, 2019

In the Works

I ran out of time today, Monday. However, Ryan T. Anderson and Robert P. George have combined for an idiotic post about trans youth. If either would simply make the honest claim that this is about a defense of Church teaching, I would have more respect for them. However, they try to pass off pseudo-intellectual and pseudo-scientific folderol as legitimate intellectual discourse.

AFA's silly boycott seems to have inspired Target Stores

via Target website
Todd Evans is president of Rivendell Media. Evans' job is to place advertisements for the National LGBT Media Association.

Absolut Vodka and Wells Fargo, Evans notes, are among the high-profile corporations that market to the LGBTQ community with creative content that will appeal to LGBTQ consumers and their allies.

Include Target on that list, says Evans in South Florida Gay News. Evans points to Target Stores as an example of a company committed to LGBT-specific marketing and product offerings.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

NOM has still not filed its 2018 tax returns

Brian S. Brown
Late Friday the Internal Revenue Service updated the Business Master File with a December 9, 2019 (Monday) change date. According to the Service neither NOM entity (National Organization for Marriage or National Organization for Marriage Education Fund) has filed a required annual report via Form 990. The last available filing extension expired on November 15, 2019.

Meanwhile on Friday, Brian S. Brown did find time to author Canadian Gender Insanity Coming Our Way which is a transphobic diatribe attempting to attract donations. It's just more “gender ideology” stupidity in defiance of medical science. It provides a guide to the difference between faith and superstition.

Friday, December 6, 2019

LGBTQ people are the "indoctrination mob"

“Apparently Scott does not give a Schittl about exposing his outrageous bigotry.”
Scott Schittl
LifeSite Loon Scott Schittl
via YouTube
I wrote about Hallmark Channel on Thursday. The CEO of the company has said that he is open to offering movies with gay leads. The expected “how dare they?” outrage has ensued. Today, Friday, the folks at LifeSiteNews are so terribly upset that they have taken action.
A LifeSite petition asking Hallmark not to produce LGBT movies for Christmas, or generally, gained more than 25,000 signatures in less than one day.

The petition, which is addressed to Mike Perry, president and CEO of Hallmark, and Don and Dave Hall, chairman and vice chairman, is in response to a recent interview given by a Crown Media Family Networks (owned by Hallmark) executive to the TheWrap.com.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Anti-Trans Ignorance From the Federalist (Shocking, I Know)

I will be brief. Someone by the name of Georgi Boorman recently switched from writing anti-choice diatribes to anti-LGBTQ tirades. The latest of these is titled: Transgender Activist Jessica Yaniv ‘Shocked’ Gynecologists Don’t Treat Men. The subtitle of this screed reads:
Citizens of liberal democracies should take note: Jessica Yaniv is the future, personified, if we continue down this path. The further a society moves from the truth, the closer it moves to tyranny.
First the title. Transgender women who have had gender confirmation surgery should periodically see a gynecologist. As WPATH explains:

Heritage Foundation Tees Up Some Anti-LGBTQ Bigotry

Mean Teacher
via Pinterest
At the Heritage Foundation blog, Virginia Allen interviews Lydia Gutierrez, second grade teacher and chair of the National Education Association Conservative Educators Caucus. I should mention that the NEA recognizes about 65 caucuses — including one for Zumba exercise (go figure). The list includes:
Click to Enlarge - No hate-mail please
Allen: If teachers are thinking, “If my student comes to me that is a boy and wants to be called by a girl’s name or by female pronouns or vice versa, what do I do?” And what advice would you give to those teachers and administrators?

Et tu Hallmark Channel? Et tu?

Hallmark Channel
First it was Chick-fil-A discontinuing some contributions to Christian organizations. Their foundation even donated a few bucks — GASP! — to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The latest horror spreading through radical Christendom is expressed as: Hallmark Channel CEO Says Company Is 'Open' to Making LGBTQ-Friendly Christmas Movies. It's enough to make God weep!

According to Tré Goins-Phillips at Faithwire:
The chief executive of the Hallmark Channel, known for its treasure trove of wholesome and characteristically cheesy Christmas flicks, said in a recent interview the company is "open" to filming movies with lead characters who are gay.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Texas Justice of the Peace Disciplined for Refusing to Wed Gay Couples

Texas Christianists are not pleased.
Dianne Hensley
Dianne Hensley is yet another public official who attempts to excuse her bigotry with supposed religious beliefs.
via Houston Chronicle
Waco Justice of the Peace Dianne Hensley decided that her god does not approve of same-sex marriages notwithstanding the fact that a justice of the peace unites couples in civil marriage. A justice of the peace is not required to perform marriages. However, if he or she chooses to do so then they are required to perform the service for all legally eligible couples.

Hensley has routinely married heterosexual couples. However, same-sex couples seeking the same service would be given a document that said: “I’m sorry, but Judge Hensley has a sincerely held religious belief as a Christian, and will not be able to perform any same sex weddings.” The document also referred the couple to other people in the area who would perform the service.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

AFA resorts to Third Reich imagery to promote anti-gay bigotry

We care about the beliefs of Christians a great deal less than Mr. Wildmon cares about what we do in our bedrooms.
Tim Wildmon
Hate Group Leader  Tim Wildmon - American Family Association
via YouTube
American Family Association need never wonder why they are deemed an anti-LGBTQ hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Tuesday, AFA's leader, Tim Wildmon, sent out an email titled: Christians Must Not Fold to LGBT Activist Pressure. I have no problem with Wildmon's recitation of his understanding of biblical beliefs. People are entitled to believe anything they want:
According to the Bible, God allows sexual activity only between a man and a woman who are married. All other sexual conduct is forbidden.

No Dr. Brown: In polite society we don't intentionally harm others

Dr. Michael Brown
via YouTube
Tuesday, Dr. Michael Brown offers up A Pastoral Approach to the Question of Transgender Pronouns. Fascinating, no doubt. The subtitle should read: “How to demonstrate disapproval of transgender people.”

Of course Brown would never use the phrase “transgender people” because to do so would confirm that they exist. Indeed, the whole point of Brown's sophistry is that, according to Genesis 1:27, transgender people cannot possibly exist. Just to prove the point, behold the Brown:
A recent teaching by Southern Baptist leader J. D. Greear underscored some of the challenges facing Christians today when confronted with the question of speaking to trans-identified individuals.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Scott Lively Calls His Homophobic Diatribe a Textbook

Scott Lively
Scott Lively isn't stupid. He's just batshit crazy.
via Boston Globe
Monday, Scott Lively of Pink Swastika fame offers up: Redeeming the Rainbow: A Christian Response to the “Gay” Agenda. (It is subsequent to Chic-Fil-A’s Betrayal Goes Much Deeper Than We Thought, oh my.) I have the clear sense that Mr. Lively does not know that he is a fruitcake.

As Lively explains, this is the title of a 2009 book that he authored. The poor thing is a victim of persecution:
In 2009 I wrote and published this textbook on pro-family advocacy, which I adapted from the thesis I wrote for my Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) degree in 2007. Importantly, the information contained in Redeeming the Rainbow is not simply the regurgitation of others’ work or the theories of a sequestered academic: it is the fruit of my own missionary efforts as a front-lines culture warrior around the world and its insights and conclusions are hard-earned and forged in the fire of persecution.

The Adoption and Foster Care Crisis

Eliminating otherwise eligible adoptive and foster parents from the pool because they are LGBTQ is clearly not in the best interests of children.
Sad Child
Monday, there is an increasing amount of noise present created by Christian agencies. Here are some sobering statistics regarding foster care:
  • One-third of children who age out of foster care without having been adopted end up homeless.
  • Hard current numbers are elusive but there are an estimated half-million children now in foster care.
  • Since 2013 there has been a 10.6% increase in children in foster care. Children awaiting adoption have increased 20%.
  • Children entering foster care are eight-years-of-age. A majority of the children awaiting adoption are more than eight-years-of-age. Due to their age, these kids are less likely to be adopted.
  • 75% of children in foster care are behind grade level.
  • Only half of the kids in foster care will ever receive a high school diploma.
  • Kids in foster care will likely attend six different K-12 schools
  • By the time they are 21, about half the kids now in foster care will be unemployed. Median income less than $6,000 and about one-third will have been arrested.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Utah zaps pediatric conversion therapy

It is imperative that parents accept their children for who they are. Doing so is best for the kids and best for their parents.
Welcome to Utah
Face it. Things do not happen in Utah without the approval of the Mormon Church. Apparently, even the Mormons know that conversion therapy is ineffective and toxic — especially toxic for minors. Governor Gary Herbert (R) is taking steps to ensure that kids in Utah are not subjected to an approach that has no scientific support.

Governor Herbert has directed the state's Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing in concert with the Department of Commerce to propose a rule which defines the practice of conversion therapy on minors unprofessional conduct. The rule is likely to go into effect in early February, 2020.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

AFA trots out the infamous "Homosexual Agenda"

“Who does Wildmon think he is fooling? Even the incurious evangelical Christians know that he and his hate group oppose Patrick Bumatay's confirmation because he is gay.”
Tim Wildmon
Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon, American Family Assoc.
via YouTube
American Family Association, an anti-LGBTQ hate group is terribly distressed that a gay judicial nominee for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is headed to Senate confirmation. Oh the poor bigots. According to a missive from Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon: Judicial nominee is member of LGBT activist group. Tell senators to vote no.. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Timmy!

The text continues:
The U.S. Senate will be voting, as early as Dec. 2, on the judicial confirmation of Patrick J. Bumatay as nominee to the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. We are opposed to this nomination.

Poor Them - Chick Fried Hate Group

It's an outrage!
Tony Perkins
via Family Research Council
The latest missive from hate group Family Research Council is titled: Chick-fil-A Donates to SPLC, Anti-Christian Group linked to Shooter that Stormed Family Research Council. Tony Perkins is a cynic. It is impossible to know whether the hate group leader is really bent out of shape or if he thinks that this is a good way to raise money.

Irrespective of Perkins' motives, he — like his buddy, Donald Trump — is a pathological liar. The dishonesty has flowed through the organization. At FRC it is permissible to lie if doing so is in the defense of the faith or if it is used to raise money or if it disparages LGBTQ people.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is not anti-Christian. Most Christians are not bigots like Mr. Perkins. The SPLC is not linked — in any meaningful way — to the deranged individual who shot a guard (who sustained a minor wound) at FRC's headquarters in DC.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

They really should drop "gender fluidity" from their jargon

“Throwing around scientific terms with no understanding of what they mean makes people look stupid. In the act, they are stupid.”
The evangelical Christian echo chamber reminds me of radioactivity. Various theories are like the unstable neutrons that multiply and create a self-sustaining chain reaction. As these beliefs bounce around they gain mass and momentum due to increased utilization which fires off more pings to bounce around. Few concepts are tested or verified. None are subjected to expert evaluation. Rev. so-and-so said it so it must be true.

Such is the case with the term “gender fluidity.” We don't know who introduced it to the chamber or when but it has been brought to critical mass absent critical thinking.

Consider the post of one Kendra Semmen: The U.S. Constitution Will Crumble Before Our Eyes if We Don't Stop This Dangerous Trend:
Because America promotes the ideas of gender fluidity, macroevolution and moral relativism, which were not the ideas of the original Founders, we will inevitably run into problems. Evangelist Alex McFarland says that unless we have a "moral revival," our U.S. Constitution will fall.

Porno Pete is still among the living

Porno Pete vs. Mayor Pete. Who has the demonstrably superior intellect?
Peter LaBarbera
Peter LaBarbera has been very quiet lately. In March, the Peter was doing a daily podcast. That seems to have fizzled out after eight days. The last update on the Americans for Truth website was nearly a month ago.

I kinda miss the Peter. LaBarbera has done more to foster equal rights than any pro-LGBTQ activist. Mr. LaBarbera, when he is active, provides a cartoonish caricature of the crazed, eyes-glazed-over, anti-LGBTQ Christian fanatic.

Monday, November 25, 2019

The gender obsession

Will Witt
PragerU's Will Witt trying to make a point by asking students a rhetorical question about gender.
via YouTube
According to Stephen Strang (Charisma): Infinite Genders? Viral Video Reveals Scary Ideology Infiltrating College Campuses:
Mark 10:6 says that in the beginning, God created human beings "male and female." But nowadays, people think there are multiple genders—some even say infinite! That may shock you, but the progressive gender indoctrination on college campuses is so strong, it's hard to find students who don't agree with it.
It “may shock you” but Mark 10:6, an ancient text, is irrelevant to medical science. In point of fact, Mr. Strang is hyperbolic. The overwhelming majority of people, including transgender people, identify as either male or female. However, gender is understood as a continuum with male and female at the extreme ends. Thus, the spectrum has infinite possibilities but people understand their gender as either male or female.