Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Michael Voris is selective in his sanctimony

Michael Voris
Michael Voris of Church Militant is a gay man who claims to be celibate in order to conform to the catechism of the Catholic Church. That is his decision to make. Yet Voris is a hypocrite. Aside from prohibitions on “bearing false witness,” the catechism is explicit: “Truth or truthfulness is the virtue which consists in showing oneself true in deeds and truthful in words, and guarding against duplicity, dissimulation, and hypocrisy.”

Mr. Voris has a history of saying or writing just about anything in defense of the Catholic Church. He will do so regardless of whether or not his assertions are truthful. In fact he will make statements regardless of whether or not his utterances make any sense.

While he mixes fact with opinion, Voris is essentially correct with respect to the following:
Two gay men are suing the U.S. government over the citizenship of their adopted daughter.

American Vision offers evidence that it is a hate group

Asserting that LGBTQ people pose a peril to children as a means of framing anti-LGBTQ religious beliefs is a sure path to hate group status.
Gary DeMar
Apparently the Establishment Clause within  the First Amendment doesn't say precisely what it says.
Gary DeMar, head of American Vision, wrote: More Homosexual Penguins on Parade to Propagandize Children. I might be a penguin skeptic so I will skip that part, for now. According to Mr. DeMar:
Gary DeMar
Homosexuals have been able to convince many people that homosexual behavior is normal by some false analogies, bad science, and buckets of intimidation. Since most public schools do not teach students how to think, it’s no wonder that many young people fall for fallacious reasoning.
Relegating a sexual orientation that DeMar disapproves of to behavior is intellectually dishonest. The existence of sexual orientation as a continuum (with heterosexual and homosexual at the extreme ends) is settled science.

You win some - You lose some

An unfortunate loss in Arizona. A win for the SPLC.
I think that the Arizona Supreme Court's 4-3 decision in Brush & Nib Studio is idiotic. Reading the ruling it seems like four conservative judges incorporated Alliance Defending Freedom's rhetoric into a ruling celebrating Christian privilege. The Court did not provide guidance to determine what is speech and what is conduct.

Some have called the ruling very narrow. I disagree. It opens the door to anyone claiming that their discriminatory conduct was merely the avoidance of compelled speech. Moreover, it awards a hate group (Alliance Defending Freedom) with a victory. One that they will use to raise funds and burnish their credibility.

Monday, September 16, 2019

LifeSiteNews using pray-your-gay-away to raise funds

According to John-Henry Westen, co-editor of LifeSiteNews: Hundreds have left the LGBT lifestyle and now speak against it. Help their voices be heard!
Our journalist, Doug Mainwaring, was on the ground this weekend in Florida reporting at the Freedom March – a march organized and led by ex-trans and ex-LGBT activists - something mainstream media doesn’t want to acknowledge exists!

Not only does the Freedom March prove the flaws of the LGBT viewpoint, but it gives hope to all those living that lifestyle to know that there is a way out.

While mainstream media wants to ignore them, by joining the LifeSite giving family, you can give them a voice.

Out of the woodwork - Out from under rocks they come

Katherin Kirkpatrick
Katherin Kirkpatrick
via LinkedIN
Katherin Kirkpatrick (no “e” at the end of Katherin) appears to be an unemployed technical writer in Portland, OR. She is a Certified Medical Transcriptionist. Yet, she presumes to be an expert in human sexuality with: How Oregon Built A Transgender Medical-Industrial Complex On Junk Science. Oh do tell how a mountain of peer-reviewed research published to respected academic journals is relegated to “junk” status. What are the odds that this idiot has a religious objection to gender diverse people?

The subtitle of this masterpiece of critical thinking and intellectual curiosity reads:
Oregon now allows adverse gender surgery outcomes to go largely untracked, restricts health workers’ right to advise patients about the risks, and strips custody from parents who object to transgender experimentation on their children.
Aesop's challenge:

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Where do they grow these nitwits?

Megan Fox
Megan Fox | via Twitter
There is an endless supply. There must be a factory somewhere that manufactures them. Eventually they are electrically animated. They end up writing for outlets like Breitbart or PJ Media where they exploit the confirmation biases of the Trump base. Money doesn't grow on trees but morons might.

Megan Fox is among those who write for PJ Media. On Saturday she displayed great erudition with: UK Gender Clinic to Offer Sex Change to Kids as Young as 3 — Online. None of that is factually accurate. Yet the reader comments doth flow. Ms. Fox can bathe in adulation from a grateful audience.
The Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), run by the Tavistock and Portman National Health Service (NHS) Trust in the UK is offering appointments, diagnosis, and even medication for children who are "transitioning" because they suffer from gender dysphoria. The children in question can be as young as three years old.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Kevin Whitt is hustling the Christians at our expense

Kevin Whitt
Kevin Whitt
via Facebook
Kevin Whitt is the latest conservative Christian hero to emerge out of LGBTQ culture. He is getting a great deal of attention. Of course another one could become the tchotchke du jour tomorrow. Kevin Whitt was a prostitute. He is still hooking but the 35-year-old has a new customer base.

I have sometimes joked to myself about the oodles of money that would come my way if I converted from Judaism, found Jesus, repented and claimed to be ex-gay. Mr. Whitt took himself more seriously.

A "Traditionalist" Federal Judge Gets It - Why don't other people?

Judge Michael H. Watson
Judge Michael H. Watson
via Wikipedia
On Thursday U.S. District Judge Michael H. Watson ruled in favor of four transgender people suing Ohio for the right to change their birth certificates. The case is not settled as the ruling only denied the state's motion to dismiss. However, the judge clearly understands the issue. In his ruling Judge Watson wrote:
Assuming the allegations in the complaint are true, particularly plaintiffs’ assertion that ‘gender identity is the critical determinant of sex,’ the court is not convinced that Ohio law prohibits plaintiffs’ request.
Is that not at the core of transgender issues? When natal sex and gender identity are incongruent, gender identity prevails. Otherwise, gender dysphoria would not exist. It seems so obvious. Yet some people are oblivious.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Today's Spectacular Stupidity Award

Wisconsin State Sen. André Jacque
On any given day there is fierce competition: Who will prevail over other idiots. If American Family Association is correct, that award goes to State Senator André Jacque of Wisconsin:
A state senator is pushing his colleagues to stop allowing aborted fetuses to be used for medical experiments.

Sen. Andrew [SIC] Jacque tells OneNewsNow that his bill would stop the trafficking, exploitation, use, or transfer of aborted children's body parts, and it would require recording the gender and type of handicap of aborted babies.

Sorry but I agree with the coffee shop

According to Pink News:

Natalie Weiss, a transgender woman, was let go from her job at a Lincoln, Nebraska coffee shop Cultiva Espresso & Crepes on Wednesday (September 11) after she declined service to Marilyn Synek, who is employed by the Nebraska Family Alliance.

Nebraska Family Alliance is a rather nasty anti-LGBTQ organization that I would personally deem to be a hate group. I have some familiarity with Marilyn Synek who is employed by the organization as a communications specialist. She is an odious employee of an odious organization with an odious agenda.

New York City poised to repeal conversion therapy ban

Corey D. Johnson is the Speaker of the NYC City Council. He is openly gay and an odd sponsor of a measure to repeal the City's ban on conversion therapy.
via City of New York
New York City seems an unlikely locale for undoing a conversion therapy ban. The Speaker of the City Council, Corey Johnson, is gay as are a number of Council members and there is a robust LGBTQ affairs caucus. Speaker Johnson is actually the author of the repeal. I only learned of Wednesday evening when attorneys for the City of New York notified the judge presiding over Schwartz v. City of New York.

David Schwartz, is an ultra-orthodox Hassidic Jew with half-assed academic credentials. With representation by the hate group, Alliance Defending Freedom, Schwartz is suing the City on the basis that the ban violates his religious freedom. The legislation seems to be a direct response to the litigation. The text is dated Monday, September 9. There has been no period of time for public comment and the hearing is today, Thursday.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Starnes: Facebook has a right to not advertise his book but refusing his ads threatens constitutional freedoms

Todd Starnes
Christian warrior Todd Starnes
via RawStory
Todd Starnes wins a very special prize. If you divide the number of people in his audience by his IQ few people are in his league. Starnes has a special gift for communicating with a certain segment of society in spite of his obvious intellectual deficits.

The subject story comes by way of American Family Association's blog which means an idiot (J.M. Phelps) writing about an idiot (Todd Starnes). Truthfully, I am not familiar with Mr. or Ms. Phelps but writing for AFA offers some clues about his or her intellect. The text confirms my suspicions.

I'm sorry - I am not conversant in your dialect of batshit

I received the following email which was sent to the SBF contact email address:

The Novus Ordo sect is an apostate pagan antichurch led by (Satanic Jew) manifest apostate antipopes who took over (in 1958) the physical structures/properties that were previously controlled by Christianity. Salvation is possible only with the One True Church (https://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/)

The Innocent and Most Sacred Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ cries out against Jews. The Crucifixion was the greatest crime in human history. There were no gas chambers in Hitlerian Germany.
Gee, thanks!

The continuing misadventures of MassResistance

Arthur Schaper
Arthur Schaper in his Trump costume. Schaper is a ne'er-do-well who never accomplishes anything except "look at me, look at me."
MassResistance, an anti-LGBTQ hate group, is using Drag Queen Story Hour as a vehicle for media attention. The Torrance, California chapter is led by Arthur Schaper (pronounced shopper) who is a piece of work.

Arthur Christopher Schaper is an unemployed resident of Torrance. Schaper is so abrasive that the Republican Party revoked the charter of Beach Cities Republican Club, of which he is president. Schaper has a reputation in California for disrupting public meetings. Schaper is reportedly associated with a number of right wing anti-immigrant groups.

Drag Queen Story Hour is coming to the Chula Vista library. According to KUSI, San Diego:

Brian S. Brown: "Game on..." (Gaming donors)

Brian S. Brown
Brian S. Brown continues to mislead potential donors
Brian S. Brown, on behalf of National Organization for Marriage, is now in a search of relevance. Of course he is also asking for money. It is my opinion that Mitch McConnell is never going to allow the Equality Act to come to the floor of the Senate. McConnell is now requiring White House pre-approval before legislation is debated and the White House has announced that Trump would veto the bill. Beyond that, where would 60 votes come from?

Rallying the faithful around opposition to the Equality Act is inherently dishonest. Furthermore, Brown has created a nuisance. After requesting calls to McConnell:

Research: Gender identity conversion efforts lead to a lifetime of misery

New study shows association of attempts to make transgender people cisgender to suicide and adverse mental health.
A new study published today in JAMA Psychiatry found that exposure to attempts by professionals to change a person’s gender identity is associated with a range of adverse mental health outcomes, including suicide attempts. The study was authored by researchers at The Fenway Institute, and the Harvard Medical School.

“The rate of previous suicide attempts among transgender people in the United States is extremely high, with 41 percent reporting that they have had that experience,” said Dr. Alex Keuroghlian, senior author of the study who directs the National LGBT Health Education Center at The Fenway Institute and the Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Gender Identity Program. “What this new study shows is that transgender people who are exposed to conversion efforts anytime in their lives have more than double the odds of attempting suicide compared with those who have never experienced efforts by professionals to convert their gender identity from transgender to cisgender.”

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Ryan T. Anderson thinks he is quite a bit smarter than he really is

Ryan T. Anderson
Ryan T. Anderson has spent the better part of a decade maligning LGBTQ people on behalf of the Catholic Church. Now he wants to be taken seriously as a scholar.
via YouTube
Ryan T. Anderson cannot help himself. Writing at Witherspoon's pseudo-intellectual blog Anderson conflates conservatism with conservative Catholicism. True conservatives respect the separation of church and state as envisioned by our framers. They respect the Establishment Clause within the First Amendment.

That does not describe Mr. Anderson:
What can and should be done now to prevent the next administration from issuing another Dear Colleague Letter imposing a transgender bathroom policy on every school in the nation? (Answer: The Civil Rights Uniformity Act, clarifying that the word “sex” in our nation’s civil rights laws does not mean “gender identity.”) What can and should be done now to prevent the next administration from shutting down Catholic adoption agencies or revoking the nonprofit tax status of evangelical colleges that don’t endorse same-sex marriage? (Answer: A more robust version of the First Amendment Defense Act.)

Anne Paulk - Victimized again

Anne Paulk
Conversion therapy promoter Anne Paulk (circa 2017)
via American Family Association
A conversion therapy tout is terribly, terribly upset with dastardly Amazon.com.

Anne Paulk is the executive director of Restored Hope Network which seems to exist as a referral service to pray-your-gay-away enterprises. Ms. Paulk received a salary of $48,040 in 2017. It looks to me like she stole another $15,000 (it is so obvious) on which she probably did not pay taxes. In point of fact they paid someone to prepare the 2017 annual report for the IRS and it is rife with errors.

Perhaps I should file a referral with the Service. But I digress.

A confused and conflicted physician

A medical doctor claims that gender affirmation is child abuse.
Patrick Lappert, MD in deacon garb
via US News & World Report
On a Catholic radio show Dr. Patrick W. Lappert discussed “gender, homosexuality, human anthropology, human nature, morality, top surgery, bottom surgery, and sex hormones.”

Lappert, who has no experience with gender incongruent children, claims that gender affirmation is child abuse. While Lappert derives authority from his medical degree he speaks, not as a doctor, but as an apologist for Catholic dogma.

Dr. Lappert is a plastic surgeon in Madison, Alabama. Lappert is not board certified in any medical specialty. Complicating matters for Dr. Lappert and his patients is the fact that he is also a deacon of the Catholic Church (and a zealous convert). Lappert is also associated with the local chapter of the Courage (pray-your-gay-away) Ministry.

Monday, September 9, 2019

FRC: "4 Resources for Parents to Fight Transgender Ideology and Policy in Public Schools"

That sign says it all
via Christian Post
If Family Research Council wants to have an adult conversation about transgender students then they should approach it in an adult manner. Grownups do not call a medical condition an ideology. According to unnamed authors at FRC:
As the new school year begins, parents are discovering that transgender ideology and policy has taken hold in schools across the country. Teachers are being disciplined and fired for refusing to use the preferred pronouns of transgender-identifying students, kids are being locked in to transgender identities that they would otherwise naturally grow out of, girls are having to fend for themselves after finding boys who think they are girls in their restrooms, showers, and locker rooms, and boys who think they are girls are competing in and winning girls’ sporting events.

As you might expect, Mad Mat Staver is not a geneticist

“One thing that I am reasonably certain of: You cannot pray away the DNA.”
Mat Staver
Hate group leader, Mad Mat Staver is as profoundly confused as he appears to be. 
via CBN/YouTube
The subject line of Monday's email from Liberty Counsel reads: Study Confirms Genes Don't Determine Homosexuality:
A study conducted by scientists from Harvard and MIT once again refutes the “born that way” reason for homosexuality. This massive study of nearly half a million people sought to determine if genetic factors contribute to same-sex sexual behavior.
For starters, this study did not compare gay people with straight people. Contrary to Staver's claim, this was not an exploration of homosexuality. I will have more on this in a few paragraphs.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Perhaps NASA is designing a new spaceship to fly to heaven

Faith-based religion does not mingle well with evidence-based science.
via PicsArt
The Slowly Boiled Frog's search function has become a card catalog of religious lunatics at the fringes of civilized society. Imagine my delight at finding a berserk person new to this blog. This one falsely claims that the Equality Act would federally ban conversion therapy. She also claims that it will destroy free speech.

I do not know who, or what, Maria Martinez is but she has some rather odd ideas about sexual orientation. What is baffling is that Maria Martinez claims to be a Texas lawyer. Yet she is incapable of reading and comprehending legislative text. I have been trying to track down this nitwit to no avail. I desire the simple pleasure of telling her that she is a mindless idiot who is functionally illiterate.

Friday, September 6, 2019

What is going on here? From magic spells to "gender ideology"

Emily Zinos
Emily Zinos is an anti-LGBTQ warrior for the faith without discernible credentials other than piety.
via YouTube
You have all probably read about the Nashville priest, Rev. Dan Reehil, who pulled Harry Potter books from the diocesan school because they contain real magic spells that could injure people. He reached that conclusion after consulting with several exorcists; experts worthy of inclusion on peer review panels no doubt.

Even in Tennessee, parents are in revolt claiming that the priest is unable to distinguish between what is real and what is fantasy. The majority of Catholics in the United States are enlightened and progressive. I am reminded that they supported marriage equality in percentages greater than the general public.

Father Reehil is a moron but he hasn't really done that much damage.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Undermining their own anti-LGBTQ argument

Today's most offensive post from American Family Association, an anti-LGBTQ hate group, is titled: Becket busy defending Catholic foster care from LGBT allies.
In 2018, the City of Philadelphia barred Catholic Social Services from placing children in homes due to the agency's policy against placing children with same-sex couples.
The agency's contract was terminated. However it is probably more accurate to say that Catholic Social Services (revenues YE June 30, 2018, $24,313,237) withdrew from the foster care program rather than comply with nondiscrimination requirements. When it comes to foster care, private agencies are doing the work of the state as contractors. They are paid with taxpayer funds. It is absurd to think that an organization can discriminate with tax dollars.

I almost feel sorry for this terribly confused kid who writes for The Federalist

Tristan Justice
Tristan Justice|The Federalist
Tristan Justice seems to be employed by The Federalist, an outlet slightly more discerning than WND … most of the time. TJ has been quite prolific. Thursday's scintillating essay from Mr. Justice is titled: Marianne Williamson Gets It Right — Stop Mocking Thoughts And Prayers. Justice goes on to write:
While Democrats mock the “thoughts and prayers” offered in the aftermath of the latest mass shooting in Texas, Marianne Williamson stands out from the crowd, criticizing elitist “mockery” of sincerely held religious beliefs.
Tristan Justice is profoundly confused. I will be brief. Since Mr. Justice might read this I will acquaint him with the fact that I was seriously injured by gun violence. I was ambushed and shot (point-blank in the back with a .45) in an effort to put the brakes on an internal audit that I had orchestrated.

Federal Magistrate Shreds ADF's Anti-LGBTQ BS

Nicholas K. Meriwether
Nicholas K. Meriwether is a proponent of Christian Privilege
via Shawnee State University
Thursday, a federal magistrate has recommended dismissal of a suit brought by an Ohio professor who refused to use gender correct pronouns at work.

Nicholas K Meriwether is one of those odd creatures who becomes a hero to the religious right for his belligerence and lack of respect for others due, pro forma, to his Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs™. His SHRB would, of course, be defended by a hate group, Alliance Defending Freedom.

It is my SHRB that veal osso bucco is holy manna. But I digress.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

AFA's rhetoric is even more idiotic than I once thought

My visit to a local Target store and some simple logic settles the issue.
Tim Wildmon
AFA's Tim Wildmon is either a liar or an idiot - possibly both
via Jackson Free Press
The Wildmon family is not composed of NASA engineers. Don Wildmon, founder of American Family Association, is shrewd but not particularly intelligent. Tim Wildmon, who now runs the anti-LGBTQ hate group, isn't shrewd and is even less intelligent. Tim Wildmon's sons, Walker Wildmon and Wesley Wildmon, seemingly have the intellect of gladiolas.

There are other Wildmon family members at AFA's trough. They may not share the genes but they married these dunces. Mazel tov.

That brings me to AFA's jihad against Target Stores, an idiotic boycott that has failed miserably. Regardless of its lack of success it is premised on the false notion that transgender women pose a threat to cisgender women. That has morphed into the meme that accommodations for gender diverse people create a danger to women. It is positively ridiculous.

Marketing the phobias - A new anti-LGBTQ outlet

Joseph Backholm
Joseph Backholm attempts to marginalize gender diverse people
via What Would You Say?
A new anti-LGBTQ enterprise is called What Would You Say? I would say that it is pretty moronic … but it does have a slick website. WWYS was supposedly formed by preeminent anti-LGBTQ douchebag, Joseph Backholm, who is now with the Colson Center for Christian Worldview.

Joining in the festivities are Katy Faust of Ask the Bigot fame and Stephanie Gray. Gray, who resides in Canada, is a professional Catholic and anti-choice zealot. Gray is the author of The Physicians Guide to Discussing Abortion. Perhaps her erudition via an undergrad degree in PolySci qualifies her to lecture doctors.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Christian media: Reformed conversion therapist

McKrae Game
Ex-ex-gay and ex-conversion therapist McKrae Game
via Facebook
This kind of honesty is rare in conservative Christian media. It's not all truthful but Jenny Rose Spaudo deserves some credit. The headline reads: Former Christian Conversion Therapy Advocate Apologizes to LGBT Community.
McKrae Game, founder of faith-based conversion therapy ministry Hope for Wholeness, apologized recently in a Facebook post, saying his former work in ex-gay ministry and conversion therapy was "harmful."

David Lane laments the "pseudo-discovery of homosexual intercourse and marriage"

An exploration of anti-LGBT Christian sharia.
David Lane
David Lane, Christian nationalist and creepy GOP operative, writes: Has America Fallen to a New Low as Education System Pushes Sexually Explicit Material on Kids? It is a rhetorical question reminding us of how little respect Mr. Lane has for intellectual honesty or the intelligence of his constituency.

This is a very verbose polemic with a great deal of religious and biblical content. However, some of it is a direct attack on LGBT people. I will deal with some of that leaving large swaths of text unquoted.
We begin with the lie:
With hypersexualized and sexually explicit language like bondage, submission and sadomasochism being pushed on K-12 school children by national education bureaucrats, America has fallen on iniquitous times.

Anti-Choice Fanatics Hold a Phony Day of Mourning for Black "Victims" of Abortion

“It is just awful. All those pregnant black women who are abducted by employees of Planned Parenthood …”
via event website
The National Day of Mourning was held on Saturday, August 31. Among sponsors were Family Research Council, an anti-LGBT hate group and the Thomas More Society, a fundamentalist Catholic legal group. Less known sponsors included Civil Rights for the Unborn, Douglass Leadership Institute and the Restoration Project. The first is not a federal non-profit and appears to be Alveda King's hobby horse. The latter two are very small 501(c)3 organizations with impressive websites.

The whole thing is premised on lies. According to the website of the event:

Mayor of Odessa blames video games for mass shooting

David R. Turner
David R. Turner, Mayor of Odessa, TX
via Fox News
In an interview on MSNBC Sunday David R. Turner, the mayor of Odessa, blamed violent video games and evil people for mass shootings. In response to the shooting, Turner organized a prayer vigil.

Seven dead and at least 25 injured by a gunman who previously failed background checks. This comes on the heels of an August 3 massacre at a Walmart in El Paso that killed 22 people. You would think that Turner could come up with something more substantive than video games and prayers.