Thursday, November 28, 2019

Utah zaps pediatric conversion therapy

It is imperative that parents accept their children for who they are. Doing so is best for the kids and best for their parents.
Welcome to Utah
Face it. Things do not happen in Utah without the approval of the Mormon Church. Apparently, even the Mormons know that conversion therapy is ineffective and toxic — especially toxic for minors. Governor Gary Herbert (R) is taking steps to ensure that kids in Utah are not subjected to an approach that has no scientific support.

Governor Herbert has directed the state's Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing in concert with the Department of Commerce to propose a rule which defines the practice of conversion therapy on minors unprofessional conduct. The rule is likely to go into effect in early February, 2020.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

AFA trots out the infamous "Homosexual Agenda"

“Who does Wildmon think he is fooling? Even the incurious evangelical Christians know that he and his hate group oppose Patrick Bumatay's confirmation because he is gay.”
Tim Wildmon
Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon, American Family Assoc.
via YouTube
American Family Association, an anti-LGBTQ hate group is terribly distressed that a gay judicial nominee for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is headed to Senate confirmation. Oh the poor bigots. According to a missive from Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon: Judicial nominee is member of LGBT activist group. Tell senators to vote no.. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Timmy!

The text continues:
The U.S. Senate will be voting, as early as Dec. 2, on the judicial confirmation of Patrick J. Bumatay as nominee to the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. We are opposed to this nomination.

Poor Them - Chick Fried Hate Group

It's an outrage!
Tony Perkins
via Family Research Council
The latest missive from hate group Family Research Council is titled: Chick-fil-A Donates to SPLC, Anti-Christian Group linked to Shooter that Stormed Family Research Council. Tony Perkins is a cynic. It is impossible to know whether the hate group leader is really bent out of shape or if he thinks that this is a good way to raise money.

Irrespective of Perkins' motives, he — like his buddy, Donald Trump — is a pathological liar. The dishonesty has flowed through the organization. At FRC it is permissible to lie if doing so is in the defense of the faith or if it is used to raise money or if it disparages LGBTQ people.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is not anti-Christian. Most Christians are not bigots like Mr. Perkins. The SPLC is not linked — in any meaningful way — to the deranged individual who shot a guard (who sustained a minor wound) at FRC's headquarters in DC.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

They really should drop "gender fluidity" from their jargon

“Throwing around scientific terms with no understanding of what they mean makes people look stupid. In the act, they are stupid.”
The evangelical Christian echo chamber reminds me of radioactivity. Various theories are like the unstable neutrons that multiply and create a self-sustaining chain reaction. As these beliefs bounce around they gain mass and momentum due to increased utilization which fires off more pings to bounce around. Few concepts are tested or verified. None are subjected to expert evaluation. Rev. so-and-so said it so it must be true.

Such is the case with the term “gender fluidity.” We don't know who introduced it to the chamber or when but it has been brought to critical mass absent critical thinking.

Consider the post of one Kendra Semmen: The U.S. Constitution Will Crumble Before Our Eyes if We Don't Stop This Dangerous Trend:
Because America promotes the ideas of gender fluidity, macroevolution and moral relativism, which were not the ideas of the original Founders, we will inevitably run into problems. Evangelist Alex McFarland says that unless we have a "moral revival," our U.S. Constitution will fall.

Porno Pete is still among the living

Porno Pete vs. Mayor Pete. Who has the demonstrably superior intellect?
Peter LaBarbera
Peter LaBarbera has been very quiet lately. In March, the Peter was doing a daily podcast. That seems to have fizzled out after eight days. The last update on the Americans for Truth website was nearly a month ago.

I kinda miss the Peter. LaBarbera has done more to foster equal rights than any pro-LGBTQ activist. Mr. LaBarbera, when he is active, provides a cartoonish caricature of the crazed, eyes-glazed-over, anti-LGBTQ Christian fanatic.

Monday, November 25, 2019

The gender obsession

Will Witt
PragerU's Will Witt trying to make a point by asking students a rhetorical question about gender.
via YouTube
According to Stephen Strang (Charisma): Infinite Genders? Viral Video Reveals Scary Ideology Infiltrating College Campuses:
Mark 10:6 says that in the beginning, God created human beings "male and female." But nowadays, people think there are multiple genders—some even say infinite! That may shock you, but the progressive gender indoctrination on college campuses is so strong, it's hard to find students who don't agree with it.
It “may shock you” but Mark 10:6, an ancient text, is irrelevant to medical science. In point of fact, Mr. Strang is hyperbolic. The overwhelming majority of people, including transgender people, identify as either male or female. However, gender is understood as a continuum with male and female at the extreme ends. Thus, the spectrum has infinite possibilities but people understand their gender as either male or female.

Ah yes, an international convention of conversion therapy crackpots

The promotion of an ineffective and harmful practice is more immoral than any religious judgment of LGBTQ people.
via IFTCC's website
On November 17 the International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice (think if it as NARTH International) released a 2019 Declaration stating that “everyone should have the freedom and right to walk away from sexual experiences and practices they find unfulfilling, and have support to do so.” I do not disagree with that. However, that does not mean that conversion therapy is safe and effective. The available evidence is that it is neither.
According to one Scott Schittl at hate-site LifeSiteNews:
Because of this courageous stance – as well as an approach to their discipline, based on a Judeo-Christian understanding of the body, marriage and the family – the IFTCC has often faced hostility from LGBT activists and governments which have bought into LGBT ideology of fluidity in sexuality.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Is Focus on the Family an Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group?

Some people cannot accept the simple truth that we live in a diverse secular society.
Friday, Brittany Jones of Family Policy Alliance has authored Keep the Faith in Kansas: Your Home. It is unfocused anti-LGBTQ bombast.

Family Policy Alliance was formed by Focus on the Family and operates out of Focus on the Family facilities. Family Policy Alliance acts as the 501(c)4 political affiliate of Focus on the Family although, on its tax return, it does not show Focus on the Family as a related organization. Family Policy Alliance has been promoting anti-LGBTQ rhetoric that is indistinguishable from the rantings of Family Research Council.
…we’ll be looking at how the LGBTQ agenda effects your ability to parent your children and the ability of individuals to think and speak for themselves.

Are you not tired of people suing for permission to discriminate against gay people?

As long as those "two good forgivers" are not gay
A photographer in Louisville, KY does not approve of same-sex marriage. Chelsey Nelson, owner of Chelsey Nelson Photography has never been asked to photograph a same-sex marriage. Yet, Ms. Nelson has engaged Alliance Defending Freedom — an anti-LGBTQ hate group — to sue the city for her “constitutional right” to decline service.

Nelson alleges in her lawsuit that the city is using “the threat of limitless damages” to force her to create photographs for, blog about, and participate in solemn ceremonies she disagrees with. The case is captioned Chelsey Nelson Photography LLC v. Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government and it is filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Kentucky.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

New study of trans kids: Their gender identity is as strong as in cisgender children

via National Geographic, 2016
A study titled Similarity in transgender and cisgender children’s gender development was published on Monday to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. I note that this was in peer review for nearly six months. The study was conducted by the University of Washington Department of Psychology. Among the 11 investigators is Kristina R. Olson, founder of the TransYouth project.

What the study demonstrates is that transgender and cisgender children are remarkably similar in the way that gender determines the toys, clothing, activities and friends that the children are drawn to. In other words, the transgender children and the cisgender children showed very similar behaviors and preferences with respect to those things that are influenced by gender.

Researchers have also determined that gender does not change over time. The process of gender development among transgender and cisgender children is comparable.

The Chickenshit Hits the Fan

On Tuesday, Chick-fil-A’s announced that it would stop donating to The Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Chick-fil-A's announcement seems to be apocalyptic. It has caused a disruption to the religious Force that I have not seen since the ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges.

As you will appreciate, the conservative Christian angst has nothing to do with the support of the Salvation Army and others. Rather, it is the sense that they have given LGBTQ people a victory. These are zero-sum people. When a company takes steps not to discriminate against LGBTQ people that somehow means that they are discriminating against conservative Christians.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Mark Regnerus is Consistent, I'll Give Him That

Where is the peer-reviewed research to support the absolutist pronouncements of religious conservatives regarding transgender people?
Mark Regnerus
Once again Dr. Mark Regnerus demonstrates his subordination of empirical science to religious dogma.
via Austin Institute
Mark Regnerus attempts to discredit some new research demonstrating general satisfaction with gender confirmation surgery. Dr. Regnerus' arguments are esoteric and hypothetical yet he has authored a post at Witherspoon Institute's blog titled: New Data Show “Gender-Affirming” Surgery Doesn’t Really Improve Mental Health. So Why Are the Study’s Authors Saying It Does? Regnerus poses a rhetorical question that is easily answered.

The subtitle of this post reads:
Data from a new study show that the beneficial effect of surgery for transgender people is so small that a clinic may have to perform as many as 49 gender-affirming surgeries before they could expect to prevent one additional person from seeking subsequent mental health treatment. Yet that’s not what the authors say. That the authors corrupted otherwise-excellent data and analyses with a skewed interpretation signals an abandonment of scientific rigor and reason in favor of complicity with activist groups seeking to normalize infertility-inducing and permanently disfiguring surgeries.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Recusal Mythology in the Planned Parenthood Case

Greek Mythology
A San Francisco based federal jury reached a conclusion on Friday. The jury found that the anti-abortion group, Center for Medical Progress, and its president, David Daleiden and co-defendant Sandra Merritt, broke multiple state and federal laws when they secretly recorded and released videos of Planned Parenthood employees.

The jury did not buy any of the defendant's claims that they were investigating “violent felonies” because they believed that aborted infants were being born alive at Planned Parenthood clinics; that Planned Parenthood was illegally profiting from the sale of fetal tissue and that they were citizen journalists. CMP's videos created some 15 investigations in red and blue states. Every one of these cleared Planned Parenthood of wrongdoing. CMP's videos were heavily edited.

Heyer the Liar - Again

“This entire narrative is an exercise in sophistry and the manufacture of people and circumstances. None of it survives critical review.”
walt Heyer
Walt Heyer via YouTube
Monday, according to Walt Heyer, 1 Year After Sex Change, This Teen Regrets His ‘Frankenstein Hack Job.’ I have my doubt because Walt Heyer is a liar. I will get back to this teen but first a refresher on Walt Heyer.

Mr. Heyer likes the attention that he receives from religious conservatives who believe that transgender people do not really exist (they cannot exist according to scripture).

Heyer claims that numerous people contact him about their dissatisfaction with being transgender. The only way to contact Mr. Heyer is by email. You cannot send him materials nor discuss things by telephone. One of my friends tried:

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Liberty Counsel website hacked?
It might be a server error. It looks like the index file was either deleted or corrupted. Either way, we will probably be blamed.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Upcoming: The latest BS from Mark Regnerus

I also have an appalling email from Brian S. Brown, Perhaps I can cover both over the weekend.

Whoopie: FRC provides parts 3 & 4 of its 6-part anti-trans diatribe

Here we go again. Hop aboard the BS Express.
On Wednesday I addressed parts 1 and 2 of something that Family Research Council (an anti-LGBTQ hate group) deems important. The 6-part series has been allegedly written by a woman whose brother became a transgender woman. The author remains anonymous but, if she even exists, she is obviously a religious conservative. For all we know this is fiction written by Peter Sprigg. The series has been curated by FRC's Dan Hart (no relation).

The author is also claiming in effect that having a trans family member makes her an expert on all things transgender. Part 3 is titled: The Lies and Money Behind the Transgender Movement. Part 4 is titled: The Cultural Power of the Transgender Movement. Needles to say, being transgender does not make one part of a movement. That is just part of the misleading and bigoted rhetoric.

Is a Focus affiliate an anti-LGBTQ hate group?

Family Policy Alliance is the political arm of Focus on the Family. While FoF is trying to blur the connection, Family Policy Alliance operates out of Focus on the Family facilities. As an aside, this very day I made a FOIA request, long overdue on my part. I have requested all documents related to the Service's determination that Focus on the Family is a church. The most recent tax return that we have is from 2015. But I digress.

To answer the question of whether or not Family Policy Alliance might be a hate group, let us briefly review some very recent communications.
November 14
21st Century Barbarism by Cole Muzio.
Imagine a society that is so medically backward that it unquestioningly allows patients to self-diagnose a life-altering condition without any testing or scientific basis to back it up.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Dangerous Ohio Legislation Literally Redefines the First Amendment

Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio is likely to sign a measure into law that would license anti-LGBTQ harassment and bullying in the state's public schools.
via Toledo BladeOptions
The Ohio House of Representatives has approved House Bill 164, titled “Ohio Student Religious Liberties Act of 2019” by a vote of 61 to 31.

The applicable part of the First Amendment:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…
According to HB-164:
No board of education of a school district shall adopt any policy or rule respecting or promoting an establishment of religion or prohibiting any pupil from the free, individual, and voluntary exercise or expression of the pupil's religious beliefs in any primary or secondary school.

The ever-nutty Alveda King calls herself a "voice of reason" on impeachment

The grifter on the right is Alveda King
via Newsweek
According to a press release from Alveda King Ministries: Evangelist Alveda King: A Voice of Reason in the Midst of Impeachment Malarkey. Hmm. Bribery by a sociopath is “malarkey.” Good to know.

Were Alveda King not related to Dr. Martin Luther King (whom she never met) she would make a living behind a register at a 7-11. King is a rabid anti-LGBTQ and anti-choice crusader. For many years she referred to herself as Dr. Alveda King because she has an honorary doctorate from a school that does not award doctorates. She seems to have dropped that pretension.

Alveda King Ministries asks for donations on every page of its website without bothering to inform donors that donations are not tax deductible (it is not a 501(c)3).

Todd Starnes weighs in on impeachment hearings

Todd Starnes has the intellect of roquefort cheese.
Todd Starnes
Todd Starnes to CBN News: Live Impeachment Hearings Just a 'Deep State' Scheme to Embarrass Trump. Apparently Mr. Starnes is unaware of the fact that “deep state” is a conspiracy theory which holds that career civil servants are a powerful shadow government (kind of like Giuliani being a powerful shadow State Department). A varietal of the theory holds that the civil servants are in league with George Soros (a substitute for evil Jewish influence).

Per Wikipedia: According to David Gergen, quoted in Time magazine, the term has been appropriated by Steve Bannon and Breitbart News and other supporters of the Trump Administration in order to delegitimize the critics of the current presidency.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Hate group publishes anonymous woman who compares transgender people to pedophiles

“Judging transgender people through a religious lens makes about as much sense as claiming that coronary occlusions are caused by demons in one's blood.”
Dan Hart (no relation) of Family Research Council has curated a six-part anti-transgender narrative written by an anonymous individual identified pseudonymously as “Lisa”. Lisa is very verbose … and self-centered.

We now have two parts. Part 1 is titled: The Cult of Transgenderism: My Brother’s Crisis of Identity in an America Gone Mad. Part 2 is titled: The Damaging Delusions of Identity Obsession and Erasure. The titles themselves reveal that these two posts are opinion in contrast to fact. It is safe to assume that those opinions have been formed from religious belief.

In fact, as I go through this, you will find that the author is universally fact-free in regards to human sexuality.

The SPLC and the Stephen Miller Emails

Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller is a Jewish Neo-Nazi
via CNN
Stephen Miller (Trump's immigration Rasputin) is unbalanced, irrational and a hypocrite.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has a fascinating review of emails that Stephen Miller (Trump's immigration Rasputin) sent to Breitbart over a two year span. Hatewatch obtained over 900 of these missives and they demonstrate that Miller has an affinity for white supremacists and Neo-Nazis (perhaps that is redundant).

Absent from the SPLC's review of emails is the fact that Stephen Miller is Jewish. Here we have a Jewish guy collaborating with odious figures like white supremacist and anti-Semite Richard Spencer. Miller seems so obsessed with keeping brown people out of the United States that he is willing to work with anti-Semites to achieve his goal. To put it another way, Miller's racism trumps any sensitivity he might have in regards to his religion.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Shitfit over a sweater

Deborah Bunting at CBN is terribly agitated over Target's Gender Inclusive Gingerbread Long Sleeve Sweater. It looks to me like the ginger-person is neither male nor female. In response, Bunting offers: Genderless Ginger: Target Keeps Up Its Nonsense with 'Gender Inclusive Gingerbread' Sweater. Perhaps Ms. Bunting believes that this has something to do with the transgender people she disapproves of:
Ok. I looked at it and couldn't see any difference. It still looked like the old Gingerbread Man to me. But I'm not known as the most "woke" person around. I never really thought about the gender of my gingerbread cookie before. But now, Target is forcing me to consider it.

Brian S. Brown is now claiming that we are attacking churches

Brown will say anything for a buck.
Brian S. Brown
Brian S. Brown's latest appeal for National Organization for Marriage is titled: Attacking Churches.
One of the great blessings of living in the United States is that our Constitution promises that churches and religious institutions are largely able to operate in concert with their faith principles. This has been a bedrock of our country since its founding, but churches, pastors and religious institutions are now under direct assault like never before from the left, particularly from LGBT extremists.
Anyone who believes that LGBTQ people are entitled to Equal Protection and Due Process (which are also “Constitution promises”) is labeled an “extremist.” People who strive for equality are not extremists. The rhetoric continues but first:

Monday, November 11, 2019

Hate group leader forgets that some people maintain a record of his bigotry

Tim Wildmon claims that the is not about transgender hate. The record demonstrates otherwise.
Tim Wildmon
Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon is trying to claim that he and his group, American Family Association, are not transphobic.
via Jackson Free Press
American Family Association's campaign against Target Stores is a campaign against LGBTQ people. Specifically, they are suggesting that transgender women pose a threat to cisgender women.

Since that theme cannot be supported with evidence, AFA has drifted off to claiming (quite idiotically) that every pervert caught spying on women's changing areas has a connection to Target's policy of accommodating gender diverse customers and staff.

Amazingly, Tim Wildmon claims that this campaign has never been about transgender people, even though he refers to them as perverts. As you will see, the record demonstrates otherwise.

Friday, November 8, 2019

A "Poor Us!" from a Focus on the Family Affiliate

Friday, Brittany Jones of Family Policy Alliance (the political action arm of Focus on the Family) writes: He Believes Churches Should Lose Tax-Exempt Status—And He’s Not the Only One. Yes, Beto O’Rourke did say that and it was colossally stupid. As I wrote at the time, it was well intentioned but a bad idea to attempt to render a judgment on an entity's ideology and to apply that judgment to their tax status.

Come to think of it, O'Rourke's statement was pretty stupid.
  1. It has no chance of ever coming to pass. Advocating for the impossible is always a bad idea and;
  2. It provided an opportunity for a religious nut like Ms. Jones to claim to have been victimized without considering the reality that it will never happen.

Wisc GOPers allow legislature to consider 2 gun-safety measures ... for less than one minute

Wisconsin's Democratic Governor, Tony Evers, called the state legislature into special section in order to consider two gun safety measures: Universal background checks and a red flag law. The legislature is controlled by Republicans.

The governor can require the legislature to convene but he cannot require legislators to debate. So what did Republicans do? The gaveled the chamber into session and then promptly gaveled the chamber out of session. Problem solved.

Ex-Gay Madness at Witherspoon Institute's Pretentious Blog

What is so damned special about LGBTQ people that we attract so much unique intolerance?
Thursday's polemic at the blog of ultra-conservative-Catholic Witherspoon Institute's blog is titled: From Christians Who Formerly Identified as LGBTQ: A “Thank You” to Our Allies. This stunning display of inquisitiveness and critical thinking was authored by Jean C. Lloyd.

Jean C. Lloyd is a lesbian married to a gay man whom she met through the oddly named Courage Ministry. Lloyd is also a professional Catholic. Lloyd sports a PhD. In what discipline and from where are never disclosed. Suffice it to say that her advanced degree does not enhance her credibility. If it did we we know its source and subject. Even then, expressions of ignorance speak for themselves.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Hate Group Leader Lies About Proposed Adoption Rule

Tony Perkins
Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins
via Family Research Council
Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins of Family Research Council is a member of the self-righteous set. In spite of his sanctimony, Perkins has no problem promoting BS:
It’s hard enough to get the truth out on a level playing field — but in today’s news, it’s downright impossible. The Left has disinformation down to a science, especially when it comes to LGBT issues. That’s dangerous in any situation — but on the president’s new adoption rule, it could mean the difference between a child finding a home and growing up without any love at all.

Another Continuance in the Trial of 4 Men Accused of Hate Crime in Florida

Photo of hate crime defendants via Miami Beach PD
In a status conference on Thursday, the court hearing the case of four men accused of attacking a gay couple in the wake of the Miami Beach Pride festival in 2018 has postponed the case until January 21, 2020. This is the third continuance of this trial. The four defendants — Adonis Diaz, Juan Carlos Lopez, Luis Alonso Piovet, and Pablo Reinaldo Romo-Figueroa — have all pleaded “not guilty.”

On April 8, 2018 a gay couple used a public restroom in the park that serves as a buffer between Ocean Drive and the beach. Upon leaving the restroom, one of the accused screamed “faggot” in Spanish. The man was then beaten to the point of unconsciousness. The man's boyfriend intervened but the four men who allegedly committed the crime overpowered him.

A bystander attempted to break up the melee. He was punched repeatedly and ended up in the hospital.

Kentucky Supreme Court Reached the Correct Conclusion

As most of you probably know, the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled in favor of a T-Shirt printer that refused an order for Pride shirts. Blaine Adamson, the proprietor of Hands on Originals, claimed that his religious beliefs prevented him for accepting the order. It's a specious argument. Adamson told the Kentucky Human Rights Commission:
Specifically, it’s the Lexington Pride Festival, the name and that it’s advocating pride in being gay and being homosexual and I can’t promote that message. It’s something that goes against my belief system.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Focus affiliate is dishonestly shilling for gender conversion therapy

Kansas City, MO is trying to protect children from the pseudoscience of conversion therapy.
Wednesday, according to Family Policy Alliance: KANSAS CITY: Stop the City from Pushing Kids to Change Gender. On its face the headline is preposterous. Banning juvenile conversion therapy doesn't cause children to “change gender.” Whoever wrote this BS doesn't understand gender.

The stupidity and dishonesty continues:
A Kansas City (MO) city council committee is about to consider an ordinance that would push many minors towards transgenderism. Your quick help is needed to stop it!

Ordinance 190902 is what is known as a “counseling ban.” It would censor professional counseling for children and teens who are struggling with their gender identity. But the ban would ONLY forbid counseling that is designed to help them identify with their birth sex.

Oral Argument in Adoption Case Today

The City of Philadelphia requires adoption and foster care agencies to abide by nondiscrimination ordinances protecting LGBTQ adoptive and foster parents.
image via City of Philadelphia
Wednesday, November 6, the U.S Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit is hearing oral argument in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia. In this case, Catholic Social Services (CSS) sued the City of Philadelphia demanding that the city renew their contract for adoption and foster services. The city had refused because CSS discriminates against gay couples in defiance of a city ordinance.

CSS argued that they had a right to discriminate against otherwise qualified parents as a matter of religious freedom. On July 13, 2018 the Court rejected that argument and refused to issue a preliminary injunction against the city.

For some reason Brian Brown is defending conversion therapy

What does conversion therapy have to do with marriage?
Brian S. Brown
In an effort to attract donations to National Organization for Marriage, Brian S. Brown is complaining about bans on juvenile conversion therapy.
Wednesday's missive from Brian S. Brown (National Organization for Marriage) is titled: shutting us down. According to Mr. Brown, president of the rabidly anti-LGBTQ organization:
Leaders of the LGBT community have largely abandoned any attempt to rationalize or debate their agenda. Rather, they seek to impose it through intimidation and shaming, and the exercise of raw political power. They are determined to use this power to shut down organizations and groups that help people wishing to leave the LGBT lifestyle, and they want to shut down any attempt to oppose the imposition of their gender ideology.
You cannot “debate” evidence unless one has contrary evidence. Medical science is based on evidence. The evidence demonstrates that conversion therapy is ineffective and harmful. Christian conservatives routinely and dishonestly claim that being gay, bisexual or transgender is a “lifestyle.” They do so to dishonestly imply that being LGBTQ is a choice while, at the same time, appealing to stereotypes.

City of Tampa Appeals Conversion Therapy Ruling

On October 4, 2019, U.S. District Court Judge Judge William F. Jung struck down Tampa's ban on juvenile conversion therapy. Last Thursday, October 31, the City of Tampa filed a notice of appeal. Plaintiffs in this case are represented by Liberty Counsel, an anti-LGBTQ hate group.

Judge Jung's ruling in this case was based solely on preemption. According to the judge, the regulation of healthcare is the exclusive province of the state. The judge ruled explicitly that religious freedom and freedom of speech were irrelevant. This is an important case because it has the potential to affect other municipal bans throughout Florida.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Drat - Religious conservatives thwarted by evil YouTube

According to Heritage Foundation's blog: YouTube Won’t Let a Medical Doctor Say This Sentence. The author of this brilliant polemic is one Katrina Trinko:
“See, if you want to cut off a leg or an arm you’re mentally ill, but if you want to cut off healthy breasts or a penis, you’re transgender.”

Those are the words of Dr. Michelle Cretella, a pediatrician with many years’ experience and the executive director of the American Academy of Pediatricians, in a Daily Signal video published in 2017.

It’s a sentence YouTube will not allow the doctor to say about children and gender identity issues.

Drag Queen Story Hour continues as a proxy for anti-LGBTQ bigotry

Christopher W. Jay
Christopher W. Jay - Woburn, MA
via Cardinal Newman Society
The Cardinal Newman Society informs us:
Christopher W. Jay studied at a faithful Catholic college and gained valuable understanding of the human person and God’s design for sexuality, but he never thought that one day he’d be fighting against a “drag queen library hour” at a New Hampshire public library.
What Mr. Jay? You do not approve? Then do not attend a Drag Queen Story Hour Event. Problem solved. But fuck you if you think that you should have some control over parents who wish to take their children to an event.

Some parents appreciate the value in teaching children that being different is not bad. Some parents appreciate the value of interesting children in reading and using the resources if their library. Some parents see the connection between events like this and developing intellectually curious children.

James Dobson making mischief again

James Dobson
James Dobson, former president of Focus on the Family, does not like sex education in public schools. Dobson's disdain for sex-ed is just part of a much larger agenda. If Dobson had his way, public schools would be Christian madrassas teaching things like intelligent design, young earth theory, abortions cause cancer and a panoply of anti-LGBTQ prejudice worthy of Scott Lively.

Tuesday, the source of Dobson's irritable bowel disorder is the sex-ed curriculum adopted by the Austin, TX Independent School District.
Reports and draft curriculum reveal that children as young as 8 or 9 years of age will be exposed to attacks on the family and instructed to avoid "non-inclusive" language like "mother" and "father." Fifth-grade students will discuss sexual orientation and HIV, sixth-graders will be told that gender is a spectrum, and seventh- and eighth-graders will be taught how to use condoms. Other graphic details have emerged that are not appropriate to even describe.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Michael Brown claims that he is a scapegoat

via YouTube
Dr. Michael Brown asks rhetorically: Who's Keeping the LGBTQ Agenda in the Headlines? “I'll take crazy Christian crackpots for $100!”

Writing of himself in the third person like a voice from the gods:
Dr. Michael Brown is the author of the piece in question. Why does he insist on referring to himself in the third person?
Popular and widely read columnist, author and national radio host Dr. Michael Brown says he has been a scapegoat for keeping LGBTQ issues in the news, as he addresses them often in his writings.

But don't blame Brown, he says: Blame the Democratic presidential candidates who are pushing this agenda—and quite aggressively, at that.

Oh crap! "Why the Trump Impeachment Attempts Prove We Are in Perilous Times of the Last Days"

“I believe in the effectiveness of human sacrifice to appease the gods.”
“Proof” mind you. Evidence exists!

Who but the inordinately homophobic and transphobic Larry Tomczak is stupid enough to offer these words of wisdom? These people have been claiming that The End Is Near for 2,000 years. They remain undeterred by the fact that we are still around. Eventually — due to people like Trump — climate change, war, famine and other disasters will probably conspire to end our existence.

Christian Post asks the right question - Accepts the wrong answer

Saturday, according to Brandon Showalter at Christian Post: Puberty blockers yield 'the most insidious child sterilization programs ever devised,' doctors say. The post is nonsensical BS and the “doctors” are Defenders of the Faith™ who are trying to conform medical science to scripture.

Sunday, I posted a statement from the Pediatric Endocrine Society which is trying to combat some of the sophistry associating with the gender-affirming care model.

One of those sophists is Dr. Michael K. Laidlaw. Laidlaw practices endocrinology in Rocklin, CA but he is not board certified. Laidlaw has also created seemingly independent websites to dishonestly echo his anti-trans nonsense. One of those is the Kelsey Coalition.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Statement from the Pediatric Endocrine Society

As pediatricians and pediatric endocrinologists, we strongly oppose public discourse that misrepresents and contradicts evidence-based standard of care recommendations and risks the well-being of transgender youth and their families.
Caring for Transgender Youth
Graphic via Children's Hospital, Boston
October 29, 2019

Pediatric Endocrine Society Statement Against Public Discourse that Risks the Well-being of Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth and their Families.

Through this statement, we express our concern for the health risks and safety of transgender and gender diverse youth and their families, when public discourse delegitimizes their right to express their gender and to receive gender-affirming care. This is not only harmful to the mental and physical health of these youth, but opposes current standard of care recommendations.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the largest academic organization for pediatricians in the US, has released a Policy Statement supporting the approach to gender-affirming care: “Ensuring Comprehensive Care and Support for Transgender and Gender-Diverse Children and Adolescents”, consistent with the “Endocrine Treatment of Gender-Dysphoric/Gender-Incongruent Persons: An Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guideline”, co-sponsored by the Pediatric Endocrine Society, the US academic organization of pediatric endocrinologists , and also consistent with the Standards of Care from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Cold, Calculated, Sanctimonious Dishonesty

Friday, one of LifeSiteNews' intellectually challenged propagandists, Madeleine Jacob, offers: ‘Cold, calculated, institutionalized child abuse’: Experts comment on gender ‘transitions’ for kids. It is a futile exercise in intellectual and factual dishonesty that attempts to conform medical science to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The people who produce LifeSiteNews couldn't care less about the welfare of children. The outlet exists to defend the most far-right fringe teachings of the Catholic Church. To that end it provides a toxic mix of anti-LGBTQ vitriol, science denial, conspiracy theories and factually challenged polemics to an eager audience of adherents. LifeSiteNews says what the faithful want to hear. Some of that audience would volunteer to fly airplanes into buildings in defense of the faith.