Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The SAME Doctor Pushing the SAME Bullshit

“There is a difference between offering an opinion and promoting an agenda…”
Michael K. Laidlaw
The very creepy Dr. Laidlaw
via YouTube
It comes as no surprise that Dr. Michael K. Laidlaw has authored: Transgender propaganda hides scary truth about puberty-blockers.
Do we know with certainty that all of the effects of the medications for stopping normal puberty are fully reversible? The answer is no.
“Certainty” and medical science are not good partners. For example, Prozac has been around for over 30 years. No one knows to a certainty that its benefits to any individual patient will outweigh the side effects, some of which are quite serious. In fact, no one knows to a certainty how Prozac works. Or how about man's best friend — Viagra? In its first 13 months of use, 522 deaths were reported due to using Viagra. No one knows to a certainty that a boner might not kill them.

Dr. Laidlaw wants people to believe that the opposite of certainty is experimental. That is simply not true.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Hate group leader in a tizzy

Mad Mat Staver
via YouTube
Anti-LGBTQ hate group, Liberty Counsel, is on the receiving end of some life-threatening litigation. Janet Jenkins is suing Mad Mat Staver and Liberty Counsel over their alleged complicity in the international kidnapping of Jenkins' daughter, Isabella by Jenkins' ex-wife, Lisa Miller. Ms. Jenkins is represented by the Southern Poverty Law Center and a Vermont firm, Langrock Sperry & Wool. This sordid saga began nearly 17 years ago.

The short version is that Janet Jenkins marries Lisa Miller in 2001. The couple have a daughter, Isabella. Miller gets religion. The couple split. Miller defies court ordered visitation by Jenkins.

Eventually Janet Jenkins gets full custody. Lisa Miller escapes to Canada and then travels with Isabella to Nicaragua where she apparently remains to this day. From the outset, Miller has been aided by conservative Christians who insist that they are protecting Isabella. Few things are as dangerous as people who believe that they are acting on behalf of a deity.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Dear Austin Ruse: May I explain pronouns?

I have a very friendly relationship with Austin Ruse irrespective of his religious views regarding LGBTQ people. While he will not compromise on Church teachings he is actually inquisitive and fair minded. I know; it is difficult to process. Mr. Ruse has authored a diatribe regarding pronouns titled: The Case of Trump v. Rainbow Mafia. I am a mere caporegime.

Ruse's piece begins with attention to Katherine Nicole Jett (FKA Norman Varner) a prisoner in federal custody and not a very good person. Others have written eloquently about Jett's request to have her conviction records updated to match her changed name. Judge Stuart Kyle Duncan, a Trump appointee to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, was out of line for mocking Jett. Tim Fitzsimons at NBC News explains the matter.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Time for a Silly "Ex-Gay" Freedom March

The next so-called Freedom March will occur in April in Boston. Irish Catholics in Boston have contributed to making the city one of the most socially liberal locales in the nation. They have proven that even devout adherence to religion does not require people to be intolerant.

I couldn't care less if people want to claim to be ex-gay or ex-trans because they got religion. I do care when those same people claim that LGBTQ people can choose not to be LGBTQ people by praying to Jesus, Moses, Allah or whatever. Neither sexual orientation nor gender identity are choices. Sexuality is extremely resistant to change. Prayer is far more likely to damage knee cartilage than to ever affect someone's sexual orientation or gender identity.

Yeah, sure. Trump really gives a crap about students praying in public schools

Donald Trump
via Vanity Fair
Religious conservatives are pander magnets. The specifics of the pander are less relevant than the fact that they are being pandered to. Pandering makes them feel important. These days, with Trump in the Oval Office, those same religious conservatives are content being lied to as long providing that the liar makes them feel important and they get some judges that they like.

In 2020 those same religious conservatives will crawl through molten lava to vote for Trump because he makes them feel relevant. Never mind that Trump could be the most amoral president in the history of the United States. Trump couldn't care less about policy that the religious set likes.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The MAGA Church

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The Batshit Detransition Campaign

Religious activists are exaggerating transgender desistance as a means of discrediting transgender people.
Walt Heyer now has a UK counterpart in Charlie Evans. Both have turned so-called transition regret into self-promoted enterprises designed to furnish marginally intelligent people with an income while promoting religious doctrine.

Both claim to know hundreds of people who wish that they had never transitioned. Both are especially energized by people who have had gender confirmation surgery. Both suggest that people were influenced by others into transitioning. Both suggest that transgender people transitioned in a state of temporary confusion. Both are essentially claiming that transgender individuals are irresponsible.

Tennessee Demonstrates its Collective Anti-LGBTQ Bigotry to the Detriment of Children

First and foremost, Tennessee has done a disservice to children in need of adoptive or foster parents.
Tennessee Welcomes You
The Tennessee legislature has passed HB0836/SB1304 targeting LGBTQ people:
Adoption - As introduced, prohibits a private licensed child-placing agency from being required to perform, assist, consent to, refer, or participate in any child placement for foster care or adoption that would violate the agency's written religious or moral convictions. - Amends TCA Title 36, Chapter 1, Part 1.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Mark Regnerus' Favorite Hobby

“The volume of discrimination is irrelevant to the need to prevent it.”
Mark Regnerus
Dr. Mark Regnerus would probably be a credible sociologist were it not for the fact that he makes an intellectually dishonest concoction of social science fused with religion.

Monday, according to Regnerus: Weak Data, Small Samples, and Politicized Conclusions on LGBT Discrimination. I would note that, this coming Friday, the Supreme Court will consider whether or not to hear the case of the idiotic florist claiming a religious exemption to a valid nondiscrimination law in Washington State.

I seem to recall a couple of bakers and others who believe that they have a religious duty not to serve gay people. I am a Jewish business person. By me, turning away customers is a sin. It is certainly pathetically stupid.

Michael K. Laidlaw Peddling His Usual BS at Witherspoon's Pretentious Blog

Doctor Dipshit continues his religious crusade to eradicate transgender people.
Michael K. Laidlaw
Michael K. Laidlaw
via YouTube
Tuesday Dr. Michael K. Laidlaw — Defender of the Faith™ — is railing against puberty blockers. Laidlaw practices endocrinology but he is not a board-certified endocrinologist. His board-certification was essentially revoked, presumably for failing to meet maintenance of certification (continuing education) requirements.

Laidlaw writes: The Pediatric Endocrine Society’s Statement on Puberty Blockers Isn’t Just Deceptive. It’s Dangerous. Medical science begins with an hypothesis which is subjected to rigorous testing. The results of those tests — the presence or absence of evidence — determine whether or not the hypothesis is correct.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Tomorrow, Tuesday - Mark Regnerus' Favorite Topic

“Weak Data, Small Samples, and Politicized Conclusions on LGBT Discrimination” Do tell.

Heyer the Liar Claims that the Care of Trans Kids is Inadequate

“Aside from his lack of applicable experience and training, Walt Heyer seems to be batshit crazy.”
Walt Heyer
Ex-trans crackpot Walt Heyer
via YouTube
The greatest problem that transgender and gender nonconforming kids face is the dishonesty of religious conservatives who pretend that transgender people do not exist. Walt Heyer is one of those religious conservatives.

Monday, Heyer writes: In The Past 5 Years, The Transgender Explosion Has Wounded More And More People. The meta-tag (what you see at the top of your browser) reads: “What This Former Trans Man Learned In 5 Years About Trans Politics.” The subtitle reads:
What’s changed in the last five years is the explosion in the number of children and adolescents diagnosed with gender dysphoria and the lack of help for them.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Once Again, LGBT People are Portrayed as a Threat to Children

“The knowledge that William Butler Yeats was gay is not immoral. Lying is immoral! ”
Shawn Hyland and Len Deo
Friday, according to Family Policy Alliance: More than 7,000 New Jerseyans Have Already Signed the Petition to Protect Students!

Family Policy Alliance used to be Focus on the Family Action. FoF and FPA have been trying to obscure that relationship. However, Family Policy Alliance operates out of Focus on the Family facilities. Family Policy Alliance is an anti-LGBTQ hate group (not currently designated as such by the SPLC).

According to Shawn Hyland and Len Deo (who are associated with Family Policy Alliance and New Jersey Family Policy Council):
More than 7,000 New Jerseyans have signed our petition to protect New Jersey students from being forced to endure radical LGBT sexual indoctrination in the classroom. This overwhelming response is gaining more momentum as numbers increase daily, including a diverse mix of ethnic and religious groups who are learning what is happening and joining in opposition. Even the news media are reporting this week on the growing opposition.

FOIA Confirms Misconduct at the IRS in its Oversight of Christian Pressure Groups

Focus on the Family is deemed a church by the Internal Revenue Service. This designation makes the organization virtually audit-proof. Moreover, Focus on the Family is relieved of the requirement to file an annual report (form 990 available for public inspection) with the Service. We all subsidize FoF but we are denied transparency.

I have the documents (via a FOIA request).I will get into the specifics of how Focus applied to be designated as a church. First, let me state some important facts:
  1. Focus on the Family does not qualify to be designated a church. Among the requirements are members who are not members of other churches, ordained ministers selected after completing a course of study, operation of a Sunday school, an organization of ordained ministers and other qualifications. Focus on the Family does not conform to these prerequisites.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Finally! "A Biblical Response to LGBTQ+ Tyranny"

The staff of First Stone Ministries (Stephen Black is at the far right). The caption reads “First Stone Ministries' Staff Proclaiming Freedom and Change from All Things LGBTQ+.” They look like they need freedom and change from the deep fryer.
It's about time. First Stone Ministries has organized The Second Annual Gathering of God's Voice Conference. It is worth noting that Peter Sprigg relies, in part, on a survey by First Stone Ministries to assert that sexual orientation is a choice. Sprigg calls it “research.”

These good folks like to understate matters:
This year, the gathering seeks to equip Christians to face radical LGBTQ+ activists' growing threats to biblical morality, biological reality and the God-given rights to religious freedom and free speech. From the religious freedom-crushing Equality Act to unconstitutional talk-therapy bans, from shocking Drag Queen Story Hours to indoctrinated children seeking surgical "gender transitions," from radical LGBTQ+ activist pressure at Christian colleges to Big Tech censorship, Christians are facing unprecedented pressure to conform to the demands of this tyrannical movement.

Arizona Legislator Proposes Noxious Anti-Transgender Law

John Fillmore
via johnfillmore.com
Arizona State Rep. John Fillmore is the sponsor of Arizona House Bill 2082. HB-2082 amends existing statutes as follows:

1. Require a school superintendent, principal or teacher or another officer or employee of a public school to use a sex or gender pronoun in reference to a student other than the sex or gender pronoun that corresponds to the sex listed on that student's birth certificate.

2. Penalize a school superintendent, principal or teacher or another officer or employee of a public school for refusing to use a sex or gender pronoun in reference to a student other than the sex or gender pronoun that corresponds to the sex listed on that student's birth certificate.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Stop Pretending That You Give a Rat's Ass About Children!

Dorothy Cummings McLean
Dorothy Cummings McLean, 2013 (best I could get)
via YouTube
The transphobic vitriol (dishonestly cloaked as concern) is designed to misinform the parents of gender diverse children. It has nothing to do with what is best for those kids. It sure as hell has nothing to do with medical science.

Rather, it is an effort to prevent children from transitioning because religious conservatives hold that the existence of transgender people conflicts with scripture and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The science is quite clear. Preventing a child from transitioning does not cure gender dysphoria. Preventing a child from transitioning makes the symptoms of gender dysphoria — anxiety and depression — more acute. The potential for self-harm increases dramatically.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Dipshit Review

Not the subject of this post but I own the domain dipshitreview.com. I haven't figured out what to do with it. Yet. But I digress. When it comes to anti-LGBTQ dipshits, Jonathon Van Maren is a frequent flyer. Tuesday's offering is titled: Can the forces of the Sexual Revolution be stopped or will they crush all freedom? That sounds serious indeed. The subtitle?
Politics is downstream from culture, and nearly every day now there’s another story detailing another victory achieved by trans activists against the biological reality of the 'binary.'
Van Maren is hopelessly indoctrinated. Van Maren's truth and reality are determined by religious dogma, the teachings of the Catholic Church. Evidence need not apply. Apparently the “forces of the sexual revolution” that Van Maren disapproves of — the great peril to freedom — is Charlize Theron's adopted transgender daughter.

Factually Accurate Information is "Corruption" - LGBTQ People are "Perverts"

William Mahoney
William Mahoney
via Twitter
Anti-LGBTQ hate group, Church Militant is providing a post titled: Republican County Commission Caving to Corruption of Children. The author of this bit of brilliance is “William Mahoney, Ph.D.”

The doctorate is from Adam Mickiewicz University in PoznaƄ (Poland). According to Mahoney's Twitter profile he is an employee of the hate group and resides in Detroit. During 2018 the group (St. Michael's Media) employed 43 people. None of them, including the leader, Michael Voris, made much money.

What has Mahoney terribly distressed is this:
A Planned Parenthood-certified sex educator will present a "teens only" talk where they can ask anything in an "LGBTQIA+ inclusive sex-ed" seminar, and the Republican County Commission is paying for the police presence to ensure parents do not enter.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Anderson and George are as Odious as Ever

“Now they are trying to say, in effect, that marriage equality creates gender dysphoria. It defies common sense.”
Ryan T. Anderson and Robert P. George
HFNY: Happy New Year from Ryan T. Anderson and Robert P. George, Defenders of the Faith™. USA Today provided these two Catholic warriors with space to recite the same idiotic arguments about marriage equality that lost at the Supreme Court. The title is Decade in review: Marital norms erode. The meta-title (what you see on the top bar of your browser and the tab) reflects what was probably the original subtitle: Sexual norms erode in wake of gay marriage rulings.
The original title of this diatribe is reflected in the URL which includes this text:
The real title of this preposterous tirade should be: How Same-Sex Marriage Created Transgender People.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Abracadabra FOIA

Be careful what you wish for.
This stack of paper from the IRS weighs in at 1.4 pounds
In December the Focus on the Family files relating to its designation as a church disappeared from IRS offices. Poof! I made an exceedingly polite (honestly, I was on my best behavior) yet assertive request to the Service to reconsider the matter. Saturday I received about a pound and a half of paper.

I might be able to post something meaningful next week (there is a great deal of correspondence to review). The bottom line is that Focus on the Family is many things. A church is not one of those.

Friday, January 3, 2020

We are Informed That "Transgenderism is Not Normal"

“… what constitutes an esoteric religious doctrine requires adherents to misconstrue an exoteric reality as an ideology.”
Casey Chalk
Casey Chalk is a zealous Catholic convert who seems to think that he is being victimized at the hands of society and transgender people.
via YouTube
In the way of background, we are informed that Casey Chalk holds a master's in theology from Christendom College. Christendom College, by the way, is an ultra-conservative Catholic college that does not participate in the Title IV federal student aid programs. I am sure that it is a bastion of intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.

That begs the question: What does a fundamentalist Catholic, without medical training, know about transgender people in order to make a judgment? Apparently not very much. After all, the Church teaches that transgender people do not really exist.

Concluding four pointless paragraphs expressing Mr. Chalk's utter outrage at pronoun courtesy:

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Hate group cannot cope with Pete Buttigieg

Support for Pete Buttigieg is apparently part of an anti-Christian conspiracy.
Pete Buttigieg
via Los Angeles Times
Two of American Family Association's witless propagandists were necessary to write: Ditching the Bible, hopping on a plane, for 'Mayor Pete.' According to the hate group's Billy Davis and Steve Jordahl:
A far-left presidential candidate is getting a lot of support from millennials – including from some evangelical homes.
“Far-left?” Presumably that is a reflection of the fact that Mayor Buttigieg is gay. However, he is quite moderate. Buttigieg is also a practicing Christian. We must always remember that most Christians (including Christian clergy) disagree with the characterization of gay people promoted by AFA, an anti-LGBTQ hate group.